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It’s funny I find SubClub subs to be so powerful around attraction and dating.
That is where I am most transformed even though it’s been my lowest focus and priority.

I never worry about my sexual desirability, or whether woman like me or not anymore. I’m asking woman out I’m interested in, I’m letting go when things don’t work out easier to effortlessly, and things don’t work out with people who are bad fits/lower caliber, and work out with woman who are high caliber/more attractive- the opposite of what it used to be.

99% of woman anywhere I go show me overt signs of interest (even without libertine) and I find it very easy to engage them.


The truth is I have been in action around this, but it’s been effortless action, it’s low priority so perhaps there is less resistance, perfectionism, hang ups, about simply acting on it.

I see that high priorities I think about more than act on, all the effort and ratiocination retrospectively occurs like action, but it’s not :sweat_smile::joy:

blind spot revealed.

I don’t want to beat myself up or exaggerate my lack of efforts. I have done plenty, but I’m kidding myself if think I’ve remotely exhausted the efforts or possibilities I could act on, either for clarification or direct action.


Where would you place me? I’m curious.


you put the kitchen sink in a dagger and have been cutting for months :slight_smile:



since as far as I know, no one but me, knows what your running, so you’ll probably be the only one who gets that lol


Not exactly how I’d describe my approach, but @Simon’s points are solid as always. (Though I’d add, if you yourself are thinking of it as ‘the kitchen sink’ then my approach is probably not right for you.)

(I played Ecstasy of Gold as a whole for nine months and stage 4 for 3 months before I started adding much weight around it.)


I see there is a very intelligent, systematic approach to your use of high volume of titles, and would say ‘the kitchen sink’ approach is not synonymous with haphazard.

All those metaphors are equally humorous and ‘cool’ in my mind.

I ‘daggered’ Emperor for three months, then scalpeled for two, now I’ve got the kitchen sink. Terminus, 2 customs, HOM, 2-3 Ultima’s.

There was a reastaurant called Serendipity that I went to as a kid, and they had a dish called ‘The kitchen Sink’ -it was 40 scoops of ice cream. So personally I enjoy that connotation. I would get ‘reconciliation’ if I ate to much though


@Simon points really making me think that i have not fully used the single stages properly for me to be on a huge sub like khan :thinking:


@pacman it seems about two weeks into whatever your running you always start questioning lol not saying don’t question, but if that’s the case, which it may or may not be, it be good to be aware off.

Khan has been a great first sub for many.
Also as I’ve continued to run Khan Stage 1 it has gotten some very difficult breakdown experiences, so even though I love its deeper effect, there will be some turbulence with it after all, that may be the case for you as well, despite how much you’ve enjoyed it.


I wont stop stage 1 lol …
This is my thinking and reasons…
If ine cant fully use a singl title like ascension or emperor…how will one make khan work fully lol when khan has like 4 subs in one :grin::grin:


one stage at a time :slight_smile:


Note to self : pacman shut up and stick with khan…its me your subconcious trying to make you switch.


It’s ok. No one has. :smile:

My points are guidelines. You don’t have to be perfectionistic about them. :+1:t2:


today is my final day on all medications.
I was experience some intense fatigue, nausea withdrawals from the corticorsteroids
while continueing to take an antibotic that wiped me out. Still have gone to the gym inside my commitment.

I met up with a friend to go today, we grabbed dinner after but the whole time I had a headache, felt not well, got home, and put on Elixir Ultima, an hour later I felt completely healthy and refreshed. My mechanical tinnitus has dissipated, as it does every time I run Elixir Ultima.

I also feel very proud of myself for all I’ve accomplished and done, I’m present to my own progress more so than before, and present to where I can also still progress and feel good about it.

perhaps an underrated benefit of healing, is viscerally being present to our own progress and capacity.


I understand. I too was a single file user for my first 10 months with SC, and then I evolved into the resident Stack Guru. :blush:

The main differentiator between scalpel, knife, and sink - is the number of projects the subs are being used to support – 1 short term vs 2-4 short to mid term vs long-term whole life development.

In this sense, Approaches are subjective Mental Frameworks; and we can’t tell them purely from the stack size. A single wholistic title like Emperor, Stark, Khan, or EOG could well be used as a sink, rather than as a knife.


just when I thought I understood the line it become a sphere…

what is the resident Stack Guru :slight_smile: currently choosing to stack?


Okay, mind blown. (At this point, I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore. In the future, I’ll just be surprised if you don’t share some observation that carries forward my understanding of how to work with subliminals at a rate of roughly once per 1-2 months. No pressure.)

I really like this way of thinking because it completely grounds my perspective (and subliminal approach) in life itself and action itself.

Quantum LimitlessQ + something else(?) Can you help me?

I’ve stabilized at “Ascended Mogul + Executive”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Started out as a business scalpel, but AM expanded itself into other life areas. :smile:


is there a serendipitous scalping of you’re dating life :slight_smile:


So I took an inventory
I’ve now run Emperor Terminus X
for approximately 6 weeks.

It’s been a sporadic period with some testing, so the results are not as clean as I’d like.

But this and Azriel Q have been the only very consistent subliminal over this time period

  1. My confidence and dominance has gone way up, higher than on regular Emperor
  2. My movement towards life purpose and clarity is unfolding deeper and faster than before
  3. Perhaps quantum limitless lite but I’m learning and reading like crazy.
  4. The attention and attraction from woman has increased on this version.
  5. I’m more productive towards things that matter to my life, and just as productive where it counts in work.
  6. I’ve completely detached and freed up from concern about work.
  7. Woman who are in my circle, tangentially, I’v started to consistently spend time around. They are friends or friends of friend. I’m feeling more social/sexual with them, many of them have boyfriends and I won’t cross that ethical line first but we’ll just spend time hanging out or taking a walk for fun. Nothing to long 15-30 minutes. (This is a little odd for me but I find it refreshing, but it’s become a good litmus test to test subs. For example one of these woman when I was testing khans stage 1 right after Emperor Terminus X, she kept talking about being my wife (she’s foreign) and giving me all the wife privileges, she then starts massaging me in front of her boyfriend lol. )
  8. I’m acting much more like there is only now when it comes to getting things done
  9. I’m in the gym like a beast 3-5 days a week and mobility 4-7. I’m loving it. Azriel Q definitely contributes to this but something about Terminus Emperor really clicked with it and had me working out like crazy.

Now on the downsides or perhaps the-putting attention on what is not ideal during healing/growth and thereby magnetizing it temporarily in circumstance side- money situation is lower and more at risk then ever-as I’m blowing things off I don’t thing are important and not taking on projects that occur as a waste of time. Despite increase attraction-all the dates I’ve set up are stalled for various reasons or another, no biggie but definitely to note. So what I’m noticing overall is an increase in personal transformation but a reduction in external metrics. I’m thinking of testing Emperor X in Q form (which I own) for an extended period to see if that accelerates external manifestation.

This could also simply be a function of Emperor or Emperor challenges, which take a bit more active work than other manifesting subs so it seems.