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@Voytek - I have been wearing hearing aids for a while now (diagnosed with hearing issues from a young age). When my tinnitus began is hard to pinpoint but it is safe to say that I had it for at least 3 or 4 years.


I’ve run a lot of Khan stage 1 but only a couple days of Khan 2 Stage interspersed here and there . So I can’t give a comprehensive answer. For me Khan seems to be very sexually oriented from a place of not chasing but from a place of power. It seems more having the identity I want to become more and more alive in real life. I’d say if you know what to do and it has clear path and value for your future Emperor drive and orientation will be stronger for work/ business/ career. Especially if there is technical aspects, your working alone, or your selling a product over service that involves a lot of interaction. If your testing, need to ‘play the fool’ for a bit in a beginner phase, have face to face or phone sales, or your work is largely social. Khan may actually be preferred. They both can do both but I would say Khan pulls for the later more strongly and Emperor the former.


Apart from that Emperor seems to be a great sub for building foundations for Khan (and QL I would say) you could run later on to develop even further what you’ve gained using Emperor.


I’ve owned Emperor for years, but have pulled off it numerous times. Reading this thread makes me think of all the empowerment I felt on it. Blowing people off (the takers or manipulators) was my biggest challenge. In fact, when I stacked Regeneration with it, I found my experience much more bearable. I began seeing WHY I was struggling.


that’s my intention
likely will do a year of Emperor


Oh my, it’s a long time. Why not do it for say 3 months and move to Khan?


How many months are you in Emperor already ?


Finally caught up to the end of this novel of a thread again, just to see this?! He’s mad, man! MAD!

Emperor is definitely serving ya, but I got confused along the way. What is EmperorX, my guy?

I also want to know the answer to this, I’m considering doing this same thing after either three or six months.


This novel is a trilogy. You have to use the Search function. :smile:


Eww, logical effort.

The funny thing is, as soon as I saw the notification pop up the answer popped into my head lmao :laughing:


I like it, I keep getting more and more out of it.
It creates a comprehensive addressing of many aspects of life with a focus
on moving out of society and into a freedom where one is sustained through the own efforts,
and ‘empire’/ I have not hit those goals yet, so why stop? A year seems like a fair amount of time to solidly transition fully into that.


It may have gone a little mad this last few months :joy:

I’ve done 7 months, this is my 8th month

Like I said above, but also want to stack EOG alongside Emperor so another 4 months at least.

IMO For a major title like Emperor, Khan Stage 4, Stark etc. 3 months minimum until one is fully executing the script, 6 months until your truly aligned and acting on it, 1 year to really reap the full results of acting on it once aligned.


Correct and according to many on the forum…eveen after that the subs keeps going deeper and still works more after that…in other words theres no such thing as the sub stops


Absolutely, also while it’s possible another major base will prove more effective for my goals,
my sense is why not doing everything I can to produce the results with the sub specifically designed for the majority of those goals before moving on.

that said the last two months have been full of experimentation, lack of consistency, struggling with some health issues, so major results seem tempered. The tentative plan now is 1 month healing with Emperor than run through the 4 EOG stages.

I’m looking to move away from the work I do now by the new year, and be making $10,000 off passive income or my own business by February next year


Are you going to run through EoG stages 1-4 while running Emperor?


Plus you can always remake the custom with the same base and add in other modules to fit other needs or make it a different strength.


Yes starting in December, that’s my current sense of where I will drive my sub journey


I’ve found I go through cycles where I start to feel like Emperor is stalled or stuck or nothings working, not what I want, and if I just hang in there, it breaks through into a deeper level of integration and experiencing the Emperor sense/ results much stronger. I believe when people jump subs when they feel something not working or giving them what they want they rob themselves of these deeper integration. I satisfy my desire for novelty and expanding results with stacks and custom, but have kept an Emperor based for the last 7 months.


@Azriel are you still running Power Can Corrupt alongside Emperor?


I have not been, starting tomorrow I will run a custom healing sub that has PCC, Survival Instinct, and Regeneration. If your curious how it compares in a custom to running it solo, I can let you know :slight_smile: !