AzrielLight EmperorQ


Q or Terminus build?


That one is Q Build


Ok, mine is Q build too. Some have run Terminus customs, and maybe because I listen to subs a LOT of my awake time, I’ve never even considered building one.

I did use Stark Terminus, it was powerful–but I still don’t know what it was doing, or did. I just felt fried after running it 1-2 times daily for a week.

I’d do one loop at least every other day now. But I’ve not used Terminus since then.


I have a terminus Emperor custom-two of them actually.
on one hand they are MUCH stronger and the effects are much quicker
on the other hand, there so natural it’s hard to tell what is happening.
They also are tricky to stack. I’ve found 1 loop every other day the most I can do if stacking anything else same day and/or next day.

It does save a lot of time though which I appreciate.


Thanks. That’s a positive perspective on T. Thanks for sharing that


Thank you. When will you know you’ve made that transition, if I may ask?


great question,

Short answer, if I can move into a place where I no longer have obligations financially and therefore work wise to anyone. And I have a business or income streams that generate $10,000 a month.

Emperor has been difficult to run because it’s pushing me to do things I have not been capable of, like supporting myself without having to do the current work I do, to focus on my path/entrepreneurship .

So if by February 1st next year, I am not solidly on a path of working for myself and/or running my own business entirely with a financially stable base. I will likely consider transitioning to something that may support my living my day to day from a preferred base than my current roles. Like a custom with Stark and Ascended Mogul, or Khan solo.Regardless of reaching those goals or not though, Emperor has been an awesome Alpha base that has totally changed my life. I may not be getting the results I really want, but I am closer to being responsible for that then I ever was and the way I relate to work, money, my own value, and what I am capable of is entirely different.

I’m in the faith with doubt zone currently, I am getting lots of good gigs and respect for my work, and have no trouble with previously difficult work and people.

I’ve been beta testing some coaching services and products for another income stream, but will only escalate that if the value I’m providing is completely clear. I love coaching but would rather it not be a primary income stream. Emperor has made me much more selective with who I would choose to work with, but want to ensure my competencies is up to par without being a perfectionist.

I’m also still proactively going through books and course on purpose and career.


Thank you for your explanation. This is what I’m looking for if it comes to running Emperor. I expect of it to help me build strong foundations of my life and lead me to financial independence. Moreover, I’m sure it’ll also lay foundations for more complex alpha/wealth programs like Khan and EoG.

Is it possible to point at the most effective period of using Emperor if it comes to the results? Is it now, in the beginning, in the halfway?


Surprised to hear Terminus be so variegated for many. It’s been the powerlevel I work at the best, so far. Name-embedded is clearly helping, too.


It’s hard to say-
I would say the most obvious fastest results will be/were in in the beginning but the most profound are coming now

here is my best summation

V4 felt like for the first time in my life I could accomplish anything I wanted, I was ‘that guy’ with woman. I felt invincible. I still had moments of extreme reconciliation/ insecurity with work and woman at times, but they were brief and I learned from them quickly. I had a huge fire under my butt to heal my physical issues and any other weakness, I got into a lot of conflict with people I was close to and wasn’t going to take shit or compromise myself for anyone. I also started pulling my weight a lot more in work and feeling respected. I also started to believe I deserved what I had and more. I was more and more consistent in my routine and work but I also felt zero guilt when engaging in fun -time wasting activities-over time I lost the desire for those. I became a man on a mission. Perhaps it was the on set of covid or V4 version or some combination but I COMPLETELY stopped caring about woman, sex, and dating, despite my libido still being potent, even the woman I was seeing at the time, the would pursue me and I made it very difficult for them.

On Q initially I felt terrible, weak and insecure, the level of attraction I experienced was gone, but my flow and focus were increased, over time I felt extremely confident again, lots of attraction with woman, my routines, work, and progress rose to beast level, work became a breeze, sales call became super easy, I just got shit done, and often did 12 hour days of just working, working out, my own routines. At some point my social life started and I found I had tremendous social confidence, power, and influence, but lacked interest in it for the most part. A couple months in on Q and I had essentially out grown my current life, but not yet stepped onto the next base. I also grew my income $2000 a month during this time period for several months, it’s now back down to $1000 more than it was originally.

Then I stacked Emperor Q with my first custom, and my desire for woman and dating exploded, as did a series of awesome nights that led to seeing some woman until more recently.
I got stalled a little between health issues, needing to feed my sexual appetites over focusing, blowing off work so everything slowed down.

Then I switched to Emperor Terminus-lost all fear regarding the work I do, fear of failure or getting fired-‘let go of since I’m freelance technically’ and am now strongly pursuing the stepping stones of my path, I’m still managing in the work I do effortlessly, but it’s becoming more and more distant. I’m also working out like a beast 4-5 day’s a week, as that has become increasingly important to me.
A lot of new sexual options opened up and then dissipated just as suddenly. And new money streams are starting to open up as well.

Long story short-each version of Emperor has brought new benefits and challenges, but I can confidently say I feel only defined by my own standards now and whether I am living up to them or not.


I will be journalng (how is that not a word with spell check lol) every day for the next month.
Even just to say nothing new. You have full permission to blow my journal up if you do not hear from me within a 24 hour period. I am doing this to build integrity and discipline and to monitor my performance in real time since I will be doing a very specific stack.

Day 1

I’ve been feeling a lot of pain around relationships this last week. I’m experiencing some stuff internally and externally I thought I had moved past, but it’s clear there is more for me to learn and adjust.

I also had a relapse into Yes Nut End of October. the two were probably correlated. Three woman it was going amazing with, 1 I had been seeing, 1 I was hitting it off with, 1 totally new. The first disappeared, the second is making logistics of getting together unnecessarily complicated, and the the third I have not followed up with, cause I’ve been in a ‘vulnerable’ space and not wanting to feel rejection. This is very unlike the new me and a lot like me of 4+ years ago. My internal dialogue has been kind of angry and like ’ well fuck these people then’. Anyway I’m going to give a week before I do anything if I do anything about it at all. I’ve been especially ‘hurt’ by the one who disappeared who I was essentially in a relationship with and lots of old hurts have been surfacing in relation to this

I should note this happened during a week with plenty of Khan stage 1 and a little khan stage 2, on top of Terminus customs and Q customs, so I was probably asking for it.

So I woke up today feeling a bit bummed out, and I played 1 loop of Emperor Terminus X
Very quickly I felt like a completely different person, the hurt faded away completely I knocked out 3 pages of writing, my morning routines, and finished off two work projects, a new one came in that had more responsibility, it was retainer job, so no extra incentive, but I handled it really giving it everything I had, and surprisingly enjoyed it more than usual. Sent in an invoice, and realized I have a lot more money than I though I did, I had just been stalling on submitting it for whatever reason. Then I handled various logistics, tracked my passport renewal down, dealt with insurance etc. It was great, no resistance, just taking care of things.

I listened to a Robert Greene interview while working.

The link goes to my favorite 5 minutes about his new book Law of The Sublime

My friend called to drive me to the gym, went there for two hours, I’m going every other day for 6 weeks now, came home shake, dinner, back to work.

I’ve been feeling very hopeful today, grateful, and enjoying the little things-Joi De Vivre shining through perhaps.

Everything felt free and in control at the same time today, everything fit into place of my intentionality.

I will run my custom healing sub tonight Regeneration/Survival Instinct/ PCC Core-I’m calling it Apocalypse Phoenix -for surviving, rising, and thriving at the metaphorical, end of days, of my current life (hopefully metaphorical given the climate lol)

Then run Elixir

and then Run Azriel Q overnight for a couple loops.


This. Very very important to me.

Priority goal for my next custom sub.


Emperor and HOM, the whole thing started shortly after I dropped Mind’s Eye from my stacking as well.


Hmm. Will think about it.


Those are the details on the ingredients as they relate to that effect in my case.
How’s the ear?


Much better now, though the tinnitus is still there in my right ear. But the blockage is gone.


that’s great, but stinks if that is new tinnitus?

I’m a little a hound on a hunt about tinnitus lately
I going on my third month of some iteration of tinnitus in just my left ear, my eustachian tube issue is largely better, but the high pitch sound persist on and off. latest theory is it’s dental or jaw related. I’m now handling it very well, but I would really like to get back to baseline.


I posted this on @Ichiban’s journal but will post here as well

I have started purchasing web domains, and setting up for my own business, and Emperor seems to be kicking in like crazy, I’ve been resisting or not taking actions towards that, but when I stop thinking about it and start doing stuff, Emperor kicks in with all the drive, confidence, and belief, but until I took that first step off even looking at domain names, it was a total blank.

One thing to break the habit of being myself and the Emperor scripting takes over/ shows up as needed.



Isn’t it re-inforcing? I think another wise man said that when one takes action that is in line with the goals of the subliminal, the script kicks in.


yes, of course,

on one hand it’s simple but on another it’s not.

I was not conspicuously clear on where to take action for ‘empire building’. I had a blindspot around it and all I knew to do was to read, learn.I was on a path of clarification in studying, learning, courses etc. which was building my understanding of my self, value, and what I would/could want to have as product/service. I also felt the Emperor scrip very strongly but I just was at a loss there.

The scripting in my mind was pushing me very obviously for everything else I cared about, but zero push/confidence towards that area, other than learning. It was on a pure whim after running Elixiir that I took this step and the rest kicked in. Now it’s just a matter of one domino a day. :slight_smile: