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Elixir has lowered my ear issue symptoms

I’ve discovered this youtube video

which almost completely eliminates whatever vestiges of tinnitus were left


Yes, sometimes when you want to be somebody else, it’s conflicting trying to “be yourself”. You can only exist in one “state”, and the movie screen can only show one frame at any point of time.


well put,

I stole that phrase from Dr. Joe Dispenoza who I’ve been looking into recently.

I realized, after the facts, that I have a habit of ‘seeking and never finding’ when it comes to purpose/career, by just jumping in and choosing something, without having all the answers I broke that habit, and that’s when the scripting seemed to really kick in.


I posted this in my journal.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to know what we want and be what we want. “Being” is both difficult and easy.

Been thinking hard about the concept of “living in the now”.

Why should a subliminal be too strong for a person?

If I want to be Emperor, why must I run Ascension first or Ascended Mogul first?

If the Emperor subliminal’s script assumes that I am an Emperor, isn’t that what I am looking for in the first place?

The subconscious cannot tell real from fake. It is just a computer that listens to instructions.

No point imposing limits on myself.

No point thinking from the point of lack.

Subliminals do not tell the subconscious mind to create - they tell the subconscious mind to affirm.


And this


This is really interesting, powerful thinking.
I’m going to play devil’s advocate to better understand.

This is all speculation: It’s content could never really be ‘to strong’, the density may challenge one’s processing/ assimilating capacity

Saint mentioned this in a thread, Emperor and other subs can push to do things one is not capable of doing currently, like wanting to put all one’s attention/energy into a start up when one is still surviving month to month. This can be frustrating and imo stall the progress on the sub. Of course with right action and perserverances I’m sure one could move past this or manage both endeavours. But this may a case where a different program would be preferable .

This is high level thinking, its a place of creation, but not everyone is ready and/or capable (currently) of staying in a space like that. They may have some more ‘grinding and slugging’ or ‘healing’ to do lol. Abiding In a ‘space’ like that is a challenge for most, especially with the spinning record of previous routine, conditioning, ‘problems’, pin ponging one into a survival mode. Essentially to not think from a point of lack, when one’s circumstances, environment, and conditioning scream otherwise, means one is greater than whatever their internal and external circumstances, they are not identified with the body, personality, and conditions. This is not as big a deal as it may sound but still also far from the norm.

are you 100% sure on this? I’m not disagreeing, I just don’t know if that is true.

the subconsious may act like computer in terms of its processing capacity and infinite complexity, but it has an intelligence in my opinion, very different from a computer. There are tiny, tiny things that when unseen/unaddressed are like missing the key to a Lamborghini, all that status and power will go nowhere without it.

One of the subconscious’s goals whether it is affirming or not, seems to be homeostasis, so even though it may be an ally, and that is a healthy perspective I believe, it’s survival and maintenance intelligence, will create sophisticated and insidious ‘barriers’ to rapid change. I found fast results in the areas where I wasn’t moving but was clear on what my barriers were in the sense of what I was not doing that I should be doing. But in areas where I am not clear what I ‘should be doing’ or am have been out of touch with desire, Emperor has only now started to ‘touch that’. Healing subs and others subs I’ve dabbled with more directly address this.


This is actually the most difficult part. We are too attached to our selves and our external environment.


Just speculation on my part on how subliminals should actually work…

Of course, the expert producers of subliminals know better…


It’s a really interesting question, I’d be very curious to know.


I think we may have to think in terms of the ultimate desire of self-actualization.

Is there is escalator or short-cut to the top? Or must we keep struggling and learning lessons in life?

I would say actually nobody knows.


likly no definitive answers lol

My sense is struggling would be from karma and/or ignorance
and may be necessary or unnecessary, but with the right context can always be beneficial.

but the potential for massive shifts is there given the right movement. It seems a matter of ripeness.

I have done some very small steps in my life, that I knew to do for years yet never did, and when I finally did they completely improved the quality of my life %1000… I was stopped by fear and uncertainty, as I likely am now, this is reminding me to look for where I am still afraid and step into it, if I think the rewards are worth it on the other side.


Day 2

Ran 1 loop Emperor Terminus X this morning

I could already feel a difference or modification in the Emperor flavor, from having run elixir and the customs the night before. Possibly also 2 days of terminus with Q modifies the potency. Whatever the case I had zero incentive movement towards work. So I spent the next couple hours reading, writing, and knocking off to do’s on my commitment list. I’ve decided to take the month off tinder or proactively pursueing woman, in addition to no-nut November-ing. I may write a letter to a girl I was seeing, and ask one person out, who is probably waiting for it.

Attachment destroyer and I am in my new custom are potent I felt world’s away from work or caring about it. Survival Instinct seems to be orienting me as I spent some time researching, that’s how I found the above video that helped. I also started a TMS education program and was looking into Joe Dispenza, listened to an interview with him. I’m fascinated by these mind-body-spirit connections, what’s possible, and how they alter my sense of reality. Both for practical purposes in terms of my own ongoing challenges, but also in terms of the amazement of the world we live in and what it really is. I’ve also got a hard on to do Jiu-Jitsu again and learn to fight, my old coach showed up on my facebook feed. I never see him on facebook, and I’m almost never on facebook.

Here are some other modules I am seeing effects of

Limit destroyer-strong sense of confidence, bravery, today, present to my own fear-which I am not usually but that is a good sign of moving into courage or fearlessness

Spiritual Freedom-I’m completely out of my funk, not just from Emperor control, but there is a nuance and fluidity to life coming back

Spiritual Abundance-I keep having these moments throughout today, talking with my brother, being invited to a fire pit, cooking a strange new cuisine in my kitchen-that just feel very wholesome and alive.

The Flow-I did just feel very at peace today

Negativity Displacer -didn’t get stuck with a bad mood or reaction for longer than 3 minutes today, I timed lol

Love without Attatchment-this is a hidden gem, even thinking about those woman who were angering me yesterday, I feel a bit of sadness, but a healthy sense of love as well, and I’d love if they’d come back, but love if they didn’t either lol.

New Beginnings/rebirth- today felt like an island in time-a totally new space- again there is a trickyness with this and the I am modules, in balancing the momentum of other modules, I just have to base my actions off my commitments and words over feeling. Because I feel great, but when I run these the positive momentum and negative momentum gets reset the next day, or so it seems. Perhaps I’m making this all up and can have the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

I feel less indifference to the people around me

running Elixir Ultima now

I did get a couple-volatile emotions/ trauma states arising earlier-by I felt a lot stronger in relation to them and the dissipated

Also notice that so much of my orientation in work and even dating is based in anger and hurt, despite the strengths I have and have had there, there seems to be a maturity arising in relation to these, that feels sober and calmly freeing


Robert Greene talks about how the most poweful thing in the world would be to know what others are thinking and feeling, exactly what is going on in their world, and we actually have the capacity to almost mind read with enough empathy. Even getting into a pyscho-bosses world will allow us to not take it personally and navigate well. This has me thinking PCC in a custom with Mercy Protocol would be killer for a sales stack.


Ultimate mind-reading sub?


I will try mercy protocol in next time, not only for sale but family and friends, understand them better and connect :heart: feeling important. Its like a emotional intelligence.
Something i feel i lack on these subs sometimes. Really caring about a person. :smile:


I think PCC, Torchbearer, Mercy Protocol, Dragons Tongue, and maybe all seeing would be a killer set for sales and business in general would probably work well with either something more social like Stark or Medici.


Quick question about Terminus but is this a new formula? If you purchase Emperor on the website, would you be getting Terminus? Or is this a special order?


special order :slight_smile:


Day 3

Today’s post will be quick (relativelylol)

1 loop of Emperor Terminus X
6 hours later 1 loop of Healing Custom-I’m renaming it- Light
running Elixir now

Today had a lot more turbulence , circumstantially
got into a bit of tension with my brother on the phone,
somebody I work for wrote some upset messages
got on the phone with him and everything was very chill,
I agreed to a few things that may compromise the quality of my life, that’s my concern at least but probably not true. I fucking hate being held accountable to shit that doesn’t matter, to my life, but still playing that game for now for the money.

I keep thinking more and more about a life not dictating by money.

Wanting to abandon all my ‘responsibilities’ and just explore again

Also wanting to really establish my own value and ability to earn larger amounts.

I’m moving forward with a side business

Have the general subject for a course I’m creating narrowed down
And will start development and some beta testing this month.

feeling a lot of old hurt emotional, physical, mental, coming into view, still feels a strength around them but the combination swayed me today, I managed to still completely go through routines, learning, work, and personal commitments with minimal lag. Wheres normally feeling the level of physical and mental upheaval I did today, I would have checked out.

I think this is a processing limit with terminus over a reconciliation issue per say. As I was uncomfortable but stayed on course.

Super cutie I almost slept with got back to me today after 2 months, with a heart emoji and a I miss you. when I hit her up then, even though I haven’t seen her since pre-covid. I’ll see if she wants to hang, that would be fun.

One casual ask, I’m keeping this month low-to no pursuit, invitations only.


Elixir really is quite incredible,
I had some really heavy upheaval all day today, that got amplified when running Light Q
An hour after elixir I feel cool as a cucumber, but totally real and in touch.

I’m considering upping it to 2 loops a day.