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So far PCC in my custom has all the charisma, recognition of power dynamics, sense of read on people, sense of ease in self and looking out for myself (putting myself first appropriately, but has none of the reconciliation showing up as my feeling a bit smarmy/tricky/manipulative. It is subtler in feeling but just as powerful in effects except smoother.


How long have you been listening to this Custom?

What do you mean by this part?


I listened for 1 week a few weeks ago,
and I’ve been listening for the last 5 days

when I stacked regular PCC I had reconciliation of feeling manipulative


And so compared to last week, you’re now using Power Can Corrupt in a Custom, which Custom might that be?

How’s the effect different?


Based on your previous experience, would you combine PCC with EQ and HoM?


I just PCC in my custom, and I really like it.


no I’ve stack PCC store program at various points
with Emperor Q for 1 month
with Emperor Terminus for 2 two weeks

Then I stacked PCC in a custom Survival Instinct/Regeneration/PCC core
for one week with Emperor Terminus then discontinued it for two weeks to test some other things
and then Survival Instinct/Regeneration/PCC custom again with Emperor terminus for the last 5 days.

The effect is different in the custom as I am not getting reconciliation from it and its effects seem to be more seamless and effective. The signature ‘feel/flavor’ of the sub is lessened but the effects seem stronger. PCC and Emperor feel very merged and congruent with each other now, where as before, when stacking PCC store program it felt like the were competing. Like one was dominant and straight shooting and the other hidden and trickier. Now it’s dominant and savvy, upfront but strategic, Alpha but radiating friendliness.


Emperor definitely,
I’m not sure about with HOM
I did test those three together at one point, HOM, PCC, and Emperor but not long enough for anything conclusive.

Aspects of PCC Script and HOM may contradict each other.


I see, I see… I hope I’m not causing too much hassles with my questions, but in your opinion what parts of PCC and HOM do you think might contradict?

I have these but I am not sure which one to combine with my EQ eventually, along with PS. I’ve read your outstanding results with HoM which pushed me in the direction that this might be the missing link missing in EQ in terms of affability, empathy and social intelligence, plus financial acumen.

Oh the other hand, PCC also called to me in the hopes that it too would augment EQ’s social intelligence and perception.


As long as people are willing to listen they can ask as much or whatever they like lol

PCC is smaller and will also create social fluidity.
I would stack PCC first for a few months and HOM long term.
I gotta run out now, but will answer your question in more detail later tonight.


Excellent. Just to add to my question but in your opinion, would the effects of PCC stick around even if it was replaced by HoM for long term use?

Perhaps I am over thinking this, but this is my concern if I eventually dropped EQ and say go with Stark or Khan after a year or so. I don’t wish to scrub it’s benefits.

I suppose playing the sub once in a while should address this… anyway I am musing here and thinking ahead foolishly. Please take your time, no worries. Thanks again @Azriel


I have no idea how much subs stick long term,
were always changing and being influenced so it may depend on your environment, how long you’ve run the sub. The acute effects and auras may fade but habits, and certain character traits may stay around, they could totally shift your energy system and neural, hormonal constitution and lay the foundation for a new blueprint and be permenent, I really have no idea. I do know that the experiences you have on subliminals are as real and permanent as any other experience and experiences and reference points become a major part of our constitution, current actions, beliefs, and character so in that sense they will be permenent.

EQ has plenty of affability, and social intelligence but low empathy and low social interest in general, not as a direct correlation, but as a desire to focus on more pressing endevours.

PCC is more defensive in that it errs on the side of calculated detachment, playing the right role for the part, sensing and avoiding manipulation. HOM is more offensive in that it looks to build and create relationships and business with the right fits. The right fit for business still may be a bad fit in other ways. I don’t know if the two would contradict each other or combine to form a high powered offense with bad apple avoidance radar or what. Saint just mentioned that not all of PCC is in HOM due to this-saying the two don’t quite ‘gel’.

Don’t get caught in the trap of concern to fit everything in, what’s the perfect choice, how can I balance it all etc… I totally understand that, but just pick your top goal for the next 3 months and/or 1 or 2 other goals you want to develop long and/or short term and jump in for a set period of time, and do not change subs until that time is hit.

My best results BY FAR, are when I am not experimenting and running a solid stack for 1 month straight minimum.


Well said.


Just noticed something funny

The name of my thread is AzrielLight Emperor Q

In my head is was Azriel Emperor Q

I named my new healing sub Light with no concious recognition of this

And now my two customs Azriel and Light are in my stack as is Emperor.
AzrielLight and EmperorQ-- it was destined from the start :slight_smile:


Day 4

Every day is getting better and better.
My base line has been guilt, it’s always been there. Guilt of not doing enough, being further along, not doing right by others, or by myself. And since running Light and Elixir this is dissolving. I am left with such energy and peace. This is allowing Emperor scripting to come through even stronger.

I am no longer avoiding anything consciously as I have been. In a fight for my own sovereignty with clients, family, friends, work. There is nothing to fight anymore. I am amazed at the power of PCC coming through as well. My attitude towards people is just as fluid and indifferent when I need to navigate my own path, but I am working and engaging people in a way that is really building new trust in their eyes. This is much more powerful for external power than ‘doing my own thing’’. I almost didn’t go to the gym today but remembered a phrase from Atomic Habits-- don’t focus on the whole thing just focus on the first two minutes. So I focused on getting my coat, wallet and phone, and the rest is history.

New developments on my sinus/ ear issue-which I greatly downplay to not be too fixated on it, it’s actually been a bit of a nightmare. I’ve been doing extensive testing and it seems one MAJOR culprit is a medication I’ve been taking. When I wait a couple hours in the morning before taking itmy sinus/ear/ tinnitus issue is almost non-existent.

I’ve been taking wellbutrin (for non-addictive ADD med ) for 4 years. I can’t come off cold turkey. I noticed by cutting the dosage in 1/2 my issue went down greatly. I am tapering off it now. The only explanation is that the subs are changing my physiology/neurochemistry to the point where the medication is no longer required and the same amount is causing effects. Even though it gives me a kick to get through things, I’m noticing I feel so much better off it. I’m really happy to be doing this, it’s been too long. My regular GP prescribes it and I just have thought nothing off it. Anyway this is not 100% conclusive but seems to be helping to cut back.

Since going back to the gym in the last two months my bench has gone from 185 lbs for 3-5 to 225 lb for 8-10. I hadn’t squatted weights in years without pain and now I’m at 205lb for 5x5 and it’s super light and pain free.

I’m getting spontaneous bursts of joy and peace throughout the day.
Inside my healing I realize engaging woman or even having that as a conscious pursuit shifts my being entirely into almost like an addict mode and the pain that ensues. When I move back to proactively dating after no nut november-(dick giver -December :sweat_smile:) I will have to maintain my commitment to my own well being as the top priority. I’m really enjoying this stack so far, I’m going to add Alchemist stage 1 next week and I may just end up running this custom for a couple months with the Alchemist Stages before moving onto EOG and Khan and back to HOM. All in good time. For now my focus is 100% on this stack.


have a few more subs to complete the entire store-Seductress unfortunately will remain shelved.
Excited for the intellectual artsy one’s down the road too. They look really pretty together.

\ 350x350 Limitless: Ultimate Learning and Productivity Subliminal $34.99 Limitless: Ultimate Learning and Productivity Subliminal quantity $34.99
× \ 350x350 Ultimate Artist - Enhance Your Creativity, Increase Your Creative Output $34.99 Ultimate Artist - Enhance Your Creativity, Increase Your Creative Output quantity $34.99
× \ 350x350 Quantum Limitless: Ultimate Learning and Productivity Multi


This just popped up in my feed after my last post-



Are you going to get them all?


probably- at some point-except Seductress.

I go with what I am drawn to

Boxing, Mua Thai, and Gaming Mastery are pretty bleeh to me as well right now. Sex and Seduction and Mogul are low on my list as well.

it will make upgrades cheaper. ( mastermind?)

Next for me Quantum Limitless, Limitless, Ultimate Artist, Ascended Mogul, Daredevil, Primal, Primal Seduction,

I like to experiment to get a feel for store subs before using in a custom.


I’ve taken the last two days off subs

Day 5 I just headed over to my mom’s to spend the weekend with her for her birthday.
Some really interesting stuff happened over the weekend.

I will report day 6 and more of what unfolded over weekend tomorrow night.