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I’m going to skip the weekend updates for now, as while interesting it seems inconsequential
compared to some other things.
I’ve been learning alot about mind-body syndrome, tension myotis syndrome, spiritual healing, brain-body connection lately, and that in combination with my subliminal use has allowed me to really make progress out of chronic nagging pain and back to full lifting and moving as I wanted. Yesterday after some time at the gym, I went to pull my self up using a squat bar very lightly and got his with an electric shock feeling like an acute back injury, I’ve had this happen every few years and usually it leads to insane spasming, depression, and walking out of the gym. I felt detatched as it was happening and told my self it was TMS, and calmed myself down, the trajectory towards the spasms calmed tremendously and I felt much better but still was very tight, I dropped the weights finished the work out and walked home. As the adrenal wore off and into this morning it still feels very tight, with some weakness and pain like the worst ‘injuries’ I’ve had. I don’t feel depressed, I feel frustrated that such a goo sprint in progress needs to be reset, but it also may not. I’ll go back to the gym tomorrow or Thursday. But what’s interesting is I see the victimized/depressed, feeling emotionally that comes up when this happens and it is not new, it is an emotional energetic blueprint that I keep finding circumstances to fulfill it’s existence, as I’m using healing subs I see the impact of those events are lessening as I heal out of this. Will likely run Elixir and The Beast WIthin to Support, or maybe get a healing based Ultima early.

Since adding Alchemist I am doing things that fit direction ally into larger goals rather than busy work. I’m re-assessing where I put my time and energy and even what I value. Also normally I need a blow dryer to restart my phone if it has died fully-heat for resistance helps current- the girl whose blow dryer I usually use is out of my life right now, so instead I had this crazy idea to direct heat with my hand at the phone, after it had been plugged in and not turning on for quite a while, so I did that for 30 seconds and the phone turned on. lol This is not the kind of thing I do or think to do normally at all.


Day 6
massive re-organization of life my life and priorities
saw how I don’t actually value putting effort into the things that will get me where I want to go. I put a ton of effort into health, self-development and education, learning, growing my capacities as a leader, coach, employee, and spiritual development I don’t or have not valued action towards new work and income or towards my own business, I feel that shifting.

Day 7

Started sharing a lot about the projects I am working on and have multiple offers for people who want to support me in ways they can, I always forget how the magic of confident sharing can move hearts and mind’s

Back feels 70-80% healed already.


Alchemist is really interesting,
it seems to temper my sexuality, it’s not gone, it’s there but it’s not steering the ship as much…
On Emperor it gets transmuted, but with Sex Mastery, Primal Seduction, and Khan Stage 1 in my customs my sexual energy is very prominent. Either I ride the tiger or it gets me. On Alchemist feels like its contained and available like in a glass bottle almost lol

I asked a check out girl for her instragram account today (inspired by @Saiyan4Bluem) she actually tried to make it easy to get her phone number, she was telling me about something and said “I can sent it to you” and I could have just been like 'sure, my number is…" but instead I said “not to worry -I took a mental picture” ( that’s intelligence getting in the way of seduction). Anyway she gave me her instagram, and I got home and checked it out. It’s crazy how many guy are fiending on her, don’t really want to DM-I also have nothing on my instagram profile never really use social media. Might be time to start pimping out my social media for seduction purposes My rule for this month if I want to and it feels good with woman I can move forward on something, but not putting in effort. .I could just write and be direct. Or ask her out in person will see what I want to do or not.


Whenever I read your journal name I get this multiple name thing of Azriel (angel name) and also Israelite (who spoke the language from which that name comes). (I’m guessing you’re not some kind of wandering Rastafarian businessman/prophet, so I figure that’s just a random association.)


Where are you in Alchemist now? That tempering of sexuality reminds me of the ‘balancing’ description of Stage 2. But I suppose it could happen at any point.


only in my aspirations :slight_smile:

I am likely not forward enough in my sexuality, Emperor has me simmering but within my own bounds. Transmuting or using in my presence. More moth to the flame energy, Libertine and other sexual subs seem to have the sexuality radiating out more and being playful or intense, more Rakish and leaning it, moth to the rolling sun perhaps. So far on Alchemist it, sexual energy, feels irrelevant unless chosen. Almost retreated. Stage 2 will likely bring this further out than before but we’ll see.

I’m just a week into stage 1. I had a few moments of listening today where I had sharp pain in my chest, and something popped, and it was if this anger and defensiveness I’ve been carrying around dissipated and my energy in my heart and thymus could breathe and expand.

Then I felt like I was in a pre-language trauma state, that I’ve gone into at times, but I was not judging or scared about having that state like usual, and it passed, and it feel like I have a clarity and quite that is really cool.

This is a meta-sub. It changes the game of the games I am playing.


It’s 11/11


Running Q version of Emperor X-usually run terminus

I see the difference between Q and Terminus more deeply-Terminus effects the body and energy directly and then seeps into the mind,where as Q effects the mind deeply and seeps into the body and energy. I don’t know if this is technically accurate but that is the biggest difference in how they ‘hit’


I totally identify with this, great news!


I’ve been wondering about this. If, perhaps, Terminus tracks hit ‘deeper’ and then work their ways up. And perhaps Ultima tracks hit right at the surface and then work their ways down.

That seems to fit with your view. I wonder what you think of Terminus2-build tracks?


I wonder what terminus 2 does, on running it now but just mind eye, maybe we will get a better explanation sometime soon


As I’m relating to it anyway, Mind’s Eye is a pretty ‘meta’ program (as @Azriel has also pointed out about Alchemist and Quantum Limitless. I think @Hermit may have made this point somewhere too). Maybe Mind’s Eye is more concrete for people who already have very vivid imagery and are looking to take their imaginations to the next level. But for me, imagery and imagination tend to be ‘latent’ and behind-the-scenes.

So, as a way to ‘test’ the Terminus2 build, Mind’s Eye posed some challenges for me. Nevertheless, I’ve been running it for 5.5 months, 3 times a week. And quite happily so, I might add.

In early September, I added another Terminus2-build Booster custom. (I think of it as a booster.) It’s my Transformative Healing program. Again, 2 - 3 times a week, just before bed.

I only use Terminus2 programs in combination with a meditation session. Not that I think everyone (or anyone) else needs to do that, but I’m meditating anyway, and I feel that it brings some needed ‘spaciousness’ around what can be a very intense subliminal program.

Anyway, point is, with that second Terminus2, (it’s called The Duat Terminus2), I experienced very quick effects. I had what @Simon refers to as ‘the trailer effect’. (That’s like a lightning flash in the middle of the night that gives you a quick visual reveal of the landscape around you. Then everything’s dark again, but you kind of know what to expect. As the sun gradually rises, you slowly can see that same view again in a more stable way.)

Just 1 or 2 weeks into using DUAT, I found myself feeling strong emotions of joy and sadness; remembering past relationships with love; crying; listening to music that I hadn’t really played since I was 10 or 11 years old. I felt a strong desire to contact people who had meant something to me in the past and let them know what they mean to me. That was an interesting night.

And that was a Terminus2 program.

DUAT modules

Blue Skies
Negativity Displacer
Energetic Development XI
The Flow
Dream Traveler
The Architect
Deep Sleep

In contrast, the effects of Mind’s Eye Terminus2 have been more subtle. I get random…not vivid, but kind of…immediate imagery sometimes. Also, soon after starting to run that program, I had a bunch of what Jungians call Shadow Material that came up out of my deeper mind. Scary. But also, deepening. And clearly meaningful.

So… yeah.


In that case, I wonder what would a combination of Q, Terminus and Ultima be like?


Crazy to think that there’s one more set of powers that they’re developing beyond Q and Ultima…and then they themselves have admitted that they don’t know what to do after that in terms of power


I’ve only messed with mind’s eye T2 a bit, it feels like a reality altering wave
and the shifts are super seamless but potent, and then in stark moments there are incredible clear distinct jumps in the vividness of my visualization.


That’s what I am doing :slight_smile:


My guess: I don’t think the new advances will be ‘stronger’ than terminus or T2 or even more powerful than Q- in terms of raw ‘power’ as demarcates the distinctions in Q, T, and T2, but they will have a build method that makes them faster and or more effective.


U+ is meant to hold 4x the amount of info, so I guessed that Q+ would do the same.
But that would mean Q+ = T^2 in density so I guess Q+ might be below Terminus in density and not 4x info.

T = 2x Q
T2 = 2x T = 4x Q.


Q is below Terminus in density-but again more density/ power does not mean better.
The build of U is such that it’s a different kind of density I imagine. Perhaps 2x Q on masked and 2xQ on Ultrasonic track and a scripting shift geared towards present moment state shifts

I remember Terminus 1 loop being equivalent to 6 loops of Q


The numbers I pulled are from one of their support articles.