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yeah it’s nuanced, and not as black and white as would be easier. To many variables.
I’ll make it easier. All the subs that are slowing things down, involve unearthing difficult emotions or have primary goals not related to wealth, success, or career. All the subs that are speeding things up involve removal and disconnect from negative emotions, and have primary goals that directly dissolve limits, attachments, stuck areas or add intense positive emotions/capacities that are easily applicable to the goals of wealth, career etc.


Day 11
Emperor X in Q format 3 loops
1 loop Alchemist
will play one loop Light while I pass out

Emperor X in Q format-AHHH feels good, feels like back home at Emperor Q but better. I missed this. Everything is crystal clear, contained, controlled flow.
Routines done check
workout check
meditations check
what’s different about this is I am back connected to why I am doing what I am doing, it’s to optimize the conditions, machinery, being, and capacity to achieve greater things and hit chosen goals.

I believe I may have been having much more reconciliation than I realized on Terminus Emperor. at least without a solid day or two break from it after. It gives me super confidence, dominance, attraction, productivity so it’s hard to notice the recon but I see now I may lose sight of why I am doing what I am doing and go a little to far into IDGAF mode. But Q feels more what I need right now, steady, and slow, and building consistently.

Alchemist stage 1 has been bringing up a sense of bland blahness about life towards the end of last week, it’s like a numbing flavor or blanket I can feel, that’s my recon on it at list, or part of the purification process, but after running a loop tonight, I feel my energy way up, my clarity sharpened, my mind clearer, my will stronger, and a sense of distance from problems.

I am very drawn to the new dragon reborn multistage. I need a hyperbolic time chamber to catch up on multi-stage subs. I wonder if it will stack well with alchemist :drooling_face: :sunglasses:


Tell me about it! Yup, same here. I thought I wouldn’t feel like straying anymore and was doing my Emperor stack just fine. And now this! lol.

Oh well. Being spoilt for choice is a good thing especially when it’s from Subclub.


Could you please tell me what your listening routine and playlist has been for the past 2 weeks?


In my journal I list day 1, day 2 etc, after every day I list what I’ve listened to for that day. There is no exact routine but it’s some permutation of custom Emperor/Sex Mastery Terminus or custom Emperor/Sex Mastery Q… Alchemist Stage 1 , custom with EF stage 4/Spartan/ PS/ and Khan stage 1 and healing custom with PCC/S.I./ Regeneration core and usually with Elixir for the day.


Thanks. That helps clarify.


For sure! was there anything in particular you were looking to ascertain?

Do you have/what has been your experience with stacking terminus (or higher) and Q or more than 3 Q subs?


Good question.

I was reading your journal, and I didn’t know what you were listening to consistently. What your schedule was. I think a common reason why people don’t get results is when they keep jumping around with their subliminals, but it seems you do have a plan and consistency.


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Thank you!

T-shirt ! Try tattoo :wink: without the name of course


Yeah, I’ve been very consistent with Emperor
and do have consistency and plans in phases.
I’m really looking forward to that stack article.

What are you running these days?


I try to keep the stack as small as possible. Not a very kitchensink kinda person. :blush:

Sure, I did experiments of simultaneous listening with 4-5 files (SAGES being one of them). It works, but being too voluminous, these are slow.

Now with {a} reduced listening hours, {b} heavy-weight all-rounders like EQ & SQ, and {c} Ultimas to modify experiences without adding MPs; it is hard to justify stacking 3 or more.

1-2 majors + 1-3 ultimas should fit most people’s actionable needs completely.


Yes I’m craving more dagger and less kitchen sink lately,
no so much due to reconciliation but I’m just craving focus and simplicity and fitting all those loops in is a bother. Plus I cannot, despite results, deny the dilution.

Although I’ve discontinued Ultima currently to experiment and see what’s happening without it. .

This is good food for thought.


Day 12

so far
I ran 2 loops Light Q early in the morning (3 am ish)

1 loop Emperor X Q format
2 loops Alchemist Stage 1
1 loop Azriel Q

I am very clear now after time off Ultima, and any and all ultrasonics, taht regular masked subs cause me to hear sounds in my heads, for an hour to several hours after… Could be reconciliation, could be jaw tension and therefore effecting a compromised ear situation I don’t know. Could be energetic sensitivty or who knows. But the correlation is very apparent. It’s highly manageable but really annoying. Time off subs has this effect go away, even if only a day.

Today got away from me fast, woke up late, missed work stuff, was playing catch up all day, had a call, felt almost back to my nervous self, regeneration in custom is definitely kicking up some dust.
I’m feel totally fine about it, but today was kind of just putting out fires and then a wash.

I did have a zoom call while running Alchemist and I was super connected and influential to the people I was speaking with, I seemed to generate a kind of love and ease in the space.


Are you taking any nootripics like choline etc?


no direct nootropics currently, some of the stuff I take may have nootropic like effects though.
I can’t take choline or choline based supps with the meds I take. I used to take Alpha GPC and loved it.


This post is mostly for myself and will likely not be that interesting to read.

My main goal is transitioning into a purposeful career, where my work and life blend, something I can put everything into, that I love and has huge potential for wealth generation. I’ve discovered keeping my main goals as my commitment and relationship to myself leads to progress in the above stated goal, where as if I try to figure anything out or purely take action outward it does not go not as far. This purpose/business/vehicle may branch into more than one thing, but one brand so to speak. My secondary goals are health and athletic optimization and sex life. My Tertiary goals are skill acquisition and mastery development acting, guitar, piano, jiu-Jistu, rock climbing, writing. I have not touched my tertiary goals in months.

I want to get my stack down to 2 or 3 tops, to support the 1st and 2nd tier goals. Emperor X and Azriel Q support those. Healing obviously could support it, Alchemist has started to tie things together in a really powerful way, and of course Dragon Reborn looks like it was taylor made for a lot of what I’m looking for.

So unless/until I merge those customs I’m definitely running Emperor X and Azriel Q

So the question now is Dragon Reborn or Alchemist or both?



What we want DR-3 to do.

What it actually does…

:question: :question: :question:



Are those new mask sounds for custom-ers available already?

Maybe a different mask would be soothing instead.


there Azriel exclusive, you keep hearing the subs even when they stop playing, like rims that keep spinning lol

It’s possible :slight_smile: a crackling fire would be nice , or ‘brown noise’