AzrielLight EmperorQ


Yes indeed, you mentioned Alchemist Stage 4 seems to do something similar for you as the description of DR-3.

After running Emperor for so long, I am actually getting closer and closer to this. Most of the blocks are complete internal hang ups. The foundation for it is set in a way it’s never even been close too though.

Foundation, character, masculinity, capacity has grown in a way where I could actual do this now, before I would have sabotaged or couldn’t have sustained it, the pull to my negative comforts and habits would be too strong.


That proves that the subs still works after so long and it keeps working and going deeper…


How did you do it? How did you break the pull? :hugs:


Kind of, yes. It’s this part…

Alchemist helps there, if your consciously guided processes / spiritual exercises have the same purpose.


If you are interested in nootropics, I’d encourage you to read “The End of Alzheimer’s” by Dale Bredesen MD. I think there are lots of great ideas in that book!


Thank you @RVconsultant
I use them to help me process


Rather than mentioning specific titles, I’m running custom made ones based on healing, sex, health, and wealth with StarkQ as my base. I also have a custom made Ultima to boost what I’m already doing in my subliminals, that is, I’ve put some modules in Ultima that I already have in my subliminals.


Another set of books is by Michael Hutchison called “Mega Brain” and “Mega Brain Power”.

Some of the devices might have only been prototypes, but very interesting read. I’d recommend starting with the original publications before reading any of the revised and updated ones.


Very cool. I’m looking to optimize 3+ stacks and you seem systematic and wise in your approach so
I imagine despite the larger stack size your running them effectively.
what is your listening schedule for these?
Which ones are in Q?


They are all Terminus Squared. I listen to each of them 2 or 3 times a week, but make sure I take my rest days.


Ah the dragon :slight_smile:

honestly, this may sound weird, but I made a conscious choice to put my relationship to myself and who I was being as the highest priority in my life.

Then habits to support reinforcing that.

More and more I would be pursuing goals and taking actions from wholeness and ‘being enough’ not trying to fix anything or because the part of me that felt worthless and needed to change was running the show. Over time it just felt better and better to do things that respected myself and my potential than waste it.

Then I would look at how I reacted to all the things that derailed me, and make sure to stop what I was doing and get back to base instead of being emotionally run by that thing.

Emperor of course supported the vision and discipline of this.


Wow, what is that experience like…are you experiencing stronger and faster results in each of those areas? They blend well together?

Or if there is part of your journal you could point me too I’d be happy to read that if you don’t wan’t to write details again you may have already stated.


any spiritual exercises and/or book recommendations?
You can PM me if you don’t want to mention here.


I would like to think my results are stronger and faster, but I don’t know how to prove it. I think they are blending well together, but I wouldn’t know how to judge that. I put Mosaic in with my subliminals, so that should help with making them work together.


you can of course have certain metrics and measure the time lines until achievement
for physical
bodyfat, weight, max rep strengths, time sets for physical stuff

for financial (if you on salary, taking on more responsibility and causing a raise, if your free lance, client acquisition and pricing, if you have your own business …etc)

You could also create subjective metrics
Quality of life experience
time shortening between reactions
Confidence and social
Disipline (routine consistency)

I have my own but there is definitely a way to track results, even if only from subjective improvement in quality of life.


Day 13
3 loops Emperor Q format
1 loop Alchemist

will run 2 loops of Light Q tonight

I’m on a not great cycle this week, falling asleep at 6 am and waking up around 1. I had a zoom professional development at 6 and it went to 11. So I basically had 5 hours of a day and it flew by. Time is going very fast. in my perception lately

I wrote 4 woman I had been putting off, I missed one of their facetime call backs while on zoom, and the other I was a little game playing with rather than being direct. I said a message that required no response and she hearted it. Shes been super enthusiastic about getting together, but logistics with her is like pulling teeth, and while I do know she is authentically very busy person, I also know that woman will make it easy or at least be communicative if highly interested. I’d say she was very interested in person and we have not seen each other in 7 weeks or so now so things have cooled down

I’m experiencing profound states of happiness and euphoria and empowerment from Light Q while still having strong emotional difficult moments resurfacing. I woke up this morning feelings incredibly safe, like I was in a perfect world. And that seems to be S.I influence.

Alchemist is unifying and mainly is effecting me by strengthening will, insight (like when I have leaps in my thinking or understanding of what I am up to) and creating more intelligence around what I do and how I do it. The reconciliation on it also is extremely tough. Today and yesterday I have not been able to follow any of my routines except meditation 2x daily, which normally would really bother me, but I am flowing with it. As long as I feel disappointed I missed a routine not relieved I know my heart is in the right place.


I have experienced that.


Day 14
2 loops EQ
1 loop Azriel Q
1 Loop Alchemist
1 loops Light Q

Didn’t get enough sleep , the day was none stop challenges and blast from the past,
old boss reaching out about unfinished business, had to mail something I forget to mail, or put off mailing out of upset honestly, post office receipt showed they overchargerd by $700 ! haha, Turns out the lady printed me the wrong receipt. I ubered somewhere in a rush cause the map said it was 20 minute walk and it was literally 5 minutes from where I was lol. I’m really seeing in slow mo- what stops and gets in my way in life, its no coincidence, the different is now, I feel like I’m in school, learning a lesson, or playing a character that has some kind of karma/to fulfill. I see now I don’t even need to try to get anywhere, I will naturally go there, as I close the chapters on my various aspects of my current life.

Also noticed I am really resisting subs lately, all subs, it’s trigger tension, I think I’m moving into deep territory than I’ve ever been. The structures of my life are positively collapsing, and I see how free I really am, also someone I work with today sent me $100 out of the blue, saying it was great working with me.

I think I’ll do a wash out week next week.


I said I would write daily
but I no longer see the value of doing that or at least of holding myself to that.
I will journal privately and update periodically.


Thank you for sharing your experiences. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: