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How would you compare D4 to A4 ? What does one address that the other might not?

I mean in the, an apple is crisp, subtle sweet, with a skin you can eat, juicy but firm on the inside while an orange is more gelatinous, a skin that needs peeling, tangier sense… not the ‘that’s like comparing apples and oranges sense’ :slight_smile: lol


A4 serves only spiritual goals.

D4 serves all goals.

In fact, a user can achieve ALL their goals by following Simon’s instructions and taking action with D4 alone. No other products necessary. This is especially useful if one feels that none of the products perfectly fit with their vision.

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan

Love it, thanks

Even better

you know Dragon flight is working when you the user is so far beyond themselves they reference themselves in 3rd person :joy:

(just messing I think you always did that)


I wasn’t referring to myself.

Simon’s Instructions is the unofficial name of a journaling process used by several members of the SC forum.




whatever the case, it’s great.I am blown away by DR stage 1. can’t imagine stage 4, I will save my D4 virginity for after 1 month on each on the previous stages.


Initial reporting on DR
I will give pros and re(cons)


  1. I feel hopeful, like a light in the dark for what’s possible-I didn’t realize how resigned I was until I started running DR. I had/have ambition from Emperor, and willingness to do whatever it takes-and at times a sense I could accomplish anything-but it was on top of a mud pie. So it was an uphill battle. Don’t get me wrong-this mud pie is smaller than it was 8 months ago, but DR is cutting through it like a hot butter bullet out the barrel. (heard that on a show and been wanting to use it-now seems as appropriate time as any lol )

  2. I am naturally, like sooo naturally simply taking care of myself, With other people, with bosses, with family. It’s like pcc and alpha without the edge. It’s just super natural. Like this sense that I matter, and am looking out for myself–this is occurring both with objective insight, and in the moment like setting boundaries and saying/doing what works for me.

  3. On the physical front-I am holding my body with a profound awareness, not tense or hyper vigilant, but just super clear and aware of it, posture and especially when working out, like without any negative emotion or drama, just naturally moving in an optimal way to maximize performance and minimize damage. This is distinct than what I get on my physical custom, which improves my mind-body connection and sense of how I am moving in space and for effect.

  4. I feel more myself a little de-alphaed at times, like it doesn’t matter as much, this goes into feeling vulnerable in a good way, this then gets wiped away and is replaced by a perfect mix of Alpha/and natural where my vulnerability occurs like power

  5. I feel less like I need to do, fight, get away from, avoid, fix anything-my guidance system seems to be more about whats naturally right for me.

  6. Spontaneous burst of happiness, excitement, power

  7. Everything feels better physically, suppler, I am forgetting to remember that I am scared and had injuries at points, on spartan I would get a rush and it wouldn’t matter, but it was a push against what was, but on this it’s like I can go in and out of them, injuries/issues, never having happened… mentally, emotionally, and dare I say closer and closer to physically. It’s been one week, and my back and ankle, normal points of chronic pain/constriction, have been well…something I’m not even thinking about or noticing. Except when I remember that they usually bother me

  8. I’m acting and standing without positionality, stubbornness, or defensiveness, on my points where I stand and even criticizing my most challenging bosses and work colleagues !! this is huge, I’ve been able to put up with certain relationships, and start to make them better, I started to say what I need and where I stand on Emperor Terminus and HOM, but on DR, I tell them about them, criticize them, say what they have to work on–this is much more how I relate to people normally, and I do it in a very empowering way, no judgement or negativity, so to be doing this with certain people in week 1 is absolutely mind boggling to me. And the fact that I never did it before literally makes no sense-it makes me better at my job and them better at theirs.

  9. The big daddy of my health grievances currently is a not fully understood Eustachian tube dysfunction, sinus issues, facial pain, tmj issue with in an out tinnitus-all unilateral on left side. At times DR makes me emotionally distraught about this, more so then usual, but for the most part -it is calming me down emotionally and in relation to this.And I feel a heat and pressure being worked on in that area… I’m quick to assign subs their value, but I’m reserving judgement/ conclusions on this one

  10. My path and what I want to do seems more realistic now, and I’m starting to walk it with conviction out of naturalness/ inspiration- rather than will and promises to myself. Although I still can do that.

  11. I have two modes normally-concerned and on top of everything- avoiding being concerned and choosing to proactively disengage-on DR I am not concerned and on top of everything

  12. I don’t feel a need to be nice when I don’t feel like it. I don’t need it to be safe, I’m certainly not mean, and I aim to be kind as needed. Emperor made me able to engage others super passionately and really upped my communication. I would choose to engage or I was dismissing people, engaging people on my terms. It’s very conscious and in control. With DR it’s like it doesn’t matter how I engage or don’t engage. I’m more inside myself and less effected.

  13. I feel less influenced or effected by my environment, again more inside myself.


  1. Head ache- oh boy-I NEVER get headaches-I get headaches on this a few times and it’s well…a headache

  2. Sleep I usually get 6-7 hours-I need 10 + on this, and when I don’t get it I’m miserable-feels like I’m going through my teenage years again. I got up at 3 in the afternoon today.

  3. Questioning my attractiveness and masculinity in a way I have not for quite a while

  4. Fear of losing results with woman, and game while simultaneously not caring.

  5. Fear of losing this magnificent machine I’ve turned myself into, but also seeing how my ‘optimization’ is a reaction to where I feel not enough. It’s a super me imposed on top of a hurt one. The hurt one is getting healed now, and the super me is taking on a different form, hopefully a better one

  6. Times of being incredibly irritable, feeling like I want nothing, and to do nothing, but don’t want to check out either.

  7. Starving in the day, I fast all day normally, I play DR at night and wake up starving. I never wake up starving. 1 loop of EmperorQX kills my appetite- actually I’m cutting a lot of the more challenging recon with other subs. Anyone who is running DR solo probably gets a harder ride with this.


Man, those are some results. Keep on keeping on. Doubt you’ll lose game, if anything, this will most probably level you up.

Hey @Azriel you know what else DR is doing for us?

It made us change our forum avatars… :crazy_face:


hahaha, that crossed my mind.
I got a surge to switch to the specific picture I had from before
For Emperor+DR. And I’ll miss Metatron but can let go easily and come back to him whenever lol


Haha same. I like it.

Mine I was a bit iffy about, I don’t even smoke anymore. (Thanks to EQ) but I felt like I’m starting a new journey, so yeah a new skin.

I was planning to go back to EQ and DR next week, however I might stay with Stark for longer. I am not sure yet what it’s doing for me exactly, but my voice is softer though. I take EQ had voice of the Emperor and this one doesn’t, I am not sure.

I’m still thinking what to play before I take the plunge and jump to Khan in January.

Let’s compare notes after some time, I’m very keen to learn what a Dragon Emperor tandem would be like.


Yes, absolutely! I will plunge into Khan early in the new year as well alongside DR.
The specifics I have not set yet.

Will keep updates of EQ and DR-although I’m stacking 2 others as well until months end.

EQ and Stark are so massively different. I used to be concerned about my ability to be/relate with people on EQ but in my custom I get all the benefits of EQ without that as a challenge.

Although towards the end of my run on Emperor Q regular I started to be able to do this as well.
It has no scripting against anti-social-it just has scripting towards pursuing important things (as I understand). You could always make socializing, being with family a game/mission, or being of service. I found this context and intention shifted my experience on Emperor if it was genuine. The subs are strong and it can feel like we are along for the ride, but there actually completely in correspondence with our conscious intentions.


So my stack until the new year will be
Emperor Custom
Dragon Reborn Stage 1 Dragon’s Fire
and then alternating LightQ/ Azriel Q as maintenance.


Well honestly, I just wanted to not ‘waste’ a custom.
But maybe I’ll leave Light Q out
Light Q

  1. Asclepius
  2. Attachment Destroyer
    3.Growth Through Pain
  3. I AM
  4. Inner Voice
  5. Limit Destroyer
  6. Love Without Attachment
  7. Negative Energy Transmutation
  8. Negativity Displacer
  9. Negativity Shifter
  10. New Beginnings
    12. Power Can Corrupt Q Core
  11. Rebirth
  12. Regeneration Q Core
  13. Sanguine
  14. Spiritual Abundance
  15. Spiritual Freedom
  16. Spiritual Reality Alignment
  17. Survival Instinct Q Core
  18. The Flow

I do love PCC, but I might be better served by more loops of DR. This whole thing may be redundant or obsolete with DR stage 1. Less is more, I’m test running a loop of this after DR tonight, but will likely leave it out.


DR made me start doing that 4 days before I played it for the first time. :star_struck:

Starting here :point_down:t2:


Right on my first play too. What is this sorcery… :rofl:


edit: you are 4 months and 4 days ahead of everyone else :slight_smile:


In light of the continuing unveiling and discussion of processing vs. execution
I dropped to 2 Q loops Wednesday, 1 Q Thursday and Friday and took all off Saturday off.
Saturday night about 6 pm with no plans or original intention to do so, I went through everything I own, threw out a great deal out, set up to give a lot away, reorganized my entire three story house and room, then re-decorated my room to be more in alignment with the person I’ve become/ want to be. Some bloom in execution it seems. I’m going to experiment more with less is more.


Reminds me of that scene in the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper cleans up his place


Going into my third day off,
after the lightest run week of subs I’ve had since I started.

Stuff is interacting, coalescing in ways that are so natural. Everything that seemed missing is now coming into place. I don’t think I realized how brutal my stack/sub use has been, cause I was seeing results, and effects. Now I’m seeing those effects deepen, integrate, and the enhance, and all without two tons of reconciliation. I can still feel the processing going on 60 hours off subs. Will write more detail to come.


I’m currently overtraining with my physical walks. I know it’s happening but I’m also really attached to my current daily streak. :joy:

Been doing 10000 steps a day since October 1 (on October 29, I did 9,964 by mistake :joy:. Could have just walked to the bathroom while carrying my phone, but I’d already put it out of my mind.).

The results right now are not disastrous, just a tiny bit of soreness; but I am aware that my recovery is lagging a bit behind my rests, and that I would benefit from a day off. I’ve started carrying my routes to be easier; but still haven’t done a true rest for 1-2 days. The ironic part about overtraining is that it definitely slows down your progress. But I don’t care so much about my progress and I’m also kind of curious to see if I’ll gradually start recovering faster.

I mention all of this because of the uncomfortable knowledge that it may also be a metaphor for subliminal listening and progress.

I trust my subconscious. I’ll hand this question over to it and see what it does with it.


I can still feel subs processing on my 4th day off.