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Yea man subclub has done it, It seems any program from this generation is too powerful to run more than 2 days outta the week for most people…even those on Q.


there’s value in the intense regime, it just may take time off or a tapering off period to see the full effects, and to enjoy the full effects with less difficulty/ internal challenge.


What method are you using to run your subs?


I use masked with headphones.
I used to listen to one loop daily.


I was going to post this earlier

So this is what I’ve realized with where I am on my third day off.
I am now someone with the confidence to do whatever I choose.
When I don’t feel confident or comfortable with something and it still matters for a goal, I have the courage or the willingness to throw myself in anyway. I don’t hide at all anymore.
The above is true 100% of the time.
My baseline is productivity and self care.
I felt like I was totally coming into a great place.

Then tonight after 3 days off I ran DR- and wam -I got hit like crazy reconciliation. Literally got physical pain, electric shooting heat and waves, had to lye down and pass out.

Woke up and feel better now.

The subs keep processing-I had been skipping rest days until this week and it definitely threw me back.

In other news.

I’m super stoked about the article! -
The irony was I actually figured out the listening pattern accurately but then get experimenting and got away from in.

I will run Emperor custom and DR with 1 new custom and follow the new stack advice. I’m still experimenting to see whether I will return to Ultima, but if I do I will month 1 will be eilixir and month 2 will be limitless executive, month 3 It’ll likely be a custom an Ultima. Business is more important than romance still so khan will wait possibly 1-3 more months.


Whoa glad you’re better man.

I miss EQ, I’m probably not going to be able to finish this week of Stark’s trial and just go back to that.

Perhaps paired with DR, EQ’s effects on me would be lighter, and I’d feel more social.


For me I pick the sub with primary goals and know whatever I need or want for my day to day I know I can make work. So if I want to be social on Emperor I can, if I want to be Alpha on Stark I can. The programming and capacity to do these thing is in each sub already, just take some conscious guidance. there will likely be a personal gauge to maximize the desired effect. So on Emperor for socializing, it opens up after I’ve been intensely purposeful. On Stark, the Alpha and the discipline comes by strongly holding a higher vision etc–even if you don’t know the how.


I think this is where your experience has truly guided you. I’m not there yet, but I’ll reach some hallmarks with my sub journey and evolve as well. Thanks my friend


Oh for sure, I should have specified, this was after several months of running Emperor, so I totally relate to the initial hurdles. I wanted to put it as a potential option for something for you to check out or try. As it can be grueling picking the right subs-afraid to miss out on this effect or that lol. You’ve definitely got great things ahead :wink:


Running my second loop of DR.

Damn it’s sending electric waves through my body, they were scary, but know I see they are kind of painful, pleasurable. Yikes :crazy_face: Actually it’s a little freaky-I don’t feel the usual fire, I feel like a force working through my muscles, and bringing my energy up.It feels like an energy me, is growing inside of the physical me and my shell is too small lol

Interesting how after just a few days off, shift things.

DR seems to be giving me the low road today, on my return to it. The last week prior to this it was - emotional and real, but this is in the fucking challenging domain. I forgot the value of consistency ,I’m hoping DR stage 1 can stabilize back into something manageable.

Just voicing this in real time- it’s likely just fatigue and getting caught up int the moment.


“The second (and more difficult strategy) is suppressing the lust for results. Constantly looking for results can actually short circuit the process. You just need to run the sub, take action and let the alchemical process occur.”

Love this -from the stonewalling article.

I will likely do a full week washout over Christmas break.

One thing I noticed by my third day off, was I felt no need for subliminals. I was just interested in the life I was creating. This was really cool to me- I loved the experience of stopping the cooking and enjoying the meal fully so to speak. (…and of courses I plan on doing a lot more cooking :sunglasses: )

It may seem dramatic-but on 3 days off I realize I’ve put in the work-moved through the forge and fire for 9 months and it’s done. I can keep going -there are more realized and deeper levels of course for Emperor and certainly for everything I have yet to run but want to. But if I stopped I have what it takes.
This gave me a huge energetic release over managing my sub use, and trying to optimize and do the right thing.

The clarity and effects of everything I was running just kept building each day off.
Emperor fitness/ Spartan Gym -best workout in months

Primal Seduction/Emperor/ Khan Stage 1 -Two new woman back in my life, on FWB who had dissapeared and one woman I had been wanting to see for a while.

Work -new entrepreneurial opportunity reached out to me, out of a convo my friend is getting his new girlfriend to look into getting me job in sales where she works at a base salary-of $120,000- I don’t know if I would get the job or want to take it-but I like options and it was his idea, he was pushing for it.

These things sound like good-t results-but there actually subtle, there just a pleasant momentum.
I like to reflect and become aware of all the good things that happened-as this seems to lead to more good things.

My focus and aim now-is to close on things, I’m the one to make shit happen. Sure it’s cool there were some manifestations and stuff flowing into my life, but it’s on me now to take it to the next level with all of it, wealth, fitness, romance etc.

To me subliminals are all about transforming one’s world experience to the energy, archtype, and capacities of the sub’s intended goals.

So Emperor-what would Azriel be like if he was the Emperor, the most Alpha version of himself, completely devoted to purpose, freedom, work, had tons of internal strength and total self-sufficiency, with wealth and romantic opportunities flowing in and literally built Emperors in his life?

Stark-what would Azriel be like as a playboy billionaire genius inventor etc.

DR-what would Azriel be like if he let go of everything that ever limited him, totally physically healed, and had grander vision, ambition, and perspective than ever before.

to me the titles are the goal. I run Emperor because I want to be an Emperor in my life. The goal is what that means to me personally. What’s inspiring. Of course I have specific metrics inside of this, but what really gets the juices flowing for me-is the big picture.

I’m always thinking and envisioning that, and that either creating/modifying my game plan to get there, or being committed to doing it even if I don’t know how.

It’s used to be a battle against current circumstances, health issues, work commitments, conflict etc now all that’s stuff being dealt with, it’s still there to a minor degree, but that struggle is subsiding and/ormuch more manageable and jsut part of the ride (except when DR literally knocks me out lol). It can’t be excuses anymore.

In terms of how I see subs

Hermit said it well-when he talks about getting to the point of being an Ascended mogul.

It’s an actual way of existing in he world, that comes with all the feeling states, relationships, results, and ways of thinking and acting that an Ascended Mogul has.


Finished 2nd loop of DR, the weird physical symptoms and dark night ofsoul/ the existential anxiety has passed. Journaling for processing for the win! Feeling light and good.


DR reconciliation has a tone of boredom in it, like nothing brings enjoyment.
Others had mentioned this and I’ve seen my moments of it. But don’t spend too long in it. It’s very unique experience for me. As I am never bored.

This may be the dopamine healing element of QL stage 1. Fire mentioned DR has a QL stage 1 element of healing, or rather he confirmed when I asked him if it did.

I’m also of the theory that boredom is a minor form of anger.


Mind elaborating upon this theory?


Oh how true this is. “I will just sit here doing nothing interesting since I am filled with a subtle form of self-loathing and anger towards the self”

Although I have found an interesting thing about boredom recently. It is better to be bored and do nothing at all compared to doing something that raises dopamine like porn/mindless tv/etc. I learnt that the “caveman sort of boredom” is actually good for the brain


DR ST1 is interesting. :slight_smile: I feel it.


Its from Dr. Paul’s masculine pyschology operating system

Anger exists on a spectrum from enraged to high levels of well being. It’s the emotional energy/ response of lack of well being.

Well being is the emotional energy of ‘mothering’ yourself or having your needs met.

Assertiveness is how needs are met, getting things done or taken care will bring the emotional energy of well being (holding on to it is a boundary issue) . If some thing pisses someone off, they can be assertive about it and they will feel higher levels of well being.

If anger to well being is a scale of negative 10 to positive 10. negative 10 being insanely enraged and positive 10 being extremely happy and high levels of well being. Boredom would be at negative 1 or negative 2 - a minor irritation, not really angry or upset, but not feeling good or well being in the moment.

The same scale applies for anxiety to confidence with courage being the action to increase the emotional energy of confidence or ‘fathering’ oneself.

Again keeping confidence is a distinct boundary issue.


What are you getting?

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Guys…im lost here.
What you mean by colour of flames ?


I’ll insist on letting @khan explain this one :slight_smile: