AzrielLight EmperorQ


@pacman Let me just say, it is beyond words. :wink:




Super excited about the new modules,
I’ll be refining my current customs soon.
I’ll do two customs with DR
or possible 3 customs with DR-two of which will have overlapping cores.


Here’s a preliminary look for a sub I’m designing
called Harem/ or Phantasy

  1. Primal Seduction
  2. Mind’s Eye
  3. Sex Mastery
  4. Inner Circle
  5. Transcendental Connection
  6. Sex manifestation
  7. Gorgeous manifestor
  8. Seducers Gaze
  9. Instant Spark
  10. All Seeing
  11. Love Without Attachment
  12. Venus’s Chosen
  13. Blue Skies
  14. Long Range Seduction
  15. Sacred Words-maybe / virtue: temperance/ Virtue Hope
  16. Pride Unbroken
  17. Omnidimensional
  18. Deus
  19. Yggdrasil
  20. Tyrant

I’d run this with an Emperor variant-and replace PS for Khan Stage 4 when I get there.(no Emperor at that point)


So I’m strongly considering
running a new Emperor custom with DR stage X daily and then alternating between two other subs.
That would make 4 subs, which is over the recommendation but I’ve had success with this method before. I could also merge the later two with some refinement. My main sub is Emperor/wealth-that’s clear. Then I have alternating secondary goals-in this case romance/skills and then I have physical change subs and other maintenance subs I want to run consistently Destiny Q is Emperor sub, Venus Q is romance/skills, and Final Stand is physical transformation/maintenance. Although I wanted them to all blend together a bit.

I’m testing a similar rotation method now, then I’ll test rotation with just 3. If I feel a lot better on just 3 I will refine down.

Destiny Q

  1. Emperor Core

  2. Emperor: House of Medici

  3. PCC

  4. Financial Reality Shifter

  5. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy

  6. Wealth Limit Destroyer

  7. Secret Source

  8. Sultan

  9. Mystery

  10. Dragon’s Tongue

  11. Instant Business Tactician

  12. Fortunes Favorite

  13. Glory Seeker

  14. positive being attractor: wealth

  15. Direct Influencing Aura

  16. Temptation

  17. Wayfinder

  18. Male Enhancement

  19. Pride Unbroken

  20. Trailblazer

  21. Productivity Unleashed-maybe

  22. Carpe Diem-maybe

Venus Q

  1. Mind’s Eye
  2. Sex Mastery
  3. Inner Circle
  4. Transcendental Connection
  5. Sex manifestation
  6. Gorgeous manifestor
  7. Seducers Gaze
  8. Instant Spark
  9. All Seeing
  10. Love Without Attachment
  11. Venus’s Chosen
  12. Blue Skies/Spotlight
  13. Long Range Seduction
  14. Pride Unbroken
  15. Ultimate Writer
  16. Ultimate Music Producer
  17. Omnidimensional
  18. Deus
  19. Yggdrasil
  20. Tyrant

Final Stand

  1. Emperor Fitness Stage 4
  2. Primal Seduction
  3. Mosiac
  4. Sacred Words
  5. Rembrandt
  6. Panther
  7. Serum X
  8. Asclepius
  9. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  10. Physicality Shifter-Sexiness
  11. I.Q. Enhancer
  12. Eye of the Storm
  13. Current Invoker
  14. Metamorphosis
  15. Arcane Mastery
  16. Stop PMO
  17. Stronger
  18. Immortal Blade
  19. Virtue: Hope
  20. Virtue: Temperance
  21. Solitude

I still need to cut each to twenty,
feedback, suggestions etc is welcome

I’ll also spend some time with this, no rush, I have a great stack now.


that’s likely too much with DR.
I’m going to take @Voytek’s tip

" sit down, open your notebook, take your time, write down all your thought about your journey, you gifts, skills, advantages but shortcomings also, set up your real goals, plan your course of actions and pick out the right subs, read what you’ve written, rewrite it if needed and once you’re sure this is it, just stick to it."

And spend some time on this tomorrow. I have to keep reminding myself less is more !


I feel this :frowning:

Love the progress you are making with Dragon rebord! :open_mouth: It seems like a really helpful sub!


@WhiteTiger thank you
It is a truly amazing sub, part of me wants to throw everything out and just run that.
After my few days of and super clarity, introducing subs back in and seeing module 3 has my mind working overtime, on stacks, I am questioning everything, and getting super refined. All I know is I am running Dragon Reborn in full. Actually DR has me wanting to do performances and music again, even rapping lol.

As far as the above-I’m re-reading The Rational Male and Preventative Medicine. I always forget as long as I have Frame I can live in the world of real love-but it’s always secondary to my masculinity, purpose, and frame. Nothing so wrong with that. Or we’ll see after I run DR or even Venus’s chosen :sunglasses:. Maybe with a little Virtue: Temperance. Maybe authentic relationships will be the most natural thing in the world. Actually anytime I’m not feeling insecure they do seem that way. So hopefully after DR, I won’t have this player vs. wanting love dichotomy, it already seems to be fading.

It’ll be like the love was always there, my bad habits just kept from realizing I was already wet lol



I am only two weeks in -about 10 loops total.


That’s a good advice right there


So are you doing Dragon Fire or Dragon Reborn?


It’s like the drug the kids are on this days, Dragon Fire is so much better than MDMA lol

I’m running the multi-stage title Dragon Reborn,
currently on Stage 1 -Dragon Fire


Yup. You can’t go wrong with the Rational Male books. And you definitely won’t go wrong with being your own mental point of origin :+1:


Dragon Reborn Stage 1 continues to clear things and I have a sense of evolving extremely fast with this and Emperor combined.

I’m doing some testing for my new customs.
I am getting a baseline for HOM and PCC again with DR and Emperor and then going to try a day with them all stacked. As I’m considering a PCC/HOM custom to run alongside Khan with DR or a Emperor/HOM/PCC custom to run along side DR.

PCC on DR feels WAY powerful. It is social and status gold. I forgot how much I love this sub. Makes things go really smoothly in any interaction or situation, even when things get heated or conflict arises,between others. It has that I can get away with anything feel, but that ‘anything’ is always in service of my intention- not just for the sake of it.


How many loops are you doing of each?


1 loop Emperor Custom XQ
1 loop PCC
2 loops DR


That’s a very popular principle in the world of Werner Erhard / Landmark Forum.
Which reminds me…

Did you continue reading Straight Line Leadership?


Have you tried a Custom without Deus? I’m considering leaving it out because all Custom I’ve had is ridiculously powerful disabling me to do multiple loops a day. I’m pretty confident Deus is already contained within the Mandatory Core and enhancing upon it even further is probably the reason as to why I’m noticing such effects.


Never thought of it being in each mandatory core @Hermit . Am planning on putting deus in everthing, i have 2 custom ( career focused and welth gemeratin) 2 ultimas ( both are just to boost the first, so would you advice againt this?


There is no way for me to indicate that, however, it seems obvious they want ALL of the Customs to become self-developing until foreverness. All of the Customs I’ve bought so far – dense or not, has been exceedingly powerful and I have this theory it might be to do the module Deus. Because of that, I’m leaving it out from now on putting Omnidimensional as my favorite module.