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Running my second loop of DR and present to a lot of shame and disappointment in my self.
It feels unearthed but objective, I can associate or disassociate with it. I see a value of associating with it in a realism way, or even momento mori way. Where I betray myself seems especially highlighted, as is the fear of reaching my potential. I am 32 and feel most of my 20’s got wasted with no direction, drugs, hospitalization, rehab, recovery, family drama. The best thing about my 20’s in an ironic in a way cause it also cost me my 20’s , was my endless pursuit of woman and nightlife. I remember every woman I was with like a star in the night sky, however it turned it, I loved those moments, they were so alive…even if I burned everything else to the ground in pursuit of it.

I’ve become almost the opposite now, reserved, homebody, I mean everyone is to an extend with global conditions, but still.

I’m noticing repeating patterns in my journaling of the spaces I am in and challenged by, there is probably some slight elevation, so things are spiraling rather than circling, and compound progress is great. But that’s also a sign to me I’m avoiding or hiding out from something that is out of view. My subjective experience of life is always improving overall since my sub journey began, and my external metrics have improved in spikes and gradually. But my progress is limited cause I am still taking baby steps.

I’m committed to make some life altering changes in the next 3 months. And that will require bolder, smarter action, not more grind

I mentioned hitting my $10,000K goal this month and have a few actions lined up to exceed that, but nothing is certain yet.

I also see how I am setting my standards to low, I need to start thinking day to day, month to month, about my financial pursuits, I’m thinking too short term-immediate commitments, and too long term.
I need to think every day, how to hit this goal. I think I am giving myself too much room to go through my ‘sub process’ while I ‘bake’ instead of getting on it. This is partially the difficulty with stacking, especially a sub like DR. I have to continually be conscious of this.


Do you mean you’re too focused on your subliminal routines instead of planning and doing some other stuff?


no, not generally,
when new modules come out for a couple days its all my mind can think about though :sunglasses:

I mean DR makes me feel really satisfied and slowed down in a certain way so I have to reorient myself to this, then it makes me feel like I’m limitless and I reorient myself to that, then I feel like I just need to self care and put no pressure on myself, then I feel hopeless and bored etc… It’s a bit all of the place. Normally I structure my day and don’t let how I feel interfere

But I am now giving myself a very long leash for wandering and exploring my internal experience and contemplating, being creative, vegging out, or enjoying myself, in the free time I have as opposed to be regimented and productive the way I was on Emperor solo ( or double stacked) all day long. I spend 6-8 hours a day working and doing specific routines and add 2-3 more hours on gyms days accounting for workout and travel, so I’m not wasting the days away, but I’m also not progressing on other desires and commitments. This could be a slow down to speed up again process. Or I may just be slacking.

I’m justifying it to myself by saying it’s part of my DR breakdown process.


But I am in love with the concepts of subs at least as they are done here-marrying intensive research and understanding of human nature, alchemy, archetypes, neurology, the universe then finding a way to translate that into scripting and language that literally transforms people in support of their aspirations. Using new tech to optimally master and build methods for this. I wish there was way to learn how to do it or understand how it works without it being a non-compete issue.


We can lean on the guys only, I hope they will never change their main purpose which is bettering other people lives. They’re going to be really rich and money usually spoils people, I wish them to be strong enough to resist the temptation and to be wise enough not to fall into its snare. I believe and trust in them, they may change the world and leave a great legacy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I have my faith in them.
if it was ever something I wanted to truly do,
I’m sure there’d be a way, even if it involved a lot of failed experiments,
but that’s not really important for now.


I very much believe that there is.


You make me super excited to run this in my custom, I’ve heard so many good things about PCC. I know you recommended this in my previous custom, now it’s time for it to shine in this new one.

Agreed, I feel the same way. I think it really works deeper than we imagined it.

We’d be on a similar stack kind of (mine adds EoG due to my custom), I’d love to see your movement and how this works with you. I love reading your story.

P.s I’m trying to read your journey from the beginning, but I love your journey from what I’ve read on and off. You’re doing amazing work, you inspire me.


Lets demand a “Fire Ultima + SaintSovereign” subliminal title for sub creators. Then we can all “go forth and multiply” :grin:


hehe I don’t think that will go over well :joy::sunglasses:
I’m not worried about it, when Subclub is valued at a billion+
I’m sure they’ll be on a Masterclass to further support innovation


thanks so much :slight_smile: I’m really glad you get something out of it. I have some testing today, but I will run HOM+PCC with some combo-likely starting February.



I’m going to start from the beginning tonight and read through. Definitely inspirational and thought provoking man.

I see, well I’m sure I’ll be running my two customs and DR still by then so it’ll be great to have you as part of the journey and running side by side. Slightly different but similar in many ways brother.


We’ll be mad money making $$ superstar brothers :heart_eyes::sunglasses::heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck::money_mouth_face::star_struck::money_mouth_face:


No loops over the weekend
My physical sinus/ear issues are significantly better
I tested with the normal dose of meds today and it slightly elevated my symptoms
so it’s clear it plays a part. But it’s still significantly less than usual. I believe DR is helping,
either through emotional healing and stress reduction or possibly even physical healing means.

I feel so grateful to have some peace around this. And grateful for my overall health in general. I’m in a very good position all in all.

I had an all day training Saturday and pretty much passed out right after it (around 8:30 pm) and woke up Sunday at 3:30 pm. What is that 19 hours haha !. I woke up once in the middle of the night but still.


I want to clean the record and make adjustments.
With no make wrong or self-judgement.

I have technically just started my 10 month on Emperor and I have not hit the goals I set for myself
in the time frame I set.

To be clear I have had many positive results on Emperor and my customs and have progressed towards the goals I have set-but I have not reached the goals I set in the time frames given.

I take responsibility for failing to accomplish these. That does not make me a failure but I acknowledge there has been insufficient amounts of certain actions and too many amounts of other actions.

The source of my ineffectiveness has been the following

  1. Satiation -I get comfortable when things are doing well
  2. Indecisiveness-I’ve been unwilling to commit to new career or specific wealth vehicle
  3. Other goals becoming priorities-health and fitness and romance
  4. An unwillingness to be exposed or seen- I’ve been unwilling to follow paths of wealth that would involve me promoting my self or my personal products (I’ve been successful promoting others products and business)

1 is more recent -2-4 have been issues since August and are rapidly diminishing as issues.

So I’m re-setting my new goals and will do so regularly. I’ll also keep accounting for what is and is not working

So by February 15th I will

  1. Consistently earn $6000 off current income streams-by taking on more projects or asking for a raise
  2. Create at least 1 wealth generation vehicle that will earn $4000/month
  3. Pay off $1000 more of debt
  4. Be in an awesome relationship ( open or not depends but I’m leaning towards open) with someone who is a 10 in my book

What I will do differently

  1. Be more consistent with the routines and habits that bring out my best
  2. Create time frames and habits to work on new wealth vehicle(s)
  3. Ask for what I want always
  4. Proactively reach out to my network with opportunities, collaborations and offerings.
  5. Be sure to try whatever I’m going for 10 X minimum before even thinking about stopping or doing things differently. So for example asking someone out-I’d ask 10 different people out before I even look or went back to the drawing board on what I am doing. Same with job applications, client conversations etc. This way I won’t get stuck in trying to amend anything when it’s just life. Life is not 1:1 in effectiveness -one ask: one get -it’s more like 10:1 or more with things I’m not versed in. As I get more effective the ratio will equal out. Right now I’m at 2:1 in dating :slight_smile: So I just have to pull the trigger more.


Brilliant self-analysis and goal-setting there, @Azriel. All the best!


This day shall come and come soon it shall. :sparkling_heart:


Nice wishing you all the best with your goal


I wish I had something more specific to share, but I’ll just log some thoughts.

Feeling super free today,
I keep finding myself almost trying to make myself concerned for what needs to get accomplished
and then I realize it’s handled, its done. I have to now face the uncertainty of creating what’s next.
All my commitments have been breezes, I can get what used to take me 8 hours done in 3-4 hours a day. The big shift I’ve noticed is there just seems to be less in the way. I also have no idea how to accomplish anything of my newer/revised goals currently, not a concern, but want to openly and authentically admit.
I’m just going to start with looking at what’s in front of me and work my way out from there.


That’s so great to hear!

What’s your playlist these days? I know there’s Dragon Reborn. But is there anything else?