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Thanks :slight_smile:!

States are fleeting, but hopefully I’m forging a new trait here- with the freedom- work being a breeze is in the bag.

Aside from a little testing it’s been Emperor custom 2 loops/ DR 2 loops/ Azriel Q 1 loop
this week, since I’m off from the gym, I replaced Azriel Q with Primal to get a break from the 4 core and khan total breakdown, and to see if there is any bloom on that sub. And of course to test primal some more.


It’s been so long since I read what was in your customs that I have no memory of it anymore. I’ll go back and check later.


Emperor Custom

Alpha of Alpha × 1 $14.99
Carpe Diem Ascended × 1 $14.99
Current Invoker × 1 $14.99
Direct Influencing Aura × 1 $14.99
Emperor Q Core × 1 $14.99
Financial Success Reality Shifter × 1 $14.99
Gorgeous Manifestor × 1 $14.99
Instant Spark × 1 $14.99
Joie de Vivre × 1 $14.99
Iron Frame × 1 $14.99
Long-Range Seduction × 1 $14.99
Panther × 1 $14.99
Sexual Manifestation × 1 $14.99
Sultan × 1 $14.99
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy × 1 $14.99
Leader of Men × 1 $14.99
Temptation × 1 $14.99
EGO ADSUM × 1 $14.99
Productivity Unleashed × 1 $14.99
Sex Mastery XQ Core × 1

Azriel Q

ARES × 1 $14.99
Blue Skies × 1 $14.99
DEUS × 1 $14.99
Emperor Fitness ST4 Core × 1 $14.99
FEBRUUS × 1 $14.99
Khan ST1 Q Core × 1 $14.99
Male Enhancement × 1 $14.99
Mosaic × 1 $14.99
Overdrive × 1 $14.99
Omnidimensional × 1 $14.99
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness × 1 $14.99
Pragya × 1 $14.99
Primal Seduction Q Core × 1 $14.99
Serum X × 1 $14.99
Spartan Core × 1 $14.99
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer × 1 $14.99
Dominion × 1 $14.99
The Merger of Worlds × 1 $14.99
Tyrant × 1 $14.99
Yggdrasil × 1


@Azriel what are you noticing from Financial Success Reality Shifter, Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy?

Similarly, what’s Overdrive doing for you in Azriel Q?

As for these goals you set for yourself, what will you do to accomplish them? A change in Subliminal Rotation, a change in direction in life? I’ve got a whole set of goals for myself related to money and financials in general and I’m eager to hear what you have going on for yourself. Today, I’m not working – I’ll be making a masterplan and figuring things out so I can head towards a fixed direction and accomplish anything in order to reach my goals.


Thanks, Azriel. I love those combinations. You were definitely not playing around.


Financial Success reality Shifter-this one is subtle and overt. I live in a world with total sense of I will have the money I need when I need it, no survival concern about money, no making money more important than anything else, it feels like a simple part of my life. I’m looking to align my life more with work that will open the ceiling on the wealth I make. Even when without anything proactive, since my custom, new work opportunities roll in all the time.

Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy-honestly I can’t really discern this one, maybe my more recent push to hitting the above goals, is from this one coming online. Or I have a block that is negating it, I feel very driven, but it doesn’t always seem about money. Although more recently it does, and strongly, so maybe this module is just kicking in now. I’ve only been on Q of the custom with this the last few weeks, and I think on Terminus I was more consciously effecting by the Emperor core and sex modules.

I will be going to do a change in subliminal rotation in February. January I will continue my current stack with some testing. Based off Fire’s recommendation for my goal, I will be adding EOG stage 1 to a custom with likely PCC/HOM in February.

This is a step I have set aside time this weekend to do something similar

Off the top of my head my ideas were

I will pick up program creation and coaching as a side hustle and work my way up to high ticket sales once I’m confident in the value delivered. I will also potentially be joining a start up that sells software and consulting for $100,000 as a starting package, so great commissions there. I will look for how to brand myself and monetize my creativity and exploration of certain fields in growth by being of service to others. Once things are clarified more I’d be happy to share.


For what purpose are you looking at this combination?

Ambitious, I love that. Keep me updated, I’m very eager to hear what you have going on.

By the way, if I have to choose between two of the following modules – which ones do you deem most important?

  • Financial Success Reality Shifter

  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy

  • Wealth Limit Destroyer


PCC-because it is just pure social and persuasion gold- with new clients, working with people, having people see my side of things, especially in coaching where my side is seeing there best side they cannot see.

HOM- honestly cause this sub is just incredible, it manifests opportunities like nothing else, and seems to tie a lot of things together in terms of structure and execution. I would love to move my family from generations of financial difficulty to wealthy dynasty and have my kids, if I have them, be in the best situation possible. It is a goal of mine to create an empire of wealth and this sub is great for it. It also give me interest in building relationships which I don’t really have these days.

EOG- I asked Fire what the best sub/stack for getting to $500,000-$1000,000 without a clear wealth vehicle or pathway as fast as possible would be and he said Emperor is good but EOG is best for this. And recommended it or one of the stages in a custom. Stage 2 is ideally what I’d start with, but I want to do stage 1 for the clearing. Everything is still up in the air depending on my testing but all I know is in the last 8 months of reached financial stability am in a great place I’ve never been at in my life, and it’s time to take it up 1000 notches.

Thank you, appreciate the positive feedback-I will share more as it unfolds, and likewise would love to hear whatever you want or choose to share in this domain for you.

I cannot speak to wealth limit destroyer, I have no direct familiarity with it, it maybe in the Emperor Core or EQ. As for the other two, I would say if you are already motivated in this domain or have a clear or structured path Financial Success Reality Shifter and if you do not Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy


I have yet to discover this side of Power Can Corrupt – interesting, I love that.

That’s intriguing, I’ve kept a close eye on House of Medici but it does not seem to align with my current business endeavors.

I’m hoping my upcoming Custom would aid me to bring out the best qualities of House of Medici, which are manifesting opportunities and building relationships.

Could you elaborate on this?

I will certainly do so, at this point there’s really nothing holding me back from achieving Financial Success.


How’s the physical shifting in Azriel Q working for you, @Azriel?


I will give a detailed account when I have more time :slight_smile:


Azriel, this made me curious because I’m running PS and it’s one of my favorites.That said, I’ve always been curious about the other two Primals. How does PS differ? Moreso with Primal, in your experience?


I’ve actually rarely run more than 1 loop a day of this, in a heavier stack. So slow and steady with this one.

Without trying to isolate anything per core/module I would say

  1. My voice is deeper
  2. My movement has changed, is more relaxed and sexual with power
  3. My stomach flattened so fast/ I lost weight so fast I go stretch marks-they have since gone away-I was barely working out at the time
  4. I am ever so slightly taller-could be posture could be growth
  5. My dick definitely is more consistently at it’s best when erect, and at is longer and thicker flaccid, more pumped and slightly thicker erect, can’t really see a gain in length as of yet.
  6. My strength goes up every workout I can add 5-10 lbs on everything. I had one injury scare-so dropped the weight back. But after two months back in the gym-I was up 225 lb on bench for 5-8 reps when I was doing 185 for a tough 5 before.
  7. My family thinks my jaw looks different, its more ‘man jaw’ they say-seems to have filled out.
    8 I notice I struggle(d) with insecurities around certain areas-then I feel really good about them and if I sustain this long enough -that’s when the physical change seems to kick in more overtly
  8. My arms, shoulders, are bigger and I’m more V shaped- this started on Emperor but seemed to peak more with the custom
  9. I didn’t even realize this but I was catching things in mid air that I dropped or other people did-it happened like 4 times in a month and I realized that Emperor Fitness Core or Spartan may have something to do with reflexes as that seems improved as well.

So great results that have build over time. I kind of expected to add at least 1/4 inch in height and male enhancement respectively in around 6 months ( maybe my expectations were off lol) so a little underwhelmed there, but that could take time or more exposure. But as far as body composition and strength I am very pleased. DR seems to be really healing some fear and difficulty and emotions around the injuries I’ve had which is letting the physical modules shine through more it seems.


I just wrote about this here -check it out :slight_smile:


Very interesting take, thanks brother. Primal sounds like a blast


It’s really fun- I like it more than PS-its more fun in a certain way.
but I’m not as effective with woman honestly.
On PS I know how to move things forward like with insane precision.


to all at sub club :slight_smile:
I feel privileged and blessed to have found such powerful resources and great community

Use your Diamond Eggplants wisely

or for non-penile identifying persons

your Diamond Ultima enhanced -juicy fruit of choice wisely


Wow! You got the alpha male body with Azriel Q and taking action. Excellent results, my friend.


Thanks-I was always muscular- Emperor added more muscle,
Azriel Q started taking it to the next level. I have about 4% bodyfat to drop to have ‘Alpha’ body as I’d consider it, definitely look jacked, I’m not chubby, but I’m not lean-Gladiator in the off-season :slight_smile:


Do you mind posting your Customs in the first post of this thread so that people can you back and check what you’re running when they’re reading your posts?