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That’s a good idea to implement, @Azriel. I do the same. If you are not able to edit the 1st post, do mention the custom and its modules in the 2nd post in this thread. Will be helpful for others


@Azriel, did you ever go through your Journal? It is amazing and I see a pattern going on of you have the most profound effects ever with Titles and then dropping them due reconciliation triggered thoughts; you kept going back and dropping Mind’s Eye, Power Can Corrupt for example.

I’ve found your Journal most interesting and it got me to think really deeply about my Customs. Now everything is refined into detail and I cannot wait to get going with them.

Honestly, the Orpheus Custom I’ll be listening to is going to manifest opportunities as none has ever seen before. For manifestation always aim spiritual, and combine that with something more physical to actually move towards your goals while consciously manifesting them, I bet things will take a 180-degree turn for me in a matter of weeks.

And with that I mean all the Customs you have ever ordered. Your Journal truly is a Bible of insights and I relate a whole lot to your insight. You seem to have an impeccable ability to look into what the Customs are doing, similar to me, however, I’ve not been sharing them as diligently – I might actually do so once I receive my upcoming Customs.


DR ST1? Or ST4


1 the one thing I never do is skip to stage 4’s
Except when I tested Khan stage 4
and when I put Emperor Stage 4 in my custom

but…this one is DR stage 1


I will update the first post with this
and longer response coming :slight_smile:


How did these work for you? I haven’t entirely looked at your journal yet, I’m in the process, but I’m asking because I went straight to EoG Stage 4 in my custom, even though I also added Stage 1 in to my custom as well.

Were they dense?


Emperor Fitness Stage 4 not EOG-- I wrote about it above in my custom with physical shifting.

Khan Stage 4 was just 1 day, it felt dominant, sexually, surprisingly playful, and the world felt friendlier, I reached out to an old flame on it, which I otherwise never would have done. But we are back in touch to a degree.


Oh no I just meant that you said you went straight to stage 4 just like I did with EoG Stage 4.

I’ll read the above.

Wow Jesus, one day? That’s pretty awesome results for one day dude. Holy crap honestly.


I’ve been on khan stage 1 for 6 months or so in a custom so that likely primed the fields.
I also feel subs effects quickly. There are Ultima to me :slight_smile:


Azriel has access to the secret multi stage Emperor project. :shushing_face:


Last night I was starting to imagine alternate ways of running multi stages. (Alternate for me, anyway. I know others have tried all kinds of things.)

But I was thinking (let’s take Dragon Reborn as an example): I have a tendency to like to spend a long time on each stage. Well not long as in 6 months, but more like 3 months. So, I was thinking, what if I were to go through each stage at 3 months a stage; but stack Dragon Reborn stage 4 from the very beginning?

So January to March - Dragon Reborn stage 1 + Dragon Reborn stage 4
April to June - Dragon Reborn stage 2 + Dragon Reborn stage 4
July to August - Dragon Reborn stage 3 + Dragon Reborn stage 4

I’d probably do a 2:1 ratio. 2 loops of stage 1 to 1 loop stage 4, and so on.

I wonder how that would impact the results?


That’s an interesting idea, probably slower for both stages but the end results may be more profound.
I find there is a value adjusting my life to the effects of each stage independent of the final one and really learning the effects individually, but I could definitely see the value of doing it the way your suggesting.


Just idly thinking. Don’t know if I’ll actually try that.

I don’t deeply understand multi-stage process.



Did you run the stages of Khan and EOG together, both stage 4’s? What was your method?

And if your up for sharing, what kind of experience/results/ transformation did you achieve on this combination.

I was considering some thing like it in the near future.


I’ll have to look back through, it’s likely I did drop things I had great results with for certain reasons.

That’s awesome, looking forward to hearing about it for sure !

Thank you, I am really glad when people get something out of my shared experience.
I read your Emperor Q test journal somewhere and it was fantastic, you should definitely share your journey and alchemical process, many would benefit and likely be inspired. When do you plan on getting your customs ?


reminder to self: update beginning of journal with customs list


@Azriel How’s it going?


Something similar has been happening to me.


@Azriel how do you diet? Not sure if you’ve spoken about it in your journal but I’m interested in what you do


It’s going pretty well, all the stuff that was being driven up by subs, seems to have peaked-was super difficult, health and emotionally wise, and no it all seems to have been let go and I’ve leveled up.

I got a booty call on Saturday but was out of town, on Sunday have not yet heard back from a woman I was making plans with. Neither of this effects my state or sense of abundance which is totally new to me. I would be upset before Emperor, on Emperor I was kind of slightly disappointed or elated, and was like ‘people who don’t get back to me don’t need to be in my life’. Now it does nothing, I’m totally happy either way and a sense of abundance in this and all areas feels inevitable.

thanks for asking