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excluding the holidays

When I wake up a large amount of high Quality coffee with a slab of grass fed butter, bulletproof brain octane oil, black maca and cistanche. 10-12 hours later salad usually with avocado, red onions, a small amount of Parisian or Romano cheese, and an organic dressing. Then a protein source -grass fed ground beef or chicken-with white rice. I switch up the vegetables and or sauce Or if it’s a Blue Apron week-I’ll do a steak with whatever there sides are. Then if I’m hungry later I’ll eat a junk food meal, savory and/ or sweat. I intend to start leaning down now though, so I’ll likely add a second healthier meal.



I can’t edit my first posts or any past a a few weeks ago it looks like, any suggestions?


yeah, I’ve been going slow on leg lifts, but my upper body strength is shooting up like never before.
Your on EF stage 4 right? I also have spartan, which I may swap out, but EF stage 4 I’ll likely keep indefinitely



They mustn’t know



Do it like @Voytek. He has all his Customs info in his user profile. :slight_smile:


@Azriel - will tag @DarkPhilosopher. He can make the changes necessary so that you will be able to edit your first post :+1:


That’s a neat idea


Yes. I’m also listening to Serum X, Health Codex, and Asclepius.

I’ve never had gains like this before. I push my working set every time, so I know my gains are real.

My thought too!


I reached out to @DarkPhilosopher for support in editing the first post with customs.

This is my final test week, to decide my next stack alongside DR.

I’m running EQ from store currently. I have to say I don’t get it.
The clarity, drive, focus, and confidence I get from this is 100X my custom.
My custom will be listed at the end of this post
I do not think it is simply the size of my custom, or the sexual based modules/cores.
I’ve ran EQ for 3 months, and have been running my Emperor custom for 5 months. So the Emperor core would have set in by now.
The terminus version gives a similar confidence and dive at times, but not clarity, succinctness and execution. But the EQ version after 3 loops starts to ramp up to approach what I get on EQ after 10 minutes. It’s possible running my custom has primed me for Emperor again.
I’m getting a kind of instant in the zone, execution, and intelligence in approaching what there is to do that I forgot about. I feel exactly what I need to do be able to do what I choose in life.
I am not convinced Ascension, QL lite, Mogul or sex mastery are in the Emperor core in the custom store. I think it’s just the Emperor Core form the EQ version. Or I’ve just completely diluted the essence the strength of Emperor in my custom

No complaints, but this will definitely change my approach in what to run.

More testing to be done but these are initial thoughts.

Alpha of Alpha × 1 $14.99
Carpe Diem Ascended × 1 $14.99
Current Invoker × 1 $14.99
Direct Influencing Aura × 1 $14.99
Emperor Q Core × 1 $14.99
Financial Success Reality Shifter × 1 $14.99
Gorgeous Manifestor × 1 $14.99
Instant Spark × 1 $14.99
Joie de Vivre × 1 $14.99
Iron Frame × 1 $14.99
Long-Range Seduction × 1 $14.99
Panther × 1 $14.99
Sexual Manifestation × 1 $14.99
Sultan × 1 $14.99
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy × 1 $14.99
Leader of Men × 1 $14.99
Temptation × 1 $14.99
EGO ADSUM × 1 $14.99
Productivity Unleashed × 1 $14.99
Sex Mastery XQ Core × 1


Alright Yall, customs in my about me section.


Thanks for the insight dude, appreciate the look in. Has helped me with my own diet and plan today.


Yes thanks for this Azriel, I’m also gathering ideas for my planned custom and this is helpful to those who are thinking of trying it for the first time. I’m probably months from the idea but the more info we have on customs, the better.

I’m still on the fence if I should go with a custom centered on EQ or Stark. If I would go with EQ I’d personally tone down Evolution and instead add a more gentler means of manifestation like Jupiter and the like. I believe both PS and EQ contains this and might have contributed to an increased level Evolution’s intensity when I combined them.


The essence of Emperor to me,
is complete decisiveness on what will proactively move me towards my intentions/visions/ goals
and an intelligence in going about it. Supreme confidence in whatever I am doing, and having a goal and intention more important than anything currently in my life.

EQ core does this to a degree, but it doesn’t raise my intentional instinctively to the level that EQ in the store does alone. So it’s much easier to run, and has the potential for more social.


No messing around with EQ that’s for sure. It’s the go-getter sub.


Does this mean that you have two identical versions of the same Emperor-core custom: one in Terminus build and the other in standard Q build?


That seems like a really good idea.


Yes I have two versions…I’ve tested both for weeks and in the same week.
It’s VERY interesting to see how different they are.

I’ll also change my name embedding soon from my birth name to my nickname. One is deeper but the other I associate with more.




It’s testing week !! (when isn’t it :thinking:)

But first some DR updates-stage 1
I’ve actually been running DR loops since a little after thanksgiving so I’m over a month on it now. Usually 1-2 loops a day. Man it’s a different world. I realized

  1. I know longer fear for my safety -around kitchen knives, hot water, walking in the street, dogs near by…beneath my ‘confidence’ was a hyper vigilance, that the world was not a safe place, I know feel very secure in my being physically. This is distinct than the sense of social and sexual security I started to build on Emperor

  2. ZERO back pain-my chronic back issues are gone-caput-done in full, I believe running this with Azriel Q helped. I still have a minor tweak or concern hear or there, but it seems more mental, in reality I’m walking around and working out free

  3. No family conflict ! This was the most peaceful Christmas since adolescence.

  4. I really, genuinely, authentically love myself and feel I am a catch, I’ve been a seller playing a buyer really well in life and dating, and I am transitioning genuinely into a buyer. Staying a heterosexual pitcher. :joy:

  5. There is an ease to life, it’s like the drama, and intensity of everything has been turned down.

  6. I am confident and happy to be without work if that is what is best for my life path. It has not come to that yet, but I am 100% solid in letting things go.

  7. I’m going through everything in my life, reorganizing, cleaning up, getting rid of it, or upgrading it.

Back to testing.

Did PCC again today, man I have to keep this in the stack, it’s just such a fast game changer, I told (one of) the person I work for/with today, that I didn’t like the work I did and we should work out how to switch my function or part ways. I said it in such a loving smooth way though :slight_smile: He said he was open to it, but I can tell he wants me where I am, cause it’s highly specialized and hard to replace, its keeps my schedule free for other work but underpays. I don’t even care about more money, I hate that role. And after I told him this I felt like I was reborn-my life freed up. I can’t believe I have been holding onto this for so long. I have savings I have other work. I’ve been looking to make the most of the opportunity, but it’s time I stepped it up there or out.

The month of January will be the final months of current customs Emperor X, and Azriel Q, I’ll run them alongside DR with a PCC loop every other day- or day if I can manage. I may add an Ultima, still need to test Diamond and Limitless Executive.

In February I will add EOG to Emperor along with a HOM/PCC custom-don’t know the format yet
or I will do Khan with HOM/PCC custom just those-or with Stark/EOG -I’m considering running DR stage 1 an extra month as well in January.


@Azriel - i think your plans are shaping out quite well. Excellent results too. Here’s to a better New Year 2021!