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test ran Stark Q this morning
I definitely feel a bit of recon and no where near the full picture, this is one of those subs
that is harder for me to pick up on the full picture like I can do quickly with others.

I also realize the results of test looping once are nowhere near what I would get through running consistently-especially with the big scripts.

That said. My interest in work and discipline plummeted and my drive to follow my interests increased. I felt an incredible selective focus. I had some recon on the social, center of attention aspect. My room mate has family over and I felt invisible…which is something I usually never feel or care about feeling. I get attention when needed and I don’t care if I don’t but I always do.
They did interact with me a bit but I found myself wanting more interaction…so far this is all very alien to me lol. I definitely had some inklings in terms of connecting and synthesizing certain threads in my life. I feel I want to stop running a rat race and start fleshing out and following my passions in this moment. I can definitely see the potential of the carefree aloofness in this-may have rogue.

Runnin Emperor: HOM now.

I’ll probably run Khan Stage 2 in a couple hours before the gym. That will conclude my testing.
I’ll wait until 3rd week of January to finalize and order next customs for Feb–April Stack.


Yes. Same for me. Among the ones I have tried, no other sub gave me more recon than Stark. Not even DR or EQ.

But damn… do I like Stark…

I’m naturally introverted with the occasional burst of wanting to joke around and connect with people. I think the incongruence with my natural personality brought about the intense recon I had a week or so ago.

I’m sure DR also had something to do with it, but combining them both for the first time was not a fun experience.


Ran Stark and then a couple hours later HOM


what a great combination !!

So much fun, Stark was bit tricky alone-likely from recon -but adding HOM-it is indeed a perfect Alpha mix with Stark. I thought HOM was super high status Alpha when I first was running it and then a comment some one made about it not being Alpha swayed me away from it. A little silly I know. But every time I run it again it is so clear why it is part of the Emperor Line.

Anyway I spent my day just calling people to catch up and rebuilding some relationships, I had an intention of furthering what I’m up to, but had all the playful fun and relatedness in the world. As usual when running HOM, a work call turned into a super related great talk, and this person I was speaking to will be instrumental in any pivots I do. The difference this call is I talked about myself with this persona and they were interested and approving, and complimenting me, this seems to be that Stark element. As I never talk about myself with this person, and rarely unless prompted in most social contexts.

I did have a lack of focus on little things, but was spending a lot of time with my eye on bigger things.
Also am streamlining some places I’ve been stuck in planning. Including in customs

My plan as of now is to in February start runnin Khan with DR and a HOM/PCC custom -the question is to add Stark or not.

After I get to Khan Stage 4, I will run the EOG store program alongside new customs.

I also see how incredibly unique and valuable Emperor is as subliminal-really nothing’s like it or comes close, but the same with Stark or with Khan.

I have a new respect for the uniqueness of each title. I also have had all these concerns about mixing this or that or diluting x,yz, or so and so said it didn’t go well and so did that person, and a sense I needed to get it right. In this moment it’s all so funny, subliminals are subjective-what do I want to run? What fits my goals based on how the experience I HAVE of how they actually work in MY reality, adding stacks apply the same questions. Others will give great information and advice, and it has been invaluable for me, and I soo appreciate it and the all the perspectives, but it needs to be factored in, not the defining factor.

Running Khan Stage 2 now to see how that fits in the mix-then gym time !


I ran Stark, HOM, and Khan Stage 2 today.
And I absolutely loved the combination.
I was concerned Khan would overpower Stark a bit.
But I got what I imagine is a khan with celebrity treatment effect. (Stark+HOM effect-with status/respect and hard edge of khan)
The amount of respect and over the top niceness from every single person I interacted with was
almost comical. It was like I woke up in a reality where I was a celebrity. I got a few weird ‘challengers’ but didn’t phase me. I spoke to a really cute girl at the gym. Her boyfriend was working out with her, but we got into a convo about some equipment-and she was so very Doe-eyed and came and got me from a totally different area of the gym when the equipment was available.

I’ve never had such powerful self talk on as on this combination-( DR the night before probably helped a lot) it really started shooting into super gear with Khan Stage 2

I kept getting flashes of what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, how to do it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I may test Khan 2 + HOM once more without Stark, and I won’t start this stack until February but I am pysched for when I do.


Khan with HOM? Interesting. I was thinking Ascension with HOM and daredevil and/or PCC

Yeah that self talk is awesome, it helps me so much in my workouts


Woohoo. Way to go



Sorry for not getting back to you about the tinnitus thing mentioned the other day.
I was trying to PM you but it looks like your profile doesn’t have a message button.
Am I missing something or is that function not available with you?


Turned off.

When ever you are ready, I’d love to read what you post about the tinnitus thing.


Hmm. Need a fame module in the Q Store.


Spotlight ?


Unfortunately that is a Social Media booster. Related, but not quite what I’m looking for.


is the fame module connected to something I am missing, or were you just asking?


I’ve been avoiding posting for some reason.
I’m experiencing these insane quantum leaps in clarity and productivity
and then being totally at a loss/ exhausted. This is from the inconsistency and all
the testing I am doing most likely.

I did test run Diamond Ultima, and well it does what it says for sure. I felt like I was really on Viagra or something though as I had the same feeling as when my blood pressure lowers. I’ve never taken viagra but I’m familiar with that as an effect subjectively and have been on meds and had experiences where my blood pressure lowers. Sensitivity increased as well. I’ve been avoiding Ultima because they just throw such a wrench in the mix, sometimes I can run them with no issues, sometimes I can’t, the effects are so strong, it’s like a complete state change, and seems to alter my flow of my other stacks. I think I’ll start testing/running them first thing if I am going to do them. There is a few I"m interested in BLU/ Limitless Executive --commander–PSIT–Elixier-designing my own. but I’m getting such strong effects from Q. I’m prob going to take a month of them completely.


So I decided for January I will run new custom Emperor/ alternating with current custom Emperor
and then DR stage 1 (I’m doing 40-50 days a stage) and new custom at night -Limitless Ecstasy of Emperor . I’m running these by Fire before purchasing. I will run these for 4-8 weeks and then transition in running the Khan stage along DR and Stark/HOM/PCC custom.

January Custom Emperor

  1. Emperor
  2. Emperor: House of Medici
  3. PCC
  4. Dragon’s Tongue
  5. Mystery
  6. Secret Source
  7. Way Finder
  8. Venus’s Chosen
  9. Sacred Words
  10. Glory Seeker
  11. Fortunes Favorite
  12. Virtue: Temperance
  13. Mastermind
  14. Transcendental Connection
  15. Pride Unbroken
  16. All Seeing
  17. Instant Business Tactician
  18. Debt Annihilator
  19. Divine will
  20. Eye of the Storm

January Custom 2

  1. Emperor Fitness Stage 4
  2. Limitless
  3. EOG Stage 1
  4. Mind’s Eye
  5. Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
  6. Serum X
  7. Asclepius
  8. Male Enhancement
  9. Blue Skies
  10. New Beginning
  11. I.Q. Enhancement
  12. Deus
  13. Omnidimensional
  14. Tyrant
  15. OverDrive
  16. Natural Winner
  17. Virtue Hope
  18. Dream Traveler
  19. Stop PMO
  20. Mosaic/potentiator


Making customs like it’s nothing eh


How was the god like confidence on Khan Stage 2? Lol


Yarbird mentioned this as well on Emperor there is this sense that if you spend money, it’s like so what I’ll make more’
So It does occur as nothing. +Between already licensed modules-Quadpay , and Arch-Alchemist discount
it’s like 25 bucks every two weeks for customs with only a few new modules, and $100 every few weeks for a custom will all new stuff. I can make $100 in an hour on some jobs and 2 on others.


Dude, its amazing.

I ran Khan stage 2 this morning-breaking into my two days off. Which was not smart, but I ran so few loops over the last couple days I figured whatever. I’m in my room and just feeling like shit.I was supposed to go to gym, but couldn’t bring my self to do it. So I leave to do a grocery run and just get out of the house and then it was like everything started flowing. The confidence was so strong I was having to hold myself back from approaching people in the street, I was concerned for them from me lol. Until I started having this talk in my head, like of course this is what they want. And then it went great. It was like the sexiest woman were coming out of the blue. The only issue was, I also was very present to a kind of really strong indecisiveness this stage brings. Beyond an overly analytic thing, it was like a really deep wrestling with every choice I made, everything I did. It was funny to have that present at the same time as such certainty and confidence.


Thats exactly what i felt. I coudnt careless about the cops also lol


If it is something of interest or something you want to really address

I recommend this resource or watch the authors youtube channel

I will talk more about my experience with it in particular at some point but want to keep my focus on it minimally for now.