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Reminded me of the video you sent me and I checked it out right now

The idea of tinnitus being a natural phenomena was interesting and that we can cure it using our brain’s capacity for Neuroplacitiy

Now I want to extend that concept to heal my eyes too. And why not since the subliminals we use are a form of changing our neural pathways too


@Azriel interesting view on the money aspect.

The bigger point to note is how healing may change what you desire. I for one, am not going to build another custom until I complete DR ST4. In my current journey I have already realized that my current planned custom is going to look a little different from what I last posted on the forums. It also helps that Q+ and some new module packs will exist by the time I’ve gone through DR.


Healing will change my desire, but somethings are clear for the short term as are some long term desires and the steps to get there. Q effects me very fast. What you are doing and choosing is smart and perfect for you.

A 6-8 week stack/cycle/custom is a time frame set to accomplish specific things while DR continues to do it’s work in the background.

I’ve run the same customs for 6+ months and they’ve created a great foundation-then I test a new stack and get done in one day what I hadn’t in those last 6 months. It’s all lasering in to what work for what situation while continuing to build certain qualities long term. I’m not interested in my next long term customs until I’ve gone through the khan stages 3+ months.

What is your stack these days DR+ Man For Himself?


I ran DR solo last month. The Man For Himself returned on January 1. DR is now the majority of my listening, with just enough loops for MFH thrown in to make an impact (currently planned at 1 loop every other day for 3 days a week).

@Azriel I just realized Gloryseeker is the module I was looking for!


that’s what I thought ! lol


Took today off and was my first day off from subs this week.
I’ll be sure to stop after 5 days no matter what moving forward.
Out of pure will power and strength I got some prep for the week done,
some organizing, and worked on mapping out some goals down to specific actions.

I’ve been feeling pretty down today, lots of recon bloom, or maybe just life on a Sunday
with stuff I don’t want to deal with ahead of me this week. Although lots of physical symptoms are back today specifically, back pain, sinus stuff, hoping it’s recon bloom and cutting to a deeper layer of healing. As I’ve been doing extremely well on those fronts. It’s also likely connected with my emotional mood. Feel a million miles away from any of my goals, present to frustration and everything, hatred, feeling like time is flying by, everything is pointless.

I get days like this every now and then so I’m just watching the fireworks and trying not to get sucked into the whirlpool. I keep getting this screaming internal message ‘this is not what I want/ this is not what you wanted’ . Trying to give love to those tantrum-y part of myself, while distilling and honoring a deeper truth in it’s message.

anyway this will likely be gone by tomorrow, nothing to do or fix, just some heavy recon and
journaling it down for the Alchemical process


Hang in there, mate. That’s exactly the right mentality. See recon for what it is, observe, and know it’ll go away, as they always do. Before you know it, you’ll be on the top of the world again.


I had to do 5 days off. Hang in there!


Thanks @Apollo and @RVconsultant
appreciate the support and it’s great to realize it’s ok to be in a bad place at times
and others won’t ostracize one for it. I’ve been in world where perfection has been demanded
so it’s nice to integrate this darker side-even if it’s not cool dark like other things I’ve been integrating lol

Anyway heaven follows hell and hell heaven-on the road to a new kind of consciousness (and therefore new life and world)

I woke up and today was pure bliss-all the existential oddity, lost-ness, and alienation was like a dream. It seems the night really is darkest before the dawn.

I ran a loop of Emperor Custom X and a loop of PCC
Got VIP treatment where ever I went.
I was incredible social- re-ignited
I would bet money aura of craving is in PCC (@Hermit -tagging you as I believe you were interested in this)

I’m not ready to give up the crown-I’ve decided to run Emperor base until march-maybe even April-marking 12 months on Emperor as I originally said I would. I’m extremely excited for Khan-but it can wait. Or whatever other goodies are coming.

Running loop of HOM now as Emperor/HOM/PCC will be (one of) my new customs for the next 3 months


I intend on ending up in bed with a woman I went on a date with before the holidays,
shooting for this week, but it will happen when it happens, after that or when I order new customs- I"ll take a 5-7 days off before starting my new cycle, whichever comes first.


Interesting (what I consider) manifestation to report

Amazon sends me double of everything I order and charges me once for each item.
This is the third time it’s happened. I noticed the second time and told them to send me only one the next time. They still send two. This is for supplements, workout equipment, and books so far.

Ethical dilemma: should I report ? Should I send some duplicates back as refund to pay net zero? Should I do nothing for now?

Is sultan finally kicking in !?


Also @RVconsultant

this is a quote from the wim hof method Frequently asked questions

"#### My ears are ringing is that normal?

This effect is known as ‘tinnitus’, and it has a wide range of causes and manifestations. For some people, practicing the WHM either induces or exacerbates the ringing, while for others it changes the pitch. Conversely, those dealing with chronic tinnitus often find relief from its concomitant anxiety in the calming effect of the breathing techniques. The connection between tinnitus and the Wim Hof Method has various possible causes. Medical research shows a direct link between pulsatile tinnitus and anaemia, which the WHM may ameliorate through the elevated oxygen intake. The breathing exercises also increase neural activity in the auditory brainstem, where the brain processes sounds, possibly causing auditory nerve cells to become over-excited. The scientific community continues to grapple with the particulars of tinnitus, but has established that the phenomenon itself is harmless. In the vast majority of cases, the ringing disappears with repeated breathing practice. Also it can be that after the breath work you are silent and can hear your own tidal flow this can be intensified by being dehydrated. If you find that, after several weeks, the noise persists or intensifies, some underlying physiological condition may be at play, and we recommend you consult a medical professional."

Highlight breathing induces neural activity in the auditory brainstem-- I imagine a similar phenomona is possible as a direct effect of sub use, or even as a secondary effect of certain health related subs that may increase respiratory capacity. This is pure speculation of course but seems logical.



in relation to Paragon

I didn’t want to dilute the thread over there. But have you tried limitless?
Testing it It was the clearest my mind and head, has been. It was like being on the best drugs with no side effects. It may give a quicker assessment of the what’s possible for you neurologically than QL stage 1

King's Subliminal Journey

Already started Paragon, @Azriel?


Not yet, will likely test it later this week.
I’m thinking of throwing it in a custom Ultima wihh Elixer, The Beast Within, Ascelpius, and Serum X
and call it Sanguinius Primarch


That’s a kickass idea and picture. If am not mistaken, that’s a picture of the Primarch Sanguinus himself. The most beloved of the Primarchs


yes, the bright one, he just seemed a good fit for a healing based sub based off primarch,
it was him or Emperor Primarch

if Saints dropping the title I’m picking it up :joy:


Haha! That does inspire me to make my own Primarch custom as well. Will do one with the next in a month or two


Thank you. This is quite interesting!


Had a really weird interaction with one of my closest friends on the phone
that triggered a sense of I’m really in this alone. There is bs and truth to this.
The BS is there was just some unresolved tension and reactivity on both our sides.
The truth is that it’s a wake up call that I am responsible for myself, and no matter how close the bond, only I can carry me to where I want to go. No one’s coming.

1 DR
2 Emperor

Then I decided to run 1 loop Elixir before testing Paragon this week.
Feel really relaxed and real. Wrote some copy for my brothers company spontaneously
and I think he is going to love it.

When my Emperor loop ratio exceeds my other stacks 2/1…my interest in other people and pursuing woman diminishes greatly