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I noticed this when I was running Emperor.

Update: if I remember correctly, I think @SaintSovereign said this was rare.


I’m technically not actually losing interest, it’s just my interest in others things is greater, so it gives this illusion. Not a problem at all though.


This is really cool to know.
So it seems synergy makes for less recon and faster results. Which there was a sense of but now the ‘how’ of it is apparent.


I’ve been keeping DR to 1 loop a day
occasionally 2. So I can keep my stack complex.
I ran 3 loops last night and it was pretty magical.
It’s like I am more ‘forgetting’ what doesn’t work or what’s been struggles, emotionally, and physically and ‘waking up’ to who I’ve been or really am. Felt that very strongly from running that number of loops.


A few other things became really clear last night as well
Letting go of what I don’t like or love has become an integral part of the revealed pathway.
It won’t suffice to tolerate things for financial gain or to be ‘responsible’ this is distinct than doing what it takes or occasionally wouldn’t want to do to meet a goal, or putting in massive work towards a worthy goal.

I’ve been incredibly judgmental of my self and others on an extremely subtle level. I’m finally distilling this from the higher standards and expectations I’m coming to have of myself and others.
I see judgement has been a way of keeping myself separate and not-vulnerable.


No. K4 ME PCC. From today.

Will talk about it, if it works as intended. :smile:

Here’s the cover image:

Main Disc. Thread - Dragon Reborn Multistage + Ultima

hahah I Love this

If that’s the effect of this stack I will have to run it in the future because this captures so much of iinner essence lol.

Let’s talk about it! Whatever you want to share :slight_smile:

Did DR Stg4 serve its purpose for you or what contributed to the swiitch?


What did he mean by this? :thinking:


it’s a right brain answer
to expand logically thought I would say

Knight-chivalry, code of conduct, intention, service backed by power and competency.
Tiger-raw power, instinct, lone creature
Knight-Tiger- the merger of these elemetns
Moon- the beauty of the illuminated night, waves and flow
Rainbow lasers- these speak for themselves

the combination flying above mountains- a faster route of elevation than the climb-god’s eye view

all cool but doesn’t take itself too seriously


Which post(s) are you referring to regarding your instructions?


I’m revisiting goals today.

For DR I wrote a list of every thing that doesn’t work for my life-as it occurred in me not necessarily in circumstance, although they of course intersect.

Then I copied the list and asked myself what the resolution of this, or letting go of this be, and then -re-wrote the sentence with the new answer. I called these DR goals, then I wrote another list of what I was inspired for DR goals to be. (without converting anything) This caused an enormous amount of clarity and well -being and is a great proactive goal on a healing sub imo.

So for example if something that didn’t work for someone on DR was ‘I’m bored and don’t want to focus on anything and feel I’m wasting time’ -

it would be rewritten possibly as

’ I have an ease with whatever I am doing and am comfortable with my level of interest or lack of interest in things. That said I find myself using my time effectively to be engaged in things I love, that matter to me, or can progress my life towards what I want"

(this is an experiential goal not an affirmation-like that picture is how someone would want their experience to look if the goal was achieved)

I’ve gotten oriented to what wasn’t working, it was great to shift my focus onto what I’m actually after again.

I plan to do the same with Emperor and any other customs now or coming in my stack.


VERY relatable.


Think should be this one


The post, with the very meta- and eponymously named Simon’s Instructions, is below (they’re pretty awesome):


haha. you got there first.


Thank you!

Thank you and be nice to @Meng123


I just printed this out to put in my journal! Thanks man!


Awesome ! :dragon: On!



What are you up to these days, please feel free to post any experimental findings you like in this thread.
I got an intuition to write this, and if you choose not to share anything now or yet, no problem either :slight_smile: