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You’re welcome, @RVconsultant. Don’t quite get the ‘be nice’ part. I was saying that we made the identical reply, but he was faster to post. Anyways, @Meng123 is currently benching more than 1.5 times my bodyweight. :rofl: I’ll be nice.


I keep referring to the post as Simon’s Instructions so it becomes a part of every member’s Human Informaticon Algorithm (aka, the Search function). :smile:


The tiger is eyeing a pot of gold! :star_struck:


I test ran paragon last night 1/2 with headphones and 1/2 on computer speakers.
It put me at ease although it energized me,and definitely felt some mitigating pain effects, Both pain, problem, and emotionally it gave me the sense of being distinct then and removed from my symptoms.

in my sinuses and area that needs a root-canal 2nd treatment (I discovered this on my own through reading and comparing x-rays from years before and went back to an oral surgeon who had dismissed something as shadowing, I showed him the progression of the shadow and he apologized and confirmed I was accurate- we are in charge of our own health-professionals just support!)

Today was a sub day off and I felt an incredible amount of rapid transcending and integrating, consciously doing a lot of conscious healing work, goal writing, journaling, re framing things. Paragon may have contributed to this or DR bloom. Whatever the case about an hour ago I started experiencing some really weird sense of insane rage and annoyance at everything, it felt deeper than a mood almost like an identity- I don’t know if something getting dislodged or healed but I’ve never had recon like this. I’ve had nightmarish recon, moody recon, tired recon, drug trip recon. But this is like I wanted to break shit and throw my fists threw a wall. Any way it seems to be abating now.
But am journaling for the alchemical process.

I will take tomorrow off and then likely the rest of the week off from subs.

The thought of not using subs for a week gives me a panic almost, I feel this driving urge to use them and it’s only day 1!

I already felt some really positive bloom effects today as well so let’s see what the week brings.


I’ve felt this way today and yesterday, I’m excited to test drive Emperor this week and I’m deciding whether to start tomorrow or today (this evening is normally my start of sub days) and I can’t even begin to think about waiting until tomorrow because I’m wanting to use it.

I really should take a week off but …I don’t even know…


Thank you for pointing this out. I went back to read it. I must have mis-read it the first time. Sorry. Now I need to follow my own advice and be nice to you.


That’s because I mis-read it. :hangs head in shame emoji:


I have a big ass masterplan going on, I’m going to be less active on the forum and distribute my energies elsewhere. I’ll tune in shortly, and as promised I will share everything in my journal Legendary Review of Ascended Mogul Q

To give you an idea I’m essentially intending to make a lot of money this year so that I can focus on my passions without financial limiters.

@Azriel, how about you, what have you going on?


Go for it.

In general I think people should prioritize getting their finances in order. How much easier it is to find high quality women, for example, if you clearly have your shit together?

Money doesn’t make you happy, but it allows you to concentrate on the more important things in your life. It’s just a tool.


Frankly, it is not about women, fame, or any other of material things that I’m doing it. I’m on a mission, a mission to empower humanity and without money you restrain yourself tremendously to achieve anything in physical reality.


Yeah, that’s true. Without resources you have almost zero impact.

And I meant in general, not you :slight_smile:


I’m going to do a more specific update after somethings are finalized/clarified.

Glad your ready for an amazing year.



Great to see you joining some convos

What are you running and/or stacking these days ?

Edit: Never-mind saw your update


Excellent point, needing to remind myself of the same thing…how the subs play out for each person can and will be very different.


It’s been a while since an update.

I’ve told both people I work with that I would need to re-structure the capacity in which I worked for them,
to be more relevant to what I’d want to do and to have higher income potential. There both totally open to it. One means it and really wants me on board. One doesn’t want to lose what they have with me, but likely isn’t willing to put his money where his mouth is. Further negotiations in order and I will pull the plug by February 15th if I cannot create a profound change.

I’m consciously crafting my weekends for both productivity and enjoyment. I had an amazing weekend this weekend full of stuff worth remembering and getting reoriented.

I took the week of Azriel Q my custom with Emperor Fitness, Spartan, Primal Seduction, and khan Stage 1. I also ran Emperor Q store in addition to my custom. They work very well together.
Definitely felt a boost in the results of DR and Emperor from these tweaks. By the end of the week though I was sore. I have not felt sore in 3 months of working out. I was also working with new PR but ‘felt’ weaker than usual. This could be just the level I’m at or from reducing fitness custom loops.

I feel healthier and happier than ever so far in this year.
My best friend is moving out of town this summer and it really shook my worldview-I was upset at first but it woke me up to how stale I’ve become in what I see as possible to do with my life. Like not just theoretically but in bold actions that are huge pivots.

I want to focus my next stack rotation on intensely navigating in and/or moving out of the current careers I have. I’ll be re-orienting my customs and stack to account for that tonight.


I get similar feelings when others I know (relatives/friends) are moving out of the country. I tell myself "man! They are pursuing their dreams. When are you going to chase yours? "


It wasn’t that I felt I wasn’t pursuing my dreams, it just had me see how figuring it out, and grinding it out aren’t as necessary as I can fall into thinking they can be. If anything it injected a shot of how liquid life is, when I feel it’s solid. But it’s like liquid possibility.

It shook my world view because he’s a brother and I saw him in my future near by. We really bring out the best in each other and can have a blast doing anything while making some awesome shit happen. In fact he is the only friend I make time for since Emperor.

The situation also made me realize I tend to ‘hate’ people when they leave my life. I realized this on DR. My dad left when I turned 21 has been unreachable since. So I have this default. Your out …well ‘fuck you too’ kind of thing. I have to be conscious not to do this when people come in and out of my life. It’s not personal or a betrayal. DR is healing this now.

edit: my pride had me not see this at first-but yes to some degree it showed me where I wasn’t stepping up/pursuing my dreams in as well. But it wasn’t the self-judging stuff I have done in the past.


You need a sub that does the reverse - people hate you for leaving their life…


Don’t need a sub for that lol


Sounds like Paragon to me, felt that way last friday/saturday