Become a better Husband/father


It works great, that’s all I have to say basically… works really well. =)

It’s much gentler than Khan ST1 and feels a lot more like ‘healing’ as one would expect it. Khan ST1 is also healing, massive healing, but doesn’t really feel like it just feels like you’re a completely new person all of a sudden and you gotta get used to it :smiley: Regeneration feels like traumas come up and you deal with them here and there, but mostly it feels really nice. All very light.

I stacked it with Emperor at some point and found myself enjoying life massively, laughing for ‘no reason’ and just having fun, it was so beautiful.


I also noticed that…and i felt inner happiness. Its so subtle i some times doubt if its working…


I always say, have certainty it’s working for 30 days and journal, then look back and see what has been going on. It definitely works. It’s beautifully subtle indeed!


Are you talking about Regeneration or KHAN ?

Is it possible to run KHAN and put in also Regeneration in there is it necessary ?


What do you mean specifically? Which part? We are talking about both in general.

If you mean > I always say, have certainty it’s working for 30 days and journal, then look back and see what has been going on. It definitely works. It’s beautifully subtle indeed!

applies to any sub. Although there are many subs here that are not ‘subtle’ IMHO. And Khan is one of those. :smiley:

Anyways, Yes it is possible to stack them but please realize If you are stacking don’t do it from a place of trying to run away from the process that is taking place. This is common and unfortunate. Watch out. I would definitely not stack it with ST1 and let ST1 do its own thing. Not sure how valid this is, the producers are the only ones who can comment on that, but my personal opinion is to let ST1 do its thing solo!


Thanks , now i know better :slight_smile:


It’s my pleasure, glad to be of help =) PS let us know how it goes! I’d Love to read your journal and hear of your amazing process and results


Well if you want healing and to get you wife back, I would recommend 2 programs, Regeneration and Primal.

Regenaration is gonna help you heal the root causes of all of this.

If you want to get your wife back, not only you need to heal that to the best of your posibilities, but also its a good idea to heal your masculinity and to deeply seduce her, to become the type of man that she will irresistibly crave for, thats where Primal comes in.

From Primal sales page:

Of course, for those who love seeing a little list of potential benefits, here is what you can expect:

  • Dominance that comes naturally and is loved by women,
  • Charismatic demeanor,
  • Extreme nonchalance and enjoyment of everything you do,
  • Relaxed optimism and knowing that all is well,
  • Ability to have fun and be fun,
  • Highly sexual, sensual, sexy, carefree attitude with women,
  • Lack of social shaking (mental worry and anxiousness over every detail in the interaction)
  • Freedom to be a highly sexual, sensual and sexy man,
  • Masterful automatic calibration in social situations,
  • Lack of sadness over rejection,
  • Ability to be sexual and sensual in a way that is just right,
  • Easy kino and verbal escalation,
  • The uncanny ability to be physically and mentally completely relaxed at any moment,
  • Development of wit and charisma,
  • Automatic passing of social testing,
  • Social intuition,
  • Betterment of social status,
  • And more…

This in my opinion is more focused in your goals than Khan, wich is a multistage and takes more time.


Thanks a lot, but isn’t primal already in KHAN ?

From KHAN’s sales page

Khan is an extremely sexual and social dominance focused subliminal, intertwining the best sexual and power aspects of Emperor, Daredevil and Primal Seduction: Iron Throne,


@Serkules Primal Seduction is in Khan, Primal Seduction is Primal + Sex and Seduction (2 titles).
Of course you can use Khan, its up to you. My point is Khan is a HUGE multi stage Subliminal, with a wider scope than Primal, primal is more focused.
I would decide by wich is more appealing to you.


Thanks a lot will look into that. Good advice and surely a one that would benefit me.


Good point but also my personal opinion because I think it may be helpful: great things take time. Khan DEFINITELY does take more time than most of the subs to show you all it has to offer, but it is worth the investment and every bit of time and challenge it takes, IMHO. That being said, I didn’t personally try Primal. I have heard great results from people who did try it =)


All of the Major Titles only contain parts of the Core scripts aligned towards the goals of the Main script.

For example Daredevil, Limitless, Primal Seduction, etc in Khan are only demo versions scripted to meet the goals to become a Khan. So if you want additional focus on those scripts, you may add that program to your Stack.

I wouldn’t advise Emperor for relationships at all, I’d go for either Stark or Khan.


Yes, and Stark isn’t focusing on relationships much, only a bit from what I understand. Khan is meant to attract people you will even consider wifing up :wink: I can attest


Someone really loves khan …lol i wont mention names :joy::joy::joy:


You’ve got a point there, although Stark makes you attractive in your own way, it also makes you famous and unleashes your inner-playboy.

I’m trying to give as much of a logical answer that I can, leaving all of my personal bias behind. I’ve been running Ascension in my Custom and I really do feel like Khan is the more evolved version of Ascension, in many departments; Sex & Romance, Passion & Purpose, Ambition & Dedication, Personal Development, Social & Alpha, etc.

Stark is probably one of my favorite Titles, personally it does lack the Masculine qualities for me, yet my energies are distributed 60% feminine/ 40% masculine, so it’ll be different for everyone, as well as your previous programming, current life situations and so on.

Khan is probably more of a Father figure compared to Stark though.


Apparently a significant proportion of Asian men are his descendants.


Wow guys , thanks a lot for the discussion and various inputs. Keep them coming. I love it so i can make the right decision.


Is there to read about KHAN ? you refer to ?


shield up

No but seriously I do love Khan ! Really really ahaha Factz