Become a better Husband/father


If you masturbate and watch porn, stop both of these + Ascension and watch how your life changes.


May i ask you what porn and masturbate has to do with it ? I’m not questioning just curious to know and to understand the whole picture.

Edit: why ascension over for example KHAN ?


Because it makes you weak and pathetic, destroys your ambition and drive. That is why porn exists, so the elite have better control over the masses.

Semen is your vitality, it is what makes you a man.

Masturbation is not healthy, rather that is pro pharma, pro propaganda. Rather, its health and spiritual consequences are far reaching and tremendous. Read the book “Why you should not masturbate by David Baldwin”. It is concise and straightforward.

Heres the download link:


I agree with him. Porn fucks with your brain massively. Masturbation look into it for yourself, not much research but since ancient times many believed it leads to massive problems if we overdo it and most of us do overdo it if we are left to our own devices. I’m on some semen retention practices now I feel much more confident etc.

As to why not Khan, well Ascension has shorter script so you see results faster, but I would definitely still go with Khan because the effect matches what you’re after much better I think. Also however, Khan makes you horny af so it may not be the best for some ‘nofap’ journey. But with semen retention work I’m doing it’s actually great since I can integrate the sexual energy.


Someone likes khan…lets not mention names…lol


Yeah I wonder if at some point I’ll love it more than Fire and SaintSovereign :smiley:


But if you masturbate once or twice in a month ? Is that also bad ? I have never been addicted to porn.


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Consider Primal or Medici, either paired with Regeneration.

There is also the option of a Dynasty focused custom, however starting with a major title would be wise.


What about KHAN + Medici ? Could that work or is it too much ? Is there a better combination ?

Edit: Forgot of course to say Thanks a lot and I’m glad to be here.


To get a job and be successful with business , can i run KHAN + primal and like emperor ?


“get a job” and “be successful with business” aren’t close to being the same thing. If you want productivity in a job, Ascended Mogul would likely be a better option than Khan, which is about building an empire.

I ran Emperor v4 late last year and it caused some friction, as while I’m head of my department, I still answer to someone above me… I switched to something else fairly quick.


its understandable you want to cover many bases and
start progressing quickly but I would not go with max 2 new subs in a stack
or one custom with 3 cores but starting with a store bought sub non custom is highly recommended.

Ideally start with one sub if your new to subclub.

If you look through the journals you will see with resounding consistency those who start 1 with sub and stick with it for at least 1 month progress faster.

For quickest results in procuring a good job and/or initial business endeavors I would go with Ascended Mogul. After a month if your taking well you could stack House of Medici.

For results with your ex-wife --Primal and Regeneration hands down.

Although It sounds like you want to run Khan and are most drawn to that, in which case go for it.

While Khan, like all SubClub subs, work with your intention and preferences, from my understanding of Khan is just likely to have you completely re-evaluate wanting to be in the relationship again at all as it is to have you succeed at getting back to it. You may also find a way to do right by the people you care about it and still close that chapter. I don’t know.

For the specific issues you mentioned Emperor would not be well suited .


Why would you want to get into a relationship even if that person left you? I know it sounds like a surface level question and in some ways it is because I dont know you so well but it’s facts in some ways, just in general Khan makes you become an upgraded version of yourself, radically.

This is one of those questions Khan can help with by fixing things from their root IMHO. So I second that.

And I’d avoid running khan and emperor together I did it for a long time but the longer it goes on the more I see: A it’s unnecessary and B it’s inefficient and just a bit annoying :smiley:


Wy would you recommend this?especially wife and relationships…


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"Welcome to Subliminal Club @Serkules,

Consider Primal or Medici, either paired with Regeneration."

Cause it soudned like hurt was causing @Serkules to lash out,

and because @Fire recommended it.
And I’m inclined to trust his recommendations


Was just wondering whats the link to relationships and regeneration…


As on’es own inner world is healed it makes it much easier to not create conflict in their outer life.

Also PM’ed you those recommendations :wink:


More like Primal works on your reviving your inner primal self and bringing it to the surface, while medici probably does that as well to some extend but it’s also great for bonding with family and building relationships in general.

Now Regeneration will pave the way for easy transition into a new life. To put it simply; when you listen to a subliminal program where the goals there of aren’t currently reflective in your personal life, will cause reconciliation. Regeneration is likely going to make the process easier, because it undermines everything standing in your way and the goal of the program.


Could you expand more on this ? Why was it annoying ? Why was it unnecessary ?


I dint get this part could you elaborate what you mean ?