Become a better Husband/father


Since Khan breaks down everything that’s not deeply authentic to you or doesn’t serve you
it’s possible your desire for ‘redemption’ /being with your ex again could be disappear.
It’s also just as possible your desire to be with her again will be strengthened.
I don’t know you well enough to say obviously.

Sub clubs subs work with your conscious desires and preferences though so Its likely your having a conscious desire or preference to be with her again, will have the sub work in that favor.

Whatever you decide if you did run Khan, because you sound like someone who clearly shows conscience, I imagine it would improve your capacity to do the best by the people you care about, whether you were with your ex or not.


I love her truly and love my child from the bottom of my heart. I know i did a lot of stupid things to them so i know I’m at fault and never should treated them that way. So that’s why i want to get her back. I know she is a wonderful mother and even women. I love everything she does and did for us. But i was at fault and did horrible things to our family. I pray for the day if it happens to get them back maybe it never does but i’m going to fight my whole life for it. Many people might think why not get another women and start over but that’s not it for me. I’m super hot guy (not to brag but i’m, have 99+ likes on tider all the time if that is a clarification) So i could probably get any women i like whiteout even open my mouth. Girls beg me on tinder to meet up with them and have sex but i just refuse to even meet up beacuse i know if i get hooked on some other chick I’m going to move away from my path to get my ex wife back and my child back.

Maybe a braggy post but just wanted to explain the situation in whole so it’s easier to understand. Don’t know if i managed lol

I wonder if not Emperor maybe is for me to improve my self first and then run KHAN after that. So to improve my self first and be a better man and then try to get her back. What would be the ideal sub for that ?


no not all, it’s just funny how people have such different challenges in life lol

I can’t answer that, all the above are great suggestions.
You have to ask yourself, what kind of improvement or demonstration of who you are would have your ex most interested in getting back together with you?

Is it being lovingly patient, reliable, stable, a man pursuing your own path and taking care of others-Regeneration, and Ascension

or if you were unable to provide financially -Regeneration and Ascended Mogul

Is it cause you were too reliant, stifled, unavailable -she didn’t feel your love-Primal

HOM-is specifically for family and relationships so I would definitely add that in your 2nd month, after you’ve layered a bit of a base, no matter what your running

Emperor has me feel the most distant from family and people in my life. And can lower your tolerance for being lovingly patient. It also has a way of pushing certain people out of your life, not just ‘toxic’ in my experience, but anyone in the way of total freedom.


Thanks a lot. From what i heard from her she said I’m too selfish and only think about myself. Was not loving enough said awful mean things to her and never give her compliments or did loving things. So i guess Ascension and maybe mogul to get better financially but i also think that primal would be good for it too lol. Because i fell all those three fall in the category i need to improve on and that i didn’t do.

So it’s so hard to know which one to choose from. Possible to stack all 3 of them and run them in a stack ?


Work up to all three,
start with one though if you’ve never run Q subs.
Then replace regeneration for HOM after a few months

You can get Ascended Mogul-,it’s one sub, +Primal+Regeneration.
Get Primal, Do NOT get primal seduction-or all those Tinder girls your turning down might get the shot you never wanted to give them lol


Thanks a lot i was going to get the primal seduction but maybe its best to just get primal instead. I appreciate all the advice and hope you have the best life of yours for helping me out.

Is not Khan stage 1 better than Regeneration ?


The advantage of Primal Seduction for you is that it includes the Sex and Seduction program as well. Which trains you to learn and improve on your experiences in regards for seduction and really persuasion. However it encourages seduction with woman your attracted to, so not a great program to run for someone committed to one person. Primal will also take effects faster than Primal Seduction since it is a shorter program.

Regeneration is healing as one would typically think of it, gentle, warm, light-difficult stuff may come up, but Regeneration, while not an easy program for some, is gentle in nature.

Khan Stage 1 is a fire that burns everything, and it can be quite brutal for some. I personally really enjoy it.

Search the forum for Khan Stage 1 vs. Regeneration and you will find a lot to look into.

Khan may be a good program for you to run later or if you have the patience to run each stage for a month but I wouldn’t stack it with anything except maybe regeneration during stage 1. And HOM after you’ve run stage 4 for a month.


yeah sure, just sent this to another user who was interested in this topic. Copy-pasting:
I did st4 of khan with emperor… hmm, yeah my experience was… for some time I loved it, I felt untouchable confidence + khan’s dominance. BUT I realized that Khan GIVES YOU what emperor gives you and then some, it just takes longer to manifest, and a different path, and by adding emperor into the mix I’m just trying to make things easier but in a way getting in my own path - furthermore, down the line you notice it’s like youre taken in two different directions, invited on two different journeys to make your empire and create an amazing life for yourself. It’s. just unnecessary, it can be done, but to me feels unnecessary. Unless you notice you’re too sexual and want to increase your focus etc then I guess it makes sense to add a couple loops, even then though I think there are better options to go for

I did that for a very long time and then came to this conclusion, that it is better to stick with Khan and not try to ‘speed things up’, trust that it’ll come just takes a bit longer before I can get what I want with khan rather than with emperor. It’ like by adding emperor I’m trying to run away from Khan’s suggestions and make life easier on myself - it’s like I notice a lack and want to fill it up by brutefocing myself and adding emperor - hmm here is where words fail, it’s an unconscious process mostly so it’s hard to put it all into words

imagine in order to get to your goal G, Khan takes you through A B C, whereas emperor takes you through path E

this is what it felt like to me. Like if I use Khan I may notice “I’m not there!” - and I feel lacks, and Emperor can fill those up in a way by giving me that unshakable feeling of confidence, that massive productivity and focus, good feelings etc, but khan is meant to create the very same things IMO just takes longer to manifest it and work through things in order to bring it out - because I guess there is much more in there… so yeah, I think I rather just use Khan on its own. The vibe of Khan is much different and feels like mixing them together is like trying to be 2 different people at once.