Becoming the KHAN


Congrats on passing your exam and making your desired progress :slight_smile: That’s outstanding news!


I promised to keep you guys updated but so far I did not really hold up to that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So a lot of things have changed: On 01.12.19 I first added QL ST1 to my Khan St4 stack. I soon saw some early results, like enhanced creativity, higher work MOTIVATION and joy, creating better notes and fighting my PROCASTINATION, which I posted in detail in the Early Quantum Limitless Thread. Also, I noticed that thoughts come quicker and I just have a feeling for what is the right answer to a question. However, we have holidays right now so I didn’t see any new results in the last days. I am planning to run Q1 till New Year and then switch to St2.

But also my Khan stack CHANGED: On 15.12.19 I switched from Khan ST4 to St1. I talked to Fire about my feeling to have another breakdown. I changed so much since the last time running ST1 that I felt I would just need another time going through some traumas, and breaking down the thoughts holding me to achieve even more. I have some wild plans for the future where I will really “conquer” the world. I don’t really want to talk about because I first need to execute. I am sure some of you will get to know me “in the real world” in the next 10 years. But there is definitely another breakdown needed for that. Khan is really giving me the mindset that I can achieve EVERYTHING. I am planning to run St1 till 01.02.20


What is your listening pattern? @friday


All multi-stagers are a toolkit. It’s not like the first 3 audios become irrelevant after 3 months. :smile:

Looking forward to discovering you in the real world. :+1:


I am now only listening during the day and not playing them at all during the night.

I cannot say that I feel the effects more pronounced. When I first listened to St1 Khan I had some bad reconcilation in the first days while listening overnight

I don’t have that kind of reaction now but this could either be a result of the listening pattern but more likely because I listened to it before for 25 days.

HOWEVER, I do not feel so “fatigued”. When I listened during the night, I had to sleep at least 8 hours to be fully rested. When I didn’t do so, I was a wrack. Now I am fine with less sleep :wink:


Total Breakdown is hitting hard again…

In the last two days, I have had dreams where I was fighting. I have studied some dream interpretation and found out that it is likely that in fighting dreams we are likely to fight against some part of us. So the interesting question is, what part of me I am fighting against? The dreams have been pretty similar. Yesterday, I dreamt that I was flying in the air and shooting at a bad “superwoman” to hit her before she could do harm. The dream resulted in us than fighting like Iron Man in the air with a kind of plasma cannon but without such a cool suit. Today, I then had a real Iron Man dream where I was Iron Man and somebody built another suit and we were fighting. In both cases, it was pretty close but I think I won in both in the end.

Old wounds breaking out again:

The last dream was really emotional for me. I dreamt that “my girl” was laughing her ass off with another guy but in a way where you know there is a sexual connection between the two. I could literally feel what she felt, and that they will make out in a second. She reacted like that and was so open to that guy because she did not see me for some time. It felt very real as I indeed did not see her for some time due to holidays. Total Breakdown is working here… I always had a problem with other guys who are good at “game” because of some traumas in my childhood.

But it was also so painful because it hit another trauma I had. I lost one of my first girls who I had a sexual connection with because I stopped seeing her - but not because of external circumstances but because I feared to have sex with her and to embarrass my self again (like the first time). I then stopped seeing her and made some excuses. After a while, she then broke up with me because she did not want to wait anymore until I finally want to see her… This happened actually at around the same time, after New Year… After that encounter, I did not have had anything with any other girl for more than a year (expect ones). I then switched to Khan and everything changed since then… But with going back to Khan St1 this wound now opened again…


Back to daily journaling haha :wink:

I am amazingly astonished by the synchronicity again. I first had it with @Amash while we were both running Khan ST1 and now I have with @subliminalguy. After feeling so emotional yesterday, I felt the need to run ST1 solo myself to go over the threshold and break the traumas and limiting ideas… I first only wanted to run ST1 till 01-02-20 but when I went to bed yesterday I thought about running it for around 6 months. So this is interesting hehe

Feeling better today, and made some plans to finally get out of my comfort zone and break those pitiful sexual limiting beliefs. I can’t live my whole life with them so I can also just go out and get some reference experiences. Even if I fail, get shamed, get some new traumas, whatever… What I need to do right now is to just do it.


My dreams are getting weirder and weirder. I was again only looping Khan St1 over the day, and the fighting themes in my dreams continue.

I was dreaming that I was moving to my college where I would live at the campus. Quick side note: I dreamt of the guy who I talked about here (my last quote of my last post), who stole my chicks back then, told the class that I fancied one girl which I made him promise to never tell somebody, who is a weird asshole to me in real life nowadays. I dreamt I owed him some money. I did remember in the dream that HE owns me 9 bucks, which I told him, but he was relentless in asking for the money. So in the end, I gave it to him because I did not want trouble.
Fast-forwarding to my actual major happening in my dream: I ended up playing a game with my colleges (not sure if it was real or not in the dream) where we were on a mission together. We would break into houses on the campus and solve some missions. While doing this, we would get attacked by some NPC (non-playing-character). You can picture this like in the movie Inception where you dream characters would attack the intruder but only that mine would also ME.

(watch from minute 2 :wink:)
I was pretty good at this game and the best one out of my team so I had a special tool where I could anker myself to things and swing to them (just like Spiderman’s web shooter). Only I had this kind of tool because I never died in the game so far, therefore, I had some arguments with my teammates. The last part of the dream I can remember the best. We finished the mission but found out that is very hard to leave the house. Every minute we were thinking, we could hear NPCs running up the stairs. We were on the attic floor so the only way was through the window. I tried one but it was to narrow and dangerous to get out there. I climbed back into the house and at that moment we heard the NPCs being pretty much before the entrance of the floor. [I just now realized that the room has the same overall build structure than my room but had different interior design] So we went to the stairs read to fight. In my team were two girls I invited for New Year who will not come and one I mostly forgot about during the holidays. They were in front ready to fight. I saw my opportunity and run to the other window, jumped out and did some parkours and ended up being outside safely. I just wanted to text my team that they should just follow the open window when I head the message that they all died. At this moment, I saw the NPC hunting me. So I run as fast as I could but one of them was soon right behind me: Without my team, I had no chance. So I stopped. The NPC came close followed by another one, had a big sword in his hand, and tried to cut my head off. He did not succeed at the first try and I said: Don’t you have a gun, just shoot me and let it end quicker.
The other NPC took out a gun and was smiling in my face. I then overwhelmed him and took his gun, and SHOOT. Sadly there were no bullets in the gun… The NPC smiled again enthusiastically and then took out another gun and shoot. The end.

Longterm Review of Khan

Omg what dreams bro, u could make this into a movie


My 6 months review of Khan:

2019 was amazing, let’s make 2020 even better!


The combination of Khan and Ql is far more powerful than I imagined.

“Total Breakdown will crumble every single trauma and concept that is holding you back into dust with extreme force”

I always thought that this “healing based subliminal” only works towards helping you heal your traumas or past experiences. Wrong!
Not sure if it is the combination of QL + Khan 1 or just the extended period of running Khan ST1 alone, but my subconscious is currently breaking down literally EVERYTHING that is holding me back.
This includes HABITS.

The biggest thing that is now holding me back from pure excellence and manifesting my dreams, is me WASTING TIME. We all tend to procrastinate, especially in the digital era we live in with our smartphones in hand-reach. New YT uploads every minute, text messages, Instagram you name it. We all know it. But Khan / Ql is currently beating me down showing me how much time I really waste. This doesn’t restrict itself to the obvious things like “spending too much time using our phones”. We all know we should change that. It includes making me aware of the “little things” like how much time I was every morning, first looking at my smartphone reading through some messages then going to the bathroom where I shower with hot water still half-asleep for far to much time, then looking at myself in the mirror, at my skin, thinking about what to wear. Later sitting in the subway listening to music “to get a good feeling”, taking a break, waiting… Most of the time of the day, we do NOT work on our goals or spend the time enjoying meaningful experiences (like quality time going out, seducing girls etc.) Most of the day we live in this semi-hypnotic state where we are in our “nothing box”. Or even worse: We just waste time because there is nobody making us accountable. There is no urgency, no plan we follow. Looking back at my school time, I always procrastinated to the last point. I procrastinated until there was just enough time left to finish the project or study for my exam. And suddenly when there was this PRESSURE, the finish date which could not be changed to a later day, I could leave all behind and just work on my tasks. I am not saying that one should work 24/7 without pauses but Khan is beating me time when I just waste time - no pleasure or work. Especially since I have these high fucking goals which I gained over the last 6 months - if I want to achieve that I better stop wasting time and start doing everything that gets me closer to my goals.

~ Friday


What leads to wasting time?
It comes down to ONE very simple equation:

Lack of knowing what one should be doing + lack of energy (feeling of tiredness)

So the only question that needs to be answered is how to prevent both of these things? ALWAYS


I can’t believe that it is only 6 days since my last post. So many things have changed in these days…

I don’t want to write another super long post as usual because… you know :wink:

So I will just tease you without giving much context: The combination of Khan St1 and Ql St2 + The Commander (supercharger) is the best subliminal stack I have ever run! The changes are profound! But more on this on another post. :open_mouth:



I am taking one week off from Khan as I have a major exam approaching next week. I should be working right now but I just realized how much I truly changed. Looking back at high school, I always thought of myself as this cool high-value kid. I had the last man standing, fight or die or better work and hustle 'till I collapse, mindset - the Emperor mindset if you wanna call it that.
But my social circle did not represent that. I had 4 or five really good friends, some 6s and 7s who found me attractive and I was “liked” by a lot of people. But I was liked but not loved, and had low-value friends who were considered mostly “losers” or “weirdos”. There is nothing wrong to have “weird” friends but it is the place where it is coming from, WHY you hang out with them. Listening to Khan ST1 for the last 3 months opened my fucking eyes. The hidden truth why I liked them in the FIRST PLACE was because - yeah there were “weird” and I was cooler. They feed into the wrong ego that I was building of me being this super nice alpha guy (who found out about pickup and only because of that was cooler than them). I could act like myself with them because I had no fear of REJECTION. I got empowered by seeing how cooler I am in comparison with them. That’s not a trait I am proud of but that’s what was going on unconsciously. It was this little old fear of rejection that was there influencing me and my social circle.

Now with Khan, I am fucking DOMINATING my social circle. I lost some old friends on my way and there are probably ones that hate me or envy me right now but I am grateful and just enchanted from the love I am receiving from people I really consider to be my friends, guys and girls. Looking back, I can clearly see all the missed opportunities I had in my high school time. All the guys who I considered idiots I see now as actually pretty cool people. This hidden fear of rejection I did not notice - as I was a confident guy, hindered me to live the life I wanted, also especially go for the hottest girls I wanted.
If I made this realization earlier I would be 10 steps further in life right now… But now I feel like a newborn man, a new me… my real me.


Maybe these realisation s wouldn’t make sense to you earlier, and you woul disregard your learning back then. You are at the best place you could be! Now with subliminals, you’re at the best place with an added edge!


Awww what a good time it was… I just read through my very first journal posts and how exciting Khan was. Unfortunately, I later did not keep up with my journal and did not report all the dirty and sexy experiences I had on Khan St4 haha

Especially, with this girl and how I used her on a train to get my needs satisfied and simultaneously building my status to my new college friends as the biggest pimp around. One of the reasons why I later had so much success with college girls haha.

Ahhh corona is really beginning to bother me lately. Even when the lockdown vanishes, the world will not be the same in the beginning. Anyways, enough with that nostalgia. Take action guys, and have fun. That’s all that counts :wink:


How did it go for learning the 2 languages?


what is your study method?