Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL


I used Limitless, not BL. And what I talked about is the dufus-effect, meaning you are afterwards a little more stupid then before for a short period of time. At least thats what I noticed.


do you meditate on it or just playing?


beyond limitless is a supercharger. the effects will wear off since it is only changing the active state of the user. If you use consistently the effects might become permament


Mostly I meditate to it but I also leave it playing when I am doing something else(like eating) during the break. What I have noticed is that even listening to it passively produces benefits to almost the same degree as listening to it actively


Oh no I don’t really believe I am dumb I just said that because comparatively(to me on b.l) my mind seems slow.
Appreciate your concern tho


Day 2

Bad day. Was out the whole time.
0 sessions today. Might need to compensate for it in the next week.

I have been feeling this strange feeling in my gut lately. I find it hard to think when I am feeling this. I used to believe that overplaying b.l was causing this but today I just played b.l twice and I am already feeling this again.
It’s not as drainging as the emotions of fear or anxiety but my gut feels heavier and it’s quite annoying tbh


I am feeling quite anxious today. Ig that gut feeling was just mild anxiety(which has now grown stronger). Not sure where it is coming from. Did any of y’all feel this way when going through Khan?




It happens when people jump straight into Khan ST4.

We had a level of this at ST1 and ST2 too.


Khan st4 is quite heavy. Some people can go through this without running previous stages but dont forget st1 2 3 are there for a reason


Day 4
Nothing interesting to report really. Having average 7-8 sessions. The subs make me love what I am studying. I feel great while working.

Also downloaded power can corrupt yesterday. I play it during my breaks. I have been listening to the laws aswell.

Going on a “social outing” tommorow with my peers. Going to run power can corrupt at night and maybe 1 loop of true social and libertine. Will update if I notice anything different


Excellent! I really look forward to what you will report :slight_smile:


why you use power? seems irrelevant to your goal


I was curious to see how it works.


cool keep us updated, i am interested to know the effects but there arent any journals yet


I have been noticing 4-5 loops of b.l puts me in this hyperlearning state. My pattern recognization skills become the greatest they’ve ever been. There’s always that surge of euphoria everytime I am working. All of this makes learning addictive and fulfilling. Even tho I have crazy procrastination issues(I procrastinated for an entire year once), I can still handle 12-13 hours of work now

But Overplaying does create problems sometimes. I get hyperactive and my mind gets really really foggy if I loop it 6-9 a day.


Are you talking about st4 or beyond limitless? From what i understand 4-5 loops not hours work better for you than 6-9? How many hours you are running st4 now?


I am talking about beyond limitless here.
I listen to ST4 all day.


Could you share more about this @Sarshet?

And if you can’t be in touch with your emotions, then how do you “feel” your urges? What is the difference between urges and emotions in your view?


I am not doing a good job at explaining this but I’ll still try to.

There’s a degree of emotional numbness, maybe due to isolation. I get aware of this only when I am on psychedelics(medical marijuana). I guess normally I am just not concious of my lack of connection to my emotional side.

And urges was the wrong word here. I am Just very very impulsive. I just do things without any sort of consideration or control. There’s a strong impulse in my gut which seems impossible to resist. And this is the only thing I feel. Maybe it’s my previous routine and my mind being plagued with limiting and wrong beliefs that caused this.