Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL


I feel different today. A bit more emotional, bit more present and warmly connected to things/people around me.
I am also more aware of actions and responsibilities.the brainfog is gone.

I ve got 90 something days for the exam.
Didn’t do much yesterday except getting high and completing 2 sessions.
But I don’t regret it. I feel really different today. A bit out of the default mode I am on always.

Aiming for 7-8 sessions today. That’s minimum 7 loops of Khan and 7 loops of limit destroyer(added this yesterday to be less pussy during the exam, people often panic during the test, I will be at greater advantage if I be calm)
Also 7 loops of B.L
And hopefully I’ll put out a detailed report
If things go right.


still impulsive tho, just a bit less


Wow, I love your cockiness already.

Your routine seems very similar to the one which I had.
I also played with the idea of buying Beyond Limitless to listen in my breaks but for some reason I did not. I think here you are ahead of me. This could give you another major well-needed boost.
However, if you really want to do what others think is impossible, you should not solely focus on subs.

Try to learn smarter than the rest - not only harder. Do something your competition isn’t doing. I am primarily thinking about HOW you learn for the exam but this could also include WHAT you learn. Just one example was that I memorized the maths of multiplying with 36 (1x36…9x36…19x36) and 16 because I noticed a pattern where the result of the multiplying would often occur and if you knew “what times what” is the “result”, you were ahead of the game. So when everybody was counting and losing time (you didn’t have a calculator), I immediately knew the answer. Even though this is something “small”, it would give me more time, which is in turn very fucking valuable.

I know this is probably specific to my exam but if you constantly try to find something that could give you an edge… I am sure you will soon bend reality :wink:


Thanks for this @friday. I do feel I am too depended on the subs to save my ass. This confidence in myself does seem to be a bit deluded considering the syllabus now that I reflect on it.

And the release of quantum limitless(which I believe is a manifestation for me) makes me that much more irrationally certain of me making it.

I know just working 16-18 hours a day won’t take me there(it might also be counterproductive infact). Considering your advice, Am hoping to use the pattern recognization boosts from b.l to sniff out holes in the exam to get myself ahead of the curve.
I Hope to kill it(like you) in these next 3 months


Gentlemen, I need your help.

I am not able to push past 7 sessions. Something always comes upAnd now is not the time for wasting time. I want that 10 solid session in.
I know the power of Khan st3. It did make me feel crazy productive and almost made me quit procrastination(we actually have great affinity for each other so not for more than 7 days). My mind tells me to switch to st3 with limitless but it also tells me leaving st4 after playing it for a month may not be such a good idea(as y’all can see From the posts in this journal, it’s always pretty confused. Trying to be a productive guru on one day and a social god on another).And also @friday’s success story make hesitant about switching from st4.

What are your thoughts? What do y’all think I should do?


First get clear on what you want. I suggest no more than 2 main-objectives, with 1 carrier-objective.
Main objectives: Exam and meditation
carrier: staying away from sugar/ workouts/ whatever.
I made this mistake myself and had like 60 goals I wanted to achieve simultaneously and just got stressed out.


Oh no as the title suggests, the exam is the only goal.


But what about

Im asking cause I can really relate to you. I had literally the same goals and wanted them at the same time


Go back to Khan ST3, with Limitless / Quantum Limitless.

Your progress on ST4 will not be lost, just Paused.

You simply don’t have time to deal with any reconciliation now. So the logical thing is to get a smooth boosted engine of productivity with Khan ST3, then once you pass the exam, get to full focus on ST4.


Come on man I was joking here😅


Wow I wasn’t aware of this, thanks @AMASH.


I once asked @Fire

You should follow your gut feeling

Also keep in mind, that I didn’t have so much time as you have. My reason to only listen to st4 was first and foremost because of the short amount of time I had. I never listened to st3.


I did something similar when I was studying to upgrade my amateur radio license here in the US.
I held a “Technician” level license until May of this year (when I took the exam).

In the couple months leading up to the exam, I took practice exams for the next higher up level called “General”. The exam for General is 35 questions total. This is out of a pool of 454 possible questions.
The questions are separated into different topics called “Elements.” When you get a question wrong on the practice exam, it tells you which element to study on regarding that question.

Being as I am a fan of the 80/20 rule, I decided to apply 80/20 to my study habits on this exam.
So I built a spreadsheet (Of COURSE I did :slight_smile:) where I would take the practice exam 10 times. After each practice exam, I’d put the list of elements I need to study into the sheet.

The spreadsheet would analyze the list I put in and after 10 exams, I’d know which elements I missed out on most often across those 10 exams, and would study just the “top 20%” and then go back and retake 10 practice exams the next day.

Within a week or two of that, I was passing the practice exams 90%-95% of the time.
There is yet another level BEYOND General called “Extra”. After I got where I was passing the General practice exams, I switched and applied this approach to the Extra practice exams. Where General requires 26 out of 35 correct, Extra is tougher. Required 35 out of 50 from a MUCH larger pool of questions.

When exam time came in May of this year, I took General and passed (missing only 3 questions). Then I took Extra (a benefit there is since I paid for General exam already, and I passed, they allow me to take Extra exam for no extra fee or cost). I took Extra also, missing only 3 questions.

Sorry for the long-arse post on this. I just resonated with what @friday was saying about having a targeted study routine. Plus, 80/20 rules!

@friday @Sarshet


@realbillperry - man, that’s truly relentless

@Sarshet - all the best, man.


It’s actually a lot easier than my post makes it out to be. Especially since 80/20 is involved. It’s just a matter of looking for those little tiny things we can do to push the needle the farthest with the least effort


@realbillperry - it was really interesting. Kind of made me wonder where I could apply it.


There’s just 75 days left for the exam.

Honestly the last 15 days have been the most productive days of my life.

I have been consistently having 10-12 90 min sessions with 10 min break inbetween. I have modified my routine during the breaks to minimize distractions completely.
During breaks I do pullups and then meditate while listening to b.l once. I have noticed The more B.l I listen to, the more is my brain able to pull up info much faster. I also feel the effects have become more lasting since I have been following the routine periodically.
I am going through the syllabus in 4x speed than how used to before!


@Sarshet - that’s just excellent!


can you write your listening routine in detail and what your playlist consists of? i would be grateful


Will do that as soon as I get some freetime my man.