Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL


Currently this is the routine I have been running:
my work is divided into 12 90-minute sessions. So I encorporate 2 subs in between a single sessions
In the First 3 session, I play Spartan and limitless(or limitless x depending what I am learning)
From the 4th session till the 10th session I switch to khan st3(and limitless)
10th to 12th I go back to spartan.

I listen to beyond limitless eighter after every alternate session or whenever I feel like I need more brain power.

So overall
5 loops of spartan
7loops of khan ST3
12loops of limitless


what is the difference?


Limitless x greatly enhances my memory while v2 boosts my brain power. If I am studying a topic which requires less intelligence and more facts and algorithms(like chemistry), I go for X.


Sounds good thank you


I assume you are listening everything ultrasonic? If so have you ever tried masked? Why you chose ST3 over ST4? I think St4 has limitless in


Really interesting, @Sarshet. How is this stack working for you? I mean, in terms of results.


Yeah I listen to ultrasonic when I am watching lectures online and masked when I am brainstorming through problems. I feel the masked versions have a greater effect on me.

Time wasted due to reconciliation phases is something I can’t afford right now hencewhy I haven taken the advice of the amazing people in this forum and switched to st3


I have added spartan only recently mainly to get past resistance. I was gonna drop ST3 but it gives me that alpha mindset and with a little concious effort(keeping a good posture etc), I believe it changes the way I respond to problems and people. I think a bit differently aswell.
So far,it’s alright. I am breezing past the syllabus. Tho I need to be faster than how I am right now, there is a possibility that I can reach that level in some time.


@Sarshet - That’s awesome to hear


65 days left

As the exam gets nearer, the 111s and all those weird numbers are getting more frequent. maybe the universe wants me to push harder.

Also bought a 100 dollar course to aid problem solving of the subjects and also got a mentor to help me out.

(90minute)(organic chemistry)
4x beyond limitless(feel calm)
2x limitless X(earphones, on lowest volume)

Aim: going through as much of these pages(organic textbook) possible with PROPER comprehension.
Result- went through almost 6 pages. Understood most of it. Also created a new system to measure how much I was able to grasp. I put a ‘1’ beside The Paragraphs I understand completely. 2 for ones which I understand but don’t feel a sense of clarity about. And 3 for the ones I don’t understand at all. The purpose of this is to find out the holes in my theory and pinpoint what I need to work on.

Went to bed at 4:00.(with no bad screentime,with The green eye sub of QI playing)


So Limitless X is good when you are putting in information and Limitless v2 helps to think about solutions, is that right?


Yes. Although am not absolutely sure about how much v2 effects memory but this has been the case since I have started using the subs.


Wrote a long ass report of todays sessions just to later realise that I accidentally cancelled it by replying to a thread in the forums :face_vomiting:


Fuck it

Key findings were:

  1. the power of legacy for discipline was AMAZING. Urge to fap, watch shit YouTube vids or music faded . My mind was extremely calm. The solid mindset for facing problems made me feel much more powerful.
  2. when I played both legacy and b.l one after the other, the effect of legacy seemed to fade away. i am planning on experiment playing 4 loops of b.l and then 1 loop of legacy tomorrow to see what happens.


Overall, bad day.
was able to finish 4 sessions.
Discovered legacy pretty late so thats why


What you mean discovered legacy late?


The power of legacy,It’s quite awesome but came to know about them at the end of the day. Thats what I am trying to say


@Sarshet - excellent report about legacy. Is it a subliminal that you stack with other subs or a meditation?


It’s a supercharger of spartan I believe. Don’t know how there’s no buzz about it in this forum.


I think i am the only one using and journaling about it. I couldnt highly recommend it more