Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL


Played 1 loop of legacy and 4 loops of beyond limitless afterwards. As I initially suspected, the supercharger’s benefits get stronger with each loop. My brains fast and I feel a mild sense of control and calmness although not to the degree of when I ran only legacy. I might add legacy at the end of this routine later to seal the deal.

Legacy gives me a sense of control over my brain and body, something which I thought was impossible. I had build very limiting beliefs by watching these self help videos and books and misunderstanding the idea. I have been interested in self growth since a long time but I always believed I was limited because of my mind and body. I believed my body and mind had the ultimate control over me always and I was also told to believe I had less willpower, so my routine was pretty much chaos and full of activities which were overstimulating for my brain. Fortunately I got out of it, in a smoking session ironically.


@Grimm1390 - I am tagging you to @Sarshet 's thread so that you can read for yourself the advantage of Legacy for controlling the mind and body. The info is in the last few entries. Could be useful for NoFap.


From what i understand legacy and spartan helps with overall mindset too. If you have mental strengh you will not feel the urgue to fap or it will be less


@rising - this is possible since Spartan might have helped in personally decreasing masturbation but to be frank, I didn’t make that connection since I did break a streak while using Spartan. But in the big picture, it is less so that is a good point.


Thanks man i will check this out now🙂


Unverisal man just posted this


Switching to only QL ST4(+beyond limitless) from today.


Cant wait for your feedback on ST4


Stage four with Beyond Limitless in combination is very powerful. I’m following, looking forward to your documentation.


Just to get a sense of your baseline at this point: how prepared do you feel for that exam in Jan?


@Neurokinetic -Okay since I determine the level of my preparation by my problem solving skills,the knowledge of concepts and temperament during the mock tests I give , I would scale myself at 6/10. Even though I have got 40% syllabus left, my problem solving skills have risen exponentially since I have started overdosing on b.l . Initially i was worried about being anxious and fucking it up in the exam but I have found a way to get past that and I am getting more confident as I become more prepared
In terms of

  • Syllabus - 5/10
  • problem solving-7/10
  • exam temperament- 7/10(will rise when I get better in the first two criteria)


So far,

  • I am in the present moment. My brain guided me to being fully present. I was trying to reach it from quite a while, and failed because of the act of trying and forcing it in. Being present has brought its benefits like clarity in thinking, being a better observer. I am getting less and less entangled in the brainfog. I feel great as well.

  • I was watching volleyball passively just for fun and noticed myself automatically becoming more observant of the player’s movements and how they do things. This is odd because 1) I was watching it just for fun without much intent of any sort of involvement 2) i have never played or even watched much of the sport before


How often you use it every day?


@rising Dont really keep count but close to 7-8 times on normal workdays


Are you following the visualization or do you just play it in the background while working or studying?


@Hermit -Yes I try to follow them as much as I can


Excellent baseline reading, excited to learn how much QL pushes you further :slight_smile: Best of luck!


Ql+bl is quite a monster. Only 2 loops of b.l(passive listening) do what 4-5 loops used to do in the khanst3+limitless stack. I also realised the anxiety I experienced after overplaying bl was purely self created. I doveloped a limiting belief in the back of my head and when I used to get evidence of it being true, I became anxious.

Also I listened to bl twice while reading a textbook with zero engagement but still ended up getting benefits so theres also that


Day 3 of QL


my memory is getting sharper. Its like information is always presented to me from all the corners of my brain nomatter new or old everytime I need it.

IN THE NOW- i have been doing every single task actively and intelligently nomatter how mundane they are.(Infact an idea of how to effectively journal to benefit my own productivity and have an accurate report just sprung my mind)
Due to being in the now, i see patterns everywhere. I am observing a lot more, theres warmness and joy in this and things are very less chaotic as how they used to be. I feel finally I am experiencing life as I should, away from the illusory life I used to be in all the time.


ROUTINE- I created a solid and specfic routine based on principles from experts taking in account of all the priorities, questioning them aswell in the process.I realised my previous routine wasnt very practical, It was just a product of wishful thinking.

JOURNALLING PLANS- honestly, I aint very proud of this journal. I haven’t really done much justice to it. So from today I will be having an elaborated hourly updated entry comprising of how I felt during the study sessions and all the sweet details.

DIET- switched to a brainfood diet consisting of oatmeal, fruit, dark chocolate, coffee,milk, roasted chickpeas and greek yogurt. Will add walnuts also later.


  • I have switched to masked, and i have been seeing more noticeable results.
  • I ran the sub at night yesterday and I woke up with my brain feeling lightening fast.
    Infact, I didnt even play B.L once mainly because I didnt even feel any need to do it. I felt already at my prime for the whole day(that being me after 4-5 loops of bl).


Your dedication is commendable, @Sarshet. Excellent results so far.