Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL


Yeah results are sweet woth ql for everyone. Really tempted to buy it


QL definately has been the most effect sub i have used till now with respect to my goal.

Sure Khan made me feel great about myself when I was outside interacting with people. I realise how much it molded me to whom I want to become now that I have been off it from a while. This also makes me curious of how effective khan would have been if I had a particular goal(like upgrading desirable traits of my personality, basically my current idea of the ideal me) and would have ran each stage stepwise.


And peeps who aint using beyond limitless with QL, yal are missing out on a lot of brainPower.:eyes:

Saying this out of experience becuz I had stopped bl as well. But these benefits now that I play it again OMFG.


Are you talking about Quantum Limitless? Which stages?

Using Beyond Limitless as well, passively though but works profoundly. I let it play three four times in the morning before getting into my stack.


I was actually talking about QL in the first paragraph and khan in the second.


Interesting result

I played BL thrice. In the first one things were the same. Crappy half assed visualisations and some default pictures I see in my head while playing.

Then listened to the second one passively.

Now the third play was unique. I had the MOST VIVID visualisations ever this time. It was sort of like watched a movie after getting stoned. And I had grear fun doing this last play.

Maybe I just found out a promising technique to effectively supercharge QL? Lets see if it works again later. This time I’ll play it passively twice and actively on the third time.


Massive action phase begins today

This is gonna consist of 18 hour of mandatory work.
10 × 105 minute study sessions
With 10 minute breaks
Will be listening to bl twice in every session. Will also try to play bl actively during break.

The stack
QL ST4-All day
No subs at night

I’ll be off this forum till then. But will write a weekly report offline and then post here later.



Why you want to play bl so much since you wrote ql is enough?

Do you feel more focussed when you are running ql during study or do you feel you are making yourself tired from ql input+study input?


Umm 3 posts ago I also stated that not playing bl with ql was a mistake.

Now the reason I am going berserk with BL is because i have come to a conclusion that the more bl I play, the better. There is no downside to this as well.

The effects seem to fade away in 3-4 hours tho. Hencewhy the odd amount of plays per day.

This stack is what I have seen the most effective results with and I am not keen on following the norms just because they make more sense in theory.

I believe playing QL while studying is the more sensible to do. I haven’t had any moment where I was tired by the input.


Thank you. Keep us updated


how can I download limitless x for memory if I have limitless v2? is that the old version?