Best subliminal for learning to love yourself?


Thank you @Grimm1390! I enjoy audiobooks :slight_smile:


There is a competitor who claims you can not achieve your full potential as a human until you are able to love yourself completely. So he created a subliminal especially for that and made running it mandatory for some of his more complicated stuff. Don’t ask, I’m not telling. But it might be an idea for SubClub to ponder. A self-love, self-esteem kind of module.

Actually, when I asked myself the question, the first program that popped into my head was Ascension. Thinking about it more, Sanguine or Regeneration can also help. But Ascension has gratitude, happiness, personal power and eliminates fear and doubt. At the least it takes away many of the obstacles that keep people from loving themselves.


I been running ascension but haven’t noticed much about happiness and personal power to be honest. Kinda off topic but This past week when I woke up I heard the words in my head “ you need to have a relationship with god “ I’m not sure if it was from a dream or a higher power was telling me it. As soon as I woke up and opened my eyes the first thing that popped into my head was. You need to have a relationship with god. I’m not religious more on the spiritual side but my spiritual side has decreased a lot since 2013 and even more once I found the redpill in fall of 2017 or so. maybe having a relationship with god is the answer I really don’t know


If one accumulates guilty, it’s almost impossible to have self-love and self-respect. All traditional religions have some way that the adept could use in order to “heal the soul”, release guilty.

The book I mentioned can help with that.

It’s imperative that you’re able to face yourself in a honest way if you want to live your life fully and you can’t do this if you feel guilty. So, you must find a way to deal with this subject.


I like this song and it has the right theme!


So I am figuring Ascension is included in its entirety in Emperor and Khan. Might not be quite as concentrated but shouldn’t either of those also do the job Ascension can do with enough repetitions?

I am dealing with these issues, too, and ran Regeneration solo for three months + two more months as part of stacks and these issues still crop up. I am not saying there hasn’t been some shifting but this seems like core level stuff, to me, that is tough to shift. It is like a huge boulder blocking the way and you realize it is going to take a lot of digging to get under it, or maybe a few elephants or some dynamite to move it or break it into pieces. But it’s gonna be damned hard.

I am wondering if a stack like Khan ST1, Regeneration and Primal or Primal Seduction might be a decent catalyst.


Maybe listening to something like Regeneration or Total Breakdown for a year or more if necessary before moving on to stage 2 of Khan is the best option.


Hi please correct me if I’m wrong. Subliminals require you to be doing whatever it is that you want to achieve. That’s how I see it, hence why when I work on my inner game or outer game i rarely struggle. It just requires me to put in the time. Check out David Tian Invincible to work on your inner game. I highly recommend it, because through it with the combination of Emperor I stopped being needy overnight. Not just that, being good enough, self love and more is achievable. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you not going to put in the work, because it’s a lot of work. That’s the review of it as well as the review of other people who have gone through the program.


Wouldn’t ascension technically “help” with self love?


ascension and primal
alongside watching this guy’s videos


Way I see it, the key here is unconditional self-acceptance. There’s is nothing really to do. It’s all about accepting exactly who we are right now. If we don’t feel good enough to approach and start a conversation with a woman we deem too attractive for us, that has to be OK to us. We run away from ourselves too often, we think we have to do something in order to be different or better in our eyes. What if our only challenge is just unconditionally accepting what is right now? What if feeling scared or bad about ourselves is perfectly fine and we don’t have to “love ourselves more” in order not to feel it? I dare say we seek to improve ourselves so that we don’t feel the parts of ourselves we believe are scary to us. It has to be OK to go there. The paradox is, when we finally start facing and feeling the unpleasant feelings, they disappear.

Here’s an interesting book:


Another thing. This issue was fixed for me by constantly asserting my self in situations it was hard to assert my self (felt pressure.)

Call people that you respect retards if they annoy you, that will give you a real nice rush hehe