Best subliminal/stack to deal with helicopter parents


it’s added to my list. I’ll start reading journals to get a better feel for it. I think khan st1 does the same thing


Personally i feel emperor does a better job then Khan stage 1


So maybe you want to focus on making enough money to be able to rent or buy property so that you can move out and rebuild your life. Mogul should be quite a good start.


@Grimm1390 Actually Mogul also has some anti-porn scripting so you might want to try it out.


Personally bro if I was you I would have an action plan in place something like this

  1. Find a job that will pay you bills and the rent for your appartment/shared house
  2. Ensure the job is in another town away from your famiy.
  3. When you have found a job and a place to stay do not say a word to them just move out.
  4. Once you have moved just call them and tell them you have moved out because you want your own life. If they give you abuse on the phone tell them I will not tolerate you speaking to me like that and put the phone down.

Point 4 I think telling your father this face to face is going too emotionally charged. Better to tell him over the phone. I believe you are nearly 30 years old now ? try not too leave your actions too late. Its harder to change the older you get…the hole that you are stuck in just gets deeper.

Good luck we are all here to support you 100% :wink:


Wow i know ascended mogul has it emperor has it as well but since its a bigger subliminal the porn scripting is not as strong as ascended mogul.
Really mogul has it ? I had no idea


Yes. I managed to stay away from porn for more than a month when I was running Mogul and wrote about it in my journal. By mistake I thought I had been running Ascended Mogul and only realised that I had been running Mogul after a month or so.

That was almost 2 years ago.


what stack would you recommend if I were to use ascended mogul and emperor 2/1 Or 3/2 ? I want ascended mogul to be the dominant one because it’s doing wonders for nofap


Ok sure. I used it over a month ago for a bit, I think it was before I started posting here. I found the first time was the most powerful, however I used it for memories as those are what tie me down. I think it could be even stronger for people though (the creator says it can be used for both).

After using it I felt some kind of relief… it’s hard to explain, but it got weaker as continued use as I think once cords are cut, it isn’t needed as much. I don’t know much about chord cutting though, just saw his video and tried it out. I think it works better as you think of the person/memory as you listen.

I also like Teal Swan’s stuff too btw, I found each of her chakra videos interesting.


can u pm me the cord cutting video also if u dont mind


Excellent, timely topic. (Helicopter parents, great term too)

I moved away from my parents twice in the last 10 years, only to go back each time. The thing that helped massively to leave was having enough cash and a place to stay. University helped with both.

If moving away isn’t an option, then a full time job that requires you to be away for long periods might help with the separation.

Ultimately it’s leaving as soon as possible that will cure this problem.

I’ve never tried Emperor because of the isolation feeling from Ascension. Had that changed with the Q version?


money really does equate to freedom and independence. I now see that. I thought rebellion and doing the opposite of what my parents wanted was the answer to this for years. I rebelled In destructive ways though like being becoming a alcoholic in my early to mid 20s To name one. For a time drinking just like porn addiction made me feel free and independent before reeking havoc in my life.
did I read this correctly? ascension makes you feel isolation ? I’ve never felt this on ascension. Ascension is smooth for me though some men spit on the floor when I walk by and I think they do it purposely, and some other men try to stare me down, I’ve had this happen on khan to. ascension is smooth and so is ascended mogul. I love both. Yesterday I added emperor to my stack so I listened to it a lot with only few loops of AM, and emperor knocked me down for the whole day. I was in bed with 0 energy and I felt dull and numb, everything felt bland to me. my brain was kinda hurting to. A hour before I slept I listened to one loop of AM and boom back to normal. Emperor as well also made me horny and want to fap, up until this point my sex drive was low thanks to AM. I’m gonna start slow with adding in emperor like 2 or 3 loops a day. I felt like shit yesterday.
Back in 2013 I fell for a girl and had onetis and I had told my mom how I need my freedom because how am I gonna hang out with her etc when I cant do this or that when I live at home. She made me feel a little bad but I was not afraid to talk to her. I wanted to make it work with that girl in 2013 so I was not afraid to stand up to my parents.
The 2nd time I stood up to them I was not proud of It. I came home pissed drunk got into a argument with my dad and blamed him for my life, my sisters, and our childhood etc he punched me, it was a mess, this was in 2017. That was my rock bottom drinking moment. So 2 times in my life I stood up to my parents maybe more but those were the 2 ones I remember the most. The drinking one was not a good mature way.
if like 2013 I meet a girl who I like I again will stand up to my parents and bring this to light but I’ll do it as a 29 year old man whose more wise not a 23 year old blue pill guy who had onetis or a 26 year old drunken alcoholic.
Main goal now is find a full time job and make more money and move out


I have been reading this for a bit and I am wondering how culture plays into this.

For example, if a sub helps you to seek your independence away from family in a culture where the norm is that children grow up to take care of their parents. You’d be happy to have your freedom but at the same time alienate yourself from your family.

I suppose it is just me being curious. You should always go after what brings you the most excitement obviously.


Why wait to meet a girl? There are lots of women out there, and if you have gained your freedom it’s going to be a lot easier to meet them and have whatever type of relationship you want with them.
Also you could have an additional advantage. In a culture where living with your parents is the norm, a guy who is making it on his own could look like a bit of a rebel, but one who has his life more squared away than most.
Get your life where you want it to be, and stand up to your parents for yourself, and I think more and better women will come.


Most collectivist cultures approach the family something like a corporation. It’s not about leaving, it’s about gaining in power and influence as you rise through the ranks.

Just like in the working world, though, conflicts arise when your personal mission statement does not align with that of the corporation; or your personal culture (needs, values, worldview, etc.) is not harmonious with the general culture of the corporation. That can present serious obstacles to ‘rising through the ranks’, taking on more power, getting more respect, and so on.

Your original posts sounded like you are pretty ambivalent about leaving. But while you are working out your position on that, an appropriate interim goal would be to get yourself to the point where you can contribute financially to the family, and work towards financial, if not residential, independence. You’d need to work out your own ideal approach to that. How much you keep for yourself and how much you let them in on.

You know your family best, so you’ll know if the above idea is even workable. For example, if you think you’ll resent them too much or that you’ll have too much trouble maintaining appropriate boundaries around time and money demands, then maybe go for some other strategy. But it is one of the traditional routes to individuation within a collectivist family system.


@Malkuth - this is exact plan I aim to do. Contribute a particular percentage of my income to my parents when I am earning. They deserve it anyways especially since they took care of my health no expenses denied (among many other things).

Also, as you pointed at, earning more money does confer power to make your own decisions. Since family (and people in general) consider those who earn more to be more valuable and hence higher status, there is more freedom psychologically too.

If all that doesn’t work, I plan to just bail. It’s my life anyways.


I financially supported my parents for many decades yet they never showed any appreciation for it so I stopped. However if they asked for money I would give them what they needed if it was some kind of emergency.


In a way, that’s the freest position to be in. You have a choice. You’ve tried both options, and you’re equally able to go either way. On top of that, you’re financially capable of doing so, whether you choose to do it or not. To me, there’s a freedom in knowing that you can support them if you choose and/or if it’s necessary.

I’ve never reached the level of wealth where I could support my parents. (Mainly because I have two children). Fortunately, they have not needed me to do so. But it’s still a kind of internal dream that I have. It’s not to repay them for anything. For me, it’s a kind of symbolic benchmark that you’ve reached a certain level of prosperity. Yes, it’s also because I love them. But it’s also about myself.

I have a shortlist of people to whom I imagine giving money when I reach a certain level of wealth. In most cases, my ideal situation would be to somehow get it to them anonymously. Their gratitude or dependence would feel like a chain holding me down. I want to be able to give it. And when I give it, it’s part of my plan. Not because of guilt or obligation.

Giving someone money can in many cases be very destabilizing for that person. Money represents choices. And too many choices can be dangerous if you’re not ready for them. So, I also don’t want to harm people by “giving them money”.

It’s actually a little tricky to explain.

Maybe it’s more about my own psychological experience. Knowing that I’m able to do it would be meaningful to me.


@blackadder - I feel you, man. Am luckier in that regard. My parents do appreciate what I do. Unfortunately, they are too overprotective and controlling. So yeah.


I’ve been reading this forum throughout this weekend And reading up on ascended mogul and emperor and I think it’s best I hold off on having emperor in my stack for now. my plan is use ascended mogul to find a full time job. Like some of you guys mentioned with money comes independence and freedom. So I’m gonna use ascended mogul to get myself a job and get my money right. once that happens I will add emperor into my stack and use it to help me evolve in the most uncomfortable ways I know it’s going to but most importantly I’m gonna use it to help me break free from my parents.
This may not take long before i reintroduce emperor to my stack I’ve been aggressively Applying for jobs and there’s some opportunities for me to get one.
it’s very interesting About 15 or 16 days ago I started AM and few days later out of nowhere shockingly I found out my building will not be renewing the contract for my security company. Now my building still wants some of us, me included we will just be under a new company. Maybe there is a potential for a increase in pay ? maybe ascended mogul manifested this ?
I also took action yesterday and called the building manager I had been running emperor along with AM pass 2 days and was offered a 7 to 3 weekday position. I would get insurance to. Responsibility and stress will be high because my building has heavy foot traffic during the week. I ran from responsibility al my life and stayed in my comfort zoom so this doesn’t scare me now. I’m so ready to become a man even if it won’t be easy.
I’m only hesitant to take the position because I have lots of things planned. I want to get my substitute teacher license, want to start volunteering as well help children Or animals in need. I may not take the job for this reason just keep my weekend position and find another weekday job where I can negotiate hours so during the day I can work on those goals above. Idk.
Last thing I mentioned that job to my mom and dad and like a textbook helicopter dad and mom they told me not to take the job because the fire alarm is going to go off and your going to have to deal with to much stress etc
I told them I have to learn if I want to move up I need to learn how to handle difficult situations. I had to shut myself up though because I felt anger rise because it’s not their decision, it’s my decision if I want the job or not.
if I don’t take it it won’t be because of them though, it will be because I want to work on my substitute teachers license, and volunteering working with kids because I need hands on experience, so i can apply to jobs working with kids.
Last thing then I’ll shut up. As all of this was unfolding I was just sitting back listening and in my head I was like all my life Just like this exact moment I let my dad tell me what I can and can’t do and if I keep having him make all the decisions in my life I’m never gonna live up to my potential. Rollo talks about being your mental point of origin. I’m not my dad is my mental point of origin, when I make decisions I think what will my dad think and say.
my mom just sits back and follows my dad if he says no then she will say no, if she says yes he says no, then it’s no.
I’m not ready to go to battle with my parents just yet. I need to get myself a full time job first.
I’m gonna use ascended mogul to get me a job and get my money right with ascension thrown in there here and there then after I get a job,
I’ll be adding emperor in.
This quote was one of the ones that helped me determine my goals for now