Best ultima sub for dealing with anger and co workers trying to disrespect you


Maybe not from funny faces, but I do know 5 year olds who are fully capable of making me…

Kids are experts at finding your buttons and pressing them unabashedly. :smile:

For now, Alchemist does help me forgive faster. :blush:


To answer your last question To be honest I don’t have a answer at the moment. I just have to face these two people 1 guy and 1 girl for 2 days each for a max of a few minutes. When I’m leaving they are coming in. what ticks me off is though when I have to talk to them and tell them something important they ignore me while standing there. It drives me nuts. I told one person off already for disrespecting me saying I’m not that guy and today is not the day etc etc
it’s just being ignored by them and them acting like I don’t exist when I just asked them something makes me almost lose it.
I guess this is a lesson I need to learn though.
They say in life people teach you lessons and show you what you have to work on I need to learn to control myself and be non reactive


Kids can be brutal man. They are unfiltered. Society hasn’t taught them yet about how to censor yourself so they are like a loose cannon, what they think they say lol I’m actually gonna be subbing when school comes back over here so I will have to deal with kids on the regular in the future.
I volunteer at a hotline and a young girl said how’s she’s homeless and at school kids throw rocks at her while we walks home cause she’s homeless and doesn’t have “ name brand clothes “ it broke me.
On the bus when school kids are around me they have a masters degree in the art of bullying it’s crazy. Some of the things they say and some of the things you hear …
Having said that I love kids though still much more than adults lol


Facts. But them kids idgaf attitude is necessary if someone need an unfiltered opinion.


You want their respect.

(wanting that is not a crime, by the way)


You can just treat them the same. when they ask you questions just move on and keep explaining what you have to do, let them taste their own medicine.

treat them like they are less than you, they will come to appriciate you.

also, you say its a guy and a girl. the guy might have a crush on that girl and he may see you as threat, so by ignoring you he may try to elevate his value in the girl eye.
just treat them like someone said here 5 year olds and show that you are not giving them any importance. and in reality you realy shouldnt, they are nothing.


They don’t know each other actually but they are 2 new workers so are trying to act like a boss like they run things. But you nailed it don’t give them importance cause they are nothing. Logically I get that mentally I’m still getting worked up when I see them. I’ll update back in a week after I test out commander and sanguine


I live in the US and it’s a feminized society. You can’t give unfiltered, masculine tough love advice, blunt advice without triggering someone. This was how men used to interact with each other. They would hold each other accountable and call each other out on there bull shit. Kids specifically boys have this behavior. Rollo tomassi says boys are born alpha but they are raised as defective girls, so the “ man “ in them gets trained out of them


No your right. I told the one guy I don’t care to be friends or be liked but your gonna respect me.
The more I think about it this whole thing probably makes me so reactive and worked up in the moment because it pokes at my insecurity about not being a man. It like oh look they ignored you or oh look you are explaining yourself to them see your not a man etc it’s all unconscious though


On The Commander I reacted with anger even to slight signs of disrespect but the consequences of those reactions of mine were not really good.



You’re not alone.

We all do different versions of this.

Own it.

At first, you’ll feel disappointed. ‘Damn. Do I have this problem? Crap!’ Then after that wears off and the dust settles, ‘oh! Look at this path in front of me. Where did that come from? Wonder where it leads?’

And when your feelings are your own and you own them, you don’t have to waste as much time resenting other people (for shit that’s happening inside of you anyway). That’s where the juice is.


The source of the problem is your anger, besides it’s easier to change yourself than other people so it would be better to deal with anger and learn ignoring those people. Unfortunately we live in times when people don’t respect themselves, in general, let alone respect other people. I would still insist on using Sanguine, sorry :blush:


I would go for Elixir Ultima / Limit Destroyer Ultima.

Esp Elixir. You don’t need dominance to win this battle. Anyone can open their mouth and talk shit to anyone else with pretty little consequences under normal circumstances in most parts of the world these days

So I would go for Elixir because it’ll help get to the root of why it would make your blood boil, heal you, perhaps give you a new view point on this which would make you just not care about what they are saying at all and heal any less than positive things up until this point.