Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


Still awaiting my custom mate i think terminus will be more effective for me judging by the fact that stark t worked amazing for me.


Awesome, and


First loop of Stark Terminus and I’ve never felt like such a different person in my life. Everything about my though process was different-like it had always been that way

Q transitions me into a new identity and effects, there are self effects immediately, and my habits, thoughts, and behavior changes over time

Terminus-its like deep down, I am that person through and through

T2- - messes with my whole reality hit and miss


Yes I gambled when I went for T2 hence me eagerly awaiting my new custom. Should get it soon as I asked for express delivery :wink:


Excited to hear your experience on it
I’ll order my custom Emperor tonight


Keep me updated mate really looking foreward to hearing how things go for you, as we have had very similar experiences with emperor and I am keen to hear how the custom goes for you with the emperor core and terminus.


Day 28 - loop all night on Terminus followed by one loop of Rebirth

Downloaded the new version of Rebirth 2 days ago and playing this at 1 loop after my custom.

I replaced the ascension core with the emperor core. I downgraded my T2 to Terminus as I felt the T2 was alittle too much and if seem to put me off balance.

Not sure whether its the emperor core or the rebirth. Perhaps the sum of both I feel much more centered and grounded. When I walk down the road I feel sexy as hell I spotted a girl walking past and said Hi and gave her a smile. She stopped then I asked her where she was from. I felt the first spark working as she was investing heavily in the conversation asking questions and maintaining eye contact whilst giving me a sexy smile. Unfortunately she was married so I left it at that.

I think the emperor core is giving a much stronger push to get things done then the ascension.

The barrister at the coffee shop when making my coffee asked if i wanted sweetex in my coffee. I looked at her and gave her a sexy looking smile and said “always keep it sweet with me ok” she gave me a sexual smile back.


Day 29 - loop all night on Terminus followed by one loop of Rebirth

Everything was completely off today got blown out by several women. Had a few girls who were polite but said they had boyfriends. All these girls i approached during the day. I started feeling a little sad. The auras which I felt were working yesterday didn’t seem to be working today. It like I was no longer in the flow state.

The emperor core however seemed to really push me to go out and talk to women. Decided to go home and listen to another loop of rebirth in the hope that it would reframe my bad experiences, will go out later.


Still religiously going to the gym.

Maaculine Enhancement …

Not noticed anything in terms of my man hood getting any bigger or thicker. Not noticed any changes in my face yet.


Been out again hitting on groups of girls and girls by themselves. One girl from Germany gave me strong IOIs as my conversation just flowed. However she was with a friend and they were only here for the weekend. I really wanted to take her for a drink however what would i do with the friend ? so i left them at a high point.

Despite me running an additional loop of rebirth and feeling on fire i did not feel the auras were doing their magic.


Feeling mentally fatigued so I decided to come back to rest for a few hours then go back out again later.

I am going to change my loops and run rebirth first followed by T2

X 1 Rebirth
x 4 terminus custom


Have you physically measured it? I know that sounds weird, but if you haven’t please do.


@SaintSovereign no question is weird :slight_smile: . I have measured it but not seen any changes.


Day 30
X 1 Rebirth
x 4 terminus custom

Had a dream a character from my college years confronted me he said “stop using emperor core now”.

I replied “fuck you” i swung at him with a punch and the blow landed he backed off.


No one will stop the Emperor

Sounds like further conviction of your choice is growing/being unleashed.


Day 30
X 1 Beyond Limitless
x 4 terminus custom

Switched from Rebirth to BL i was very impressed i ran it early this morning and hours later I had laser focus concentration. My conversions were extremely fluid during the meetings. Perhaps it was a combination of the IQ booster module and BL. BL is really helping me to absorb information like a sponge for nearly 6 hours. After that I felt tired and angry.

On the dating front not a lot has happened. Approaching women and chatting to them ends with i have a boyfriend or the polite brush off. Its not been a good month for meeting women compared to last year. In fact I am feeling really negative and down with the whole dating scene.


Day 31
X 1 Beyond Limitless
x 4 terminus custom

Had a strange dream where my phone rang i picked it up and a voice on the other end said “you should be ashamed of yourself”.

Another dream i could not find the right bus to my home town. I searched the entier bus station and felt lost.

The third dream my mother was knockong on my front door but i just could not open the front door because it was locked.


Day 32
X 1 Beyond Limitless
x 4 terminus custom

BL makes me feel cheerful and happy and it motivates me to focus on my freelance career. I generally feel happy with myself since I added BL to my stack. Reconciliation seems to be non existent. I always run a single loop an hour after my custom.

I also think that BL works very well alongside the licensed module that i have in my stack IQ booster.

Will go out later today to socialize and report back later.


Not sure this dream of yours feels so familiar.


I think dream is telling me that I have a few challenges right now and I just do not know how to overcome them. Unable to find the bus home i see it as looking for a solution to a challenge but cannot find the solution. This is reflected in my dating life its going nowhere right now despite me going out and interacting with women.


Went to a social event today and was social as ever chatting to a number of people. There were a few women I began chatting to however I was expecting the custom seduction scripts to kick in and work their magic however I didnt see any signs of them working or the auras doing their thing. Perhaps the auras take alot longer to manifest then I anticipated.