Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


Well for me the Aura’s are the first thing that manifests, I believe the importance is that it comes with an energetic counterpart. Perhaps you should of included Energetic Development & The Architect to sustain that.


@Hermit i did include the energetic development module in my build. I suspect its reconciliation. Not heard of this Architect you speak off will check it out.


What effects are you noticing from the custom?

I’ve noticed that if certain aspects of the ‘programming’ aren’t kicking in, I’m probably in a kind of reconciliation I’ve just become profoundly use to so don’t think it’s reconciliation.


Day 33 5 loops of custom one loop of BL

Had a dream that all my teeth fell out my mouth in the shower.

Woke up feeling down in the dumps. This has to be reconciliation will drop the loops to 3 and see what happens and remove BL.

Saint wrote this which i have taken note off

If you start getting reconciliation, try to wait it out and see if it’s just the natural processing cycle. If you’re getting “negative results,” where you’re going beneath your normal baseline, cut back by one loop OR make sure you’re taking rest days. Speaking of which, try 5 days on and two days off. Or, a rest day every 3 days.


My massage therapist asked me to day how many times a week do you go to the gym. I see her every week after telling her she told me that my muscles are getting bigger and bigger by the week. So it looks like Serum X and Emperor Core are doing their job.


When I was running Emperor several months ago I was literally getting increasingly shredded by the day, not that I was putting on huge mass of muscles but I was losing fat and my muscles got pumped without doing anything. So Emperor surely has beneficial fitness scripting, I haven’t noticed this on Ascension or Stark, while Stark did make me more physically beautiful and my body did improve over time but nothing compared to Emperor.


That’s really cool. Getting that kind of external feedback from someone who is observing you closely.


Day 34 5 loops of custom

Slept well after my massage session I decided to do some acupuncture treatment. My therapist recommended i do a second session when I am back from my leave and focus on the meridian which was related to my spleen.

Dreams…i had a knife fight with a guy the dream ended before i could see who won.

In another dream i paid someone in this underground place to fight me. The fight turned into something playful i pushed him to one side and laughed. Thinking what the hell is this then the man turned into a woman and she began laughing.

I stood their looking at her laughing thinking what the hell had just happened.

Not see any changes to my warrior downstairs yet and yes i measured it when I had wood this morning on waking up.


I had this a week back and I am experiencing it again. I am happy by the way I look even though I have not seen any changes in my face which is strange. Perhaps its another module at work one of the sexiness modules.


@Malkuth which is interesting I am guessing since she sees me naked every week and seems to know my body better then me she is seeing these changes which i am missing.


@SaintSovereign does the emperor have fitness scripting ?


fat burner i think


Maybe someone else does see the changes. Perhaps ask that massage therapist of yours?


This is very true i am off to see a close friend i have not seen in a month lets see if he notices anything.


Keep us in touch :slight_smile:


Day 37 4 loops of custom

Visiting friends in another country. They have not commented on any changes in my face. So i am guessing the facial morphing is going to take longer to see changes.

Might add libertine to my stack tonight.


Rogue and iron frame are definitely kicking in hard. There was part of me who wanted to please people however that has become to a much lesser degree. I have always been pretty good at banter however with the iron frame it has taken it to a whole new level.


Day 38 5 loops of custom

2 loops of Libertine

One thing that was not so obvious at first but now has become obvious is that I am more at peace with myself and who I am. There was always an anxiety inside me which I was very good at hiding when it came to socializing and dating women. Its like I was driving a car up a hill with the brakes on. Now I have released the brakes and its much smoother when I am driving up hill.

I am contemplating adding in some enhancers to my custom. Problem is I am already at 20 licensed modules. Would adding a couple of enhancers derail things ?


I don’t think licensing is an issue. Instead of putting all your eggs in 1 basket, why not put them in multiple baskets? Say you have a sub for just 1 goal and put in all the enhancers for that goal.

Example, your goal is wealth. So you have maybe emperor, mogul, and maybe stark as core. Then add debt destroyer, sultan, etc. Then if your other goal is physical fitness, you have another custom. And so on and so forth.


I was contemplating this too actually great minds think alike :wink:

Would you then stack them ?