Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


Stacking them? Depends on how you feel I guess. But me, yes. Especially if the goals are compliment each other. Like wealth and alpha customs. Or seduction and fitness.


Day 39 5 loops of custom

2 loops of Libertine

I had a bizzare dream where I went back in time to the school where I was bullied and walked upto the bully grabbed him and shouted “do not ever ever fuck with me again do you hear that” the bully nodded his head and then ran away.


Day 40 5 loops of custom

2 loops of Libertine

Feeling really grounded and not afraid of challenging myself in any way shape or form. I have booked into take an exam for an I.T qualification I have been studying for. When I walk, talk or I am stood its like I am feeling sexy as hell not afraid to voice my opinions. I had this on emperor however with the custom I feel more of a whole person if that makes sense.

I am contemplating adding a couple of enhancers in to speed up the physical changes namely the facial morphing and masculine enhancement.


I have no doubt you’ll pass the I.T./ Iron Throne qualifications

This is really awesome to hear.


Day 42 - 4 loops of Terminus customs 2 loops of Libertine

So far

Iron Frame - Definitely working for me
Invincible Presence - People around me certainly feel my presence
Rogue - I am not afraid to speak up so its working for sure
Sphaera Magnetica - not seeing any results with this
Serum X - seems to be working well my massage therapist can see the difference in my muscles
Masculine Enhancement - no changes downstairs yet
|Approachability Aura - not seen any evidence of this working
|Aura of Craving - first few weeks i had middle age women checking me out in the gym but really i am not into women in that age group after that the results waned.
|Facial Morphing - no obvious changes to my face a friend i had not seen in 2 months did not see any differences since the last time we had met.
Direct Influencing Aura - I think it works there again it might be the emperor core
|Earthshaker - Sexuality - not sure
|I.Q. and Cognitive Booster - yes my thoughts are more fluid I can focus for longer periods of time
|Intensity Aura - might be working or perhaps its the emperor core
|Instant Spark - not sure
|Long-Range Seduction - not sure
Seducer’s Gaze - occasionally women play with their hair when i talk to them so it could be working.
|Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver - not sure
ISphaera Magnetica - dont think its doing anything when i surround myself with women

Still not seeing any results with Libertine.


Have you ever taken the MBTI? If so, what’d you get?


@SaintSovereign not given it ago however will look into it


Also, I suspect that you may have something going on with your energetic development. Note that the majority of the modules that you feel aren’t working are all related to auras or energy. The problem is, when it comes to our technology, auras are actually the most consistent and easy to develop (since we long cracked the code to creating them). For you to not feel or perceive any of the auras, including Libertine’s (which is shocking, because that aura is absolutely insane), leads to me believe that you might want to consider meditating more with the goal of cultivating your personal energy.


Awesome journal, very interesting to see the evolution of your stack, no pun intended. Or every pun intended, your choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s your MBTI?

I guess INTJ


Just my 2 cents (Guessing)

He is in alpha quadra. So In mbti that is entp/intp (NeTi). An intj would willingly show cynicism and use “factual” information to disprove incorrect but functional systems (Fe Polr - Efficiency), and feel good while doing so. The key point is alpha quadra is optimistic, while still having strong cynisicm the key difference is the open display of it. Withholding potentially negative views/ideas unless necessary is at its heart optimistic (Fe valuing).

tldr ENTP (Introverted subtype) :slight_smile:


wow very cool,

I don’t know much about the system, was just throwing a fun guess out.

I know a few INTJ’s and they are alpha and also very good at using intelligence and confidence to execute pursuits creatively in a cutting edge way.


INTP. I’ve trained myself to be more like a “J” tho.


Not to get inquisitive, but this only points to you being ENTP Ti Subtype. Blocked energy leads the ENTP to devalue their base function in favour of the creative (Ti). You mention becoming more judging, Ti is the judging function.

Just food for thought, ill leave it at that. MBTI is archaic anyways not much worth in a practical sense.


ENTP’s have the tendency to annoy the hell out of me because of their incessant need to argue for sport, taking ridiculous positions just to play “devil’s advocate” and then claim it was for your own good.

Furthermore, I’m very much a hardcore introvert. I have little desire to interact with others (in person), even though I’ve trained myself to do so, and going to a social event of any kind will leave my social batteries drained for days. SubClub has thrived throughout the COVID-19 crisis because it gave me a reason to shun social settings and focus solely on my business and creative pursuits.

Basically, I’ve used my ability to introspect to identify the things I want to work on and built a number of subliminals to address them. As a result, I don’t present as a “typical” INTP anymore.


Like I said MBTI is archaic, it relies too much on (introverted logic) it isn’t worth it to use since its so divorced from practical use. Your response does indicate my previous assumption as incorrect, I wouldn’t pegg you as ENTP.

Introversion/Extraversion is less about social battery as much as information direction. Introverted functions filter information through an internal system (Self), extroverted system are not filtered, only managed.


To each their own. I still use the MBTI regularly in my day to day life – being someone who is a bit detached from their emotions (and the concrete, physical world at large), learning how to quickly identify a person’s cognitive stack helped me understand the actions of those around me. Case in point, when I was younger, I absolutely despised sensors. Now, here I am, years later, dating one in a very passionate and successful relationship, and I have quite a few on my (rather successful) team at work. In fact, my ideal team makeup is something along the lines of: 1x INTP (myself, the leader), 2 ESFx’s, 1x NTJ.

Now that I understand how (and why) they operate, I can understand the talents they bring to the table. While I can’t ramble on about quantum physics, spirituality and the such with her (as she has no interest and that’s what @Fire is for), she excels at the things I’m weak at and helps keep things running smooth. I always had a bias toward intuitives, and yet, this is the most rewarding relationship I’ve had. I would’ve never understood this without the MBTI.


Yea, Duality is very interesting subject. It would be interesting to find out if she is ESFJ or ESFP, as they are in opposing quadrants.

I am inclined to believe you are not in alpha quadrant, but gamma. Gamma values Fi, and (intj) has a well defined but weak drive to maintain some internal value system, and apply this system to their contacts (Relationships).

I would say the main difference between intp and intj, intp wants someone to take over the emotional state of the interaction (Ojective/extraverted), intj wants the other to take over the emotional link (Subjective/introverted).

So one is focused on say emotional atmosphere (superficial), the other is focused on emotional link (profound).


I just wanted to add that I am personally Fi polr. So that makes me either ENTP or ESTP. I also subscribe to Vi Theory, just for fun… I Vi Myself as ESTP.


I must have been sensing your aspirational MBTI :wink:


If you don’t mind sharing, what is your type azriel?

I am going to just use my intuition and say ixfj.