Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


I’ve gotten something radically different every time I’ve done the test through the years

For years it was INTJ

Lately it’s ENFJ/ or INFJ

I can spend weeks alone and love it, and I also can be the center of attention at huge parties for hours
both of those I love. I could go either way on the I/E questions for this one

also what’s x in ixfj?

Just realized, lets continue the convo off this thread, please pm if you’d like to do so.


Apart from meditation which is one which I will embark upon. Feel free for anyone to make suggestions as to how to increase my energetic system i have already incorporated the Energetic Development XI module into my custom. Are there any additional modules that I should include ?.

I know auras do work for me I felt them on emperor and khan stage 1 and 2 and even people sensed my auras so there is no reason why the custom auras should not work.


Hermit mentioned this module a month back might include this in my new custom

@Hermit any suggestions my friend would be appreciated.


Try Qi Gong
Semen retention


Azriel can you please explain how semen retention works from an aura standpoint ?. I do not watch porn. Yet if i have sex with a woman does that mean i should not release ?


@SaintSovereign - hahaha! I really felt that. It is possible that one of my very close friends (who i almost consider a brother from another mother) is i would guess is an ENTP. He has this same talent to argue things for arguments sake and I must admit that I learnt to be okay with a bit more debate thanks to him and grow a bit more thicker skin. Although as an INFJ, I still find myself being more sensitive than needed.

PS: thankfully, SubClub subs have toughened me up more than I could ever imagine.


I would say just more often than not don’t release.
Also I don’t know about you but I can tell with certain woman it’s a good idea to release and with others it’s not. I mean for my still wanting to be there :joy: jk, kind of, but seriously usually I just enjoy the whole experience more if I don’t cum. I stay present and full.

Energetically why semen retention does that I could not do that explanation justice. @Hermit might be a better candidate. Very simply my guess is you lose ‘Chi’ when you ejaculate, chi is the energy of your system and life force, aura’s use this energy and life force to project. The stronger your chi/life force the stronger your aura

Check out the daoist though like Mantak Chia for a more accurate explanation., I also PM’ed you a link of someone who has some good thoughts on it. Didn’t want to promote other material here. I take everything he says with a grain of salt, but some is good stuff.

Its said semen retention does the following things in the body.

  1. Increase in Testosterone levels.
  2. Increase in brain androgen receptors [ARs]
  3. Decrease in Dopamine levels.
  4. Decrease in Prolactin levels.
  5. Increase in Serotonin levels.

All those things I imagine lead to more favorable conditions where the body has and can utilize more energy.


Thanks mate appreciate you sharing this over pm.

Thats what I love about this community we have here everyone is willing to help or assist when they can :slight_smile:

Wondering whether any of the alchemy modules would help ? @Hermit


For Sho! :slight_smile:


First, are you sure they aren’t working? I don’t know about you, but I have always been horrible at spotting subtle cues that other people give off, especially IOIs (Just ask my wife how hard it was to get me to realize she was interested).
Second, why no t try running fewer loops for a while. These name imbedded subs are really potent and I have a feeling that you can get overloaded without actually feeling like you are.


@COWolfe its very possible that i might be missing certain cues women are giving off around me and yes the customs are definitely very potent I believe they are working their magic however there are things which I may have just failed to notice.


Don’t feel bad. I’ve spent my entire life only catching the fish that jumped into the boat.


Hi @blackadder ,

I was in your position so I am sharing what I found. As I am a tightly logical guy, I was simply not sensitive to the energy in my body. It happens and like everything in the world you can train yourself, here with meditation and energetic practices. It is mainly about creating and noticing sensations in your body, listening to it.

I have a fairly stable sexuality so semen retention (went up to 6 months) never done anything spectacular to me, I dont think it will do anything for you either as you seem to be fairly sexually stable with no porn addiction but you may try a week and see how you feel. But it is likely you won’t feel anything with SR because you are not addicted to porn and you are not in touch with your body.

What helped me was Robert Bruce method. He comes with a framework to work with energy.
Here is the book, with step by step instructions, it took me a month to get to feel energy moving in my body.

And there is a free version of the book, without images though.

What I did

  • Robert Bruce method for a few minutes in the morning

And meditation

  • either 20 minutes concentration meditation (focusing on the breath, or the breath going through your nose or the feel of the tip of your lips)
  • or 20minutes guided chakra meditation. Chakra is an energy system, so it is a framework to work with energy. You dont have to work with chakra but it is simple system. You dont have to believe in chakra, and it is a good concentration and visualisation practice.

Hope that help :slight_smile:


@Psiklou thankyou so much i am going to look at this stuff today as a priority.

One thing i did notice was a competitor of subliminal club released a similar program but it was the type that cannot be stacked. It worked very effectivily for the short term i used it and the aura worked very well.

The reason i disregarded their product is that subclub offer the flexibility to mix different product. I personally think no other subliminal company can match this.

Another thing is Subclub listen to their customers and innovate. I do not care what others say about customer support. However as soon as their is an issue Saint will get out of bed and fix the issue i respect his commitment to his customers.


Could it also be some kind of reconcilliation to the script of the ultima…maybe more time and exposure to the script?


If you want to test for cognitive blocks, try the meditation stuff posted earlier. If you feel uncomfortable doing it / not relaxed then you are stuck in your head or whatever chakra that is.


Check this out:


You can open your chakras and try feeling the flow of energy through your body with a beginner qi gong exercise. When you can feel the flow and the dan tian ( energy center under the navel) you can exercise with directing energy to your heart chakra and projecting love from your hearth or any emotion into the universe or person or thing. i recommend positive emotions though.


The second time I ran Libertine Ultima, it was in the mix of a ton of Q loops and I felt angry, annoyed, ignored, and didn’t notice results, so it may be reconciliation to a degree that causes this. I’m also not saying the effects weren’t there, but if they were, I was to emotionally out of it to notice or care.


Really wondering what’s going on with Libertine not working for some users.