Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


It makes sense.


Day 42 -

2 loops of Custom
2 loops of Primal
2 loops of Libertine

Its late morning as I write. I was able to run 2 loops of Libertine without struggling mentally or experiencing anger which is good news. I ran it 3 hours after finishing my stack.

This morning i went to the coffee shop had my usual chat with the female staff 3 girls who work there nothing outside my baseline to report that is no changes in the way they reacted towards me. Keep in mind i always dress well, clean shaven so I consider myself relatively good looking.

Later which will be 4 hours from now will go out and begin chatting to women and be around women in general to do some further testing.

I have about 5 plus aura modules in my custom so one of them if not more should hit and libertine should enhance them if anything.


Agree its possible its some kind of reconciliation thats happening which might be conflicting with whatever is in the custom.


Was at the gym today surrounded by women again they were friendly however I could not see any indications the auras were working.

About two weeks (see earlier notes in my journal). I did get initial effects middle age women were turning their heads and looking at me or smiling at me. Now even that has faded away.

I am going to stop using my custom subliminal for the next few days to see what if anything happens but will continue to use 2 loops of libertine.

Will get myself out later again. I suspect something in my custom build is interfering with the auras. As I mentioned in an earlier note on white tigers journal. I think my custom is so powerful it has unearthed some deep rooted issues from my child hood. Whatever it might have uprooted might be preventing some of the modules like the auras from working.

Still no changes in terms of my face or my penis size from masculine enhancement and facial morphing.

On a more positive side I am really happy how rogue and iron frame are working for me not afraid to speak my mind and will always stand my ground. This is a huge step for me.


Tonight WILL NOT RUN MY CUSTOM and will only run Libertine tomorrow morning before I head out… to test my hypothesis.


Another positive note is I think the Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver is working. I spend time looking at the latest fashion trends and what would suit me, important vitamins and minerals that are essential to my well being.

I invested in facial creams to keep my skin moist and glowing.


Day 43 day off all subs and boosters.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report was at the gym today nothing to report in terms of the auras or the related modules that create attraction. No looks or girls looking at me side ways etc. Was very talkative today with all the staff but thats just normal when I am in an environment like this. Female staff were polite as usual.


Happy to take that position (in future)



You’d need to stop running the custom for about a week for an accurate test. I recommend cutting back on the number of loops of the custom rather than stopping cold.


Also, note that Libertine is a very sexual aura. Women in particular, due to societal conditioning, are masters at hiding sexual thoughts while in public. You need to find a way to interact with a woman in private. Notice that the majority of the amazing results were 1-on-1 interactions rather than group settings.

Like I mentioned in another post, if you’re already an attractive man, you might not notice that “extra eye glance” or prolonged look because it’s simply so natural already.


Decided to drop to one loop a day for the custom for 7 days.


Day 45 - one loop of custom
1 loop of Libertine

I still cannot see any evidence of the following modules working yet

Male Enhancement
Facial Morphing
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Instant Spark
Intensity Aura
Approachability Aura
Aura of Craving
Sphaera Magnetica
Intensity Aura

I have spent the last few days out cold approaching, interacting with women at the gym, interacting with women one and one.

Will give it another week to see if anything happens if not will stop using the custom and use another product.


Dude, I totally sympathize!!! I have been following your journal. As of yet, I have had minimal manifestation of Libertine or my customs below…

6/18/02 Q:
Alpha Body Language
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Emperor’s Voice
Focused Arousal
Gorgeous Manifestor
Instant Seducing Tactician
Instant Spark
Iron Frame
Lion IV
Long-Range Seduction
Male Enhancement
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Primal Seduction Q Core
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Sex Mastery XQ Core
Sphaera Magnetica

7/12/20 T2:
Alpha Body Language
Approachability Aura
Aura of Craving
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Facial Morphing
Godlike Masculinity
Gorgeous Manifestor
Instant Spark
Iron Frame
Lion IV
Male Enhancement
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Primal Seduction Q Core
Seducer’s Gaze
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Sex Mastery XQ Core
Sexiness Unbound
Sexual Manifestation


@unusualfellow i am just trying to see if there is a pattern here ?. Did yiu feel the aura modules began to work ? then the results faded ?. I am guessing that you did go out and interact with lots of women ?. Not necessarilly cold approach but just talking to lots of women ?


Yes, there were times I felt the auras may have “executed.”
Nothing ever appeared overt, hence I upgraded Q to T2.
I live in a nice well-traveled part of my city on top of a bar
and work a very social job, offering me countless
opportunities to interact with women.


For me the auras seem to work for me in the beginning i had middle age women looking at me in the gym. However these are not the women I was attracted too. After this experience the auras just seem to stop working. Even after the new version of Libertine came out I ran that at 1 to 2 loops. The only results were the occasional bursts of anger perhaps this was reconcliation due to my brain not able to execute the script.

I actually thought it might have been an issue with the fact I was unable to execute the T2 build so I downgraded my new build to terminus even then i cannot see anything tangible.


Unwanted attention is flattering and certainly a marker
but not too satisfying. And Libertine supercharger was
masculine so who knows if that plays a part in auras.


I’m going to have to write a long support article about this topic and just beat people over the head with it, because I’ve said this so many times, and the people who listen get results.

Everyone reading this, please repeat after me: Stop. Looking. For. “Overt”. Results. ESPECIALLY when you’re running sexual subs, but more of that in a minute.

Swap “overt” out with any of it’s synonyms. “Overt” is a vague goal, there’s no benchmark, no way to qualify the subliminal’s results, because the very nature of looking for “overt” results will end up with you moving the goalposts, which is defined by the Internets as: “an informal logical fallacy in which previously agreed upon standards for deciding an argument are arbitrarily changed once they have been met.”

In other words: When you look for “overt” results, nothing will ever satisfy that requirement, as you will always question whether the subliminal had an effect and end up dismissing it as “not overt enough” and fail to act on what’s happening. Case in point:

People generally don’t show overt sexual displays in public or around others. Those who do – especially women – are shamed for it. Therefore, it is very unlikely that in a public setting (and by public, I mean any setting that isn’t 1-on-1) that you will EVER have a woman just walk up and grab your crotch and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Instead, they’re going to do things (eye contact, suggestive body language, laugh at jokes that aren’t funny, et. al. – Google this, there’s tons of literature) to catch your attention and signal for you to approach and shoot your shot.

Thus, the proper way to run a subliminal (and even more so with sexual ones) is to be realistic about your baseline and anything that occurs above that baseline, realize that it’s actually the sub doing it’s thing and TAKE ACTION.

When you create a pathway to manifestation, the new thought patterns begin to act. And as all things, something in motion remains in motion unless physically stopped. It takes time for that motion to begin, and early results will often not be very profound, depending on your level of mental development in regards to the subliminal’s goals. But, when you act on the small results, the process of alchemy intensifies, and that’s when you’ll see things skyrocket.

However, when you consciously go against the subliminal because you aren’t sure if it’s a result because it’s "not overt, you are actually creating both a conscious and subconscious block and killing the pathway to manifestation.

Hence, why this occurred:

These opportunities where you “felt the auras may have executed,” they DID execute. And if you had acted on them, even a little, that pathway to manifestation would open a bit wider, and more and more great things could happen. Don’t argue with me about it – trust me. I don’t think you all realize just how much we are into this business, industry and craft. On a given day, from 9a - whenever I go to bed (last night it was 3a), I’m constantly reading journals, support messages, research, conducting my own tests. I have seen this pattern SO MANY TIMES. It even happened in the Libertine test, where the one person who didn’t “receive results” did the exact same thing – he had mind blowing sex romps with a woman, but logic’d it away because of “this” and “that” and etc.

Our very own @RVconsultant, who tested Libertine privately, is a testament to what happens when you just act. He noticed an attractive woman (who was with her boyfriend) seemingly following him around in a store. He wasn’t sure if it were the aura, but he still took action – just a little bit – by making a joke. She began to act like a little school girl with a crush and continued to follow him around, popping up in random aisles where she clearly had no business being.

Of course, since she was there with her boyfriend, he didn’t pursue, but had he continued to escalate, she would’ve been his.

As for @blackadder, I’m not saying to hit on women you aren’t attracted to, but it’s clear that you created a mental blockage by thinking it wasn’t working after that. And now, I still don’t believe that you aren’t getting results, but possibly aren’t being honest about your baseline, or you’re dismissing them. The third option, which @Fire believes, is that you have too many auras in your custom, which we’ll reach out to you about.

We know our aura technology works, and it works well. Remember the first Q test, emperorQ? Remember how everyone started reporting (without us saying anything, even though the same thing happened to us) that they suddenly had problems with insomnia and going to sleep? Yeah, that was the rudimentary aura and energy sourcing that causes that. It’s very consistent. In a dense sub, it’s going to take longer to work, because the sub is doing much more than just generating an aura.

@blackadder – You’ve been running this custom for 49 days or so, and you’re seeing progress with the other modules, just not the auras, and you’re saying that you’re going to quit at the 55-ish day mark if that doesn’t change. That’s reconciliation. The anger, the urges to switch products? Classic reconciliation.

The Capitalist King

Well I did make a point of asking whether multiple auras could run at the same time and the answer was yes hence me proceeding with the multiple auras in my build.

Why would I lie Saint ? I am sorry it really pisses me off when you accuse me of lying. Would would I gain from from not being honest about my base line. I am not here to discredit SC.


I should have been more exact in my wording.
By overt, I meant things like “eye contact,
suggestive body language, laugh at jokes
that aren’t funny…” I didn’t mean indiscreet.

I will keep using these subs because I believe
with enough time they should only strengthen.