Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


That’s smart I’ll try upping too two days off day and replacing with Ultima see how it effects the stack


Also, do not switch subs. You need to trust us on this and see this though. You’re an advanced subliminal user, you should by now that this is the number one sign of reconciliation. Your mind is desperately attempting to run from what’s being brought up and dealt with to the point that is somehow convincing you that switching would yield better results. Illogical, considering the fact that you are getting results from half your modules, and the other half is digging in deep and healing traumas you thought you were over. That sounds like incredible progress.


Cheers Saint will do


A summary of what has been going on the last few days.

Day 48

I was on the verge of giving up and decided fuck it lets switch to another subliminal. So i listened to a competitor product and was convinced this was working as an old woman began staring at me in the street. I had another girl stare at me but I was experiencing bursts of anger my productivity at work had hit zero.

Was discussing a competitor product over private messaging with another member of the forum. Subliminal Club have a plugin which alerts them if members talk about a competitor product.

Saint intercepted my message and responded. I got angry and was about to respond back to him with an angry message telling him how dare he violates my privacy and reads my privates messages.

Then I stopped and thought NO NO lets not do this. He is a descent bloke and has gone out of his way to try to help people. Think carefully about what he said and I am glad I did.

So i decided not too respond and just go away and think things through carefully. I was in a difficult headspace at the time.

** Day 49 **

Took a whole day off using the subliminals and stopped using the competitor product. Was feeling angry throughout the afternoon towards the evening I slept well and work up fresh again.

Day 50

Listened to two loops of Libertine and thought nothing of it after that. I went to the salad bar and ordered a meal. A very cute waitress came and brought me my food. She put the food down on the table then just stood there and began smiling and gazing into my eyes.

I asked her about her day and she began asking where I was from. We were talking for nearly 10 minutes. The look in her eyes was that of a deer caught in the head lights. If i had not hinted for her to go back to her job she would have just stood there and continued talking. Since i did not want her to loose her job I told her that I have to eat now in peace.

Wow me thinks Libertine is beginning to work. Headed to the gym the greek girl at reception looked at me her eyes light up and she said hi she began playing with her hair and placed her hair to one side to show off her neck to me. That is a typical female body language sign showing she was into me.

So far so good i am going to back to one loop of my custom and continue.

Thanks everyone for their support sorry if I behaved like an idiot sorry SC.

@SaintSovereign sorry i ignored you peace be with you.


Brother everything you experienced pointed towards reconciliation, you ran Terminus² & Terminus, different Customs left and right. Which surely isn’t a problem at all, everyone is free to experiment and I’m sure many here admire your courage.

I guess you do see that now, these Customs have taken you through a dark night of the soul, hopefully the future looks bright again. Good luck!


Taking a whole week off every 7-8 weeks isn’t a bad idea at all. Will definitely give time to execute during the bloom period.


I’m currently in the middle of this break. It is definitely beneficial.


I’ve found it interesting that most people are refraining from posting, having reconciliation and taking breaks during exactly the same periods of time. So whether you’re aware of this or not, there’s an overal collective energy that shapes the way we think, feel and act.

Also being altered through planetary alignments, global events which are very often a result of that and other interesting parameters. Let me tell you, past 9 days there has been a clearing/cleansing and releasing going on that we’ve never ever experienced before.


The seed felt so much pressure, was in the dark, and thought it was over…
only to become a Casanova oak :wink:
Let the magic begin


I discovered that if I run my custom on the same day as Libertine. Then Libertine does not execute. However if I run Libertine standalone it executes. I am going to re-engineer the custom and remove the modules which I believe could causing a conflict with Libertine.


@unusualfellow if Libertine is still not executing perhaps reduce the number of aura and sexiness modules you have in your custom to perhaps three. Maybe consider just having the following modules for dating and strip out the rest. Then top up with Libertine.

Aura of Craving
Seducer’s Gaze
Sexiness Unbound


I’m curious about this one. Care to elaborate? What modules do you think conflict with Libertine? Or do you think adding sexual aura modules conflict with an already sexually charged sub like Libertine?


@d1gz give me a few days i just need to do some more experimenting with previous versions of customs I had created which had less modules.


So, I took a day off. I was slamming terminus loops. Yesterday, I started doing much less and spaced loops.

My aura modules support my entire subliminal thematically and even my two core modules SM and PS contain auras.

StarkQT (1 time)
Custom T2 (1 time)
Alchemist St4

We get this working yet, brother!


Day 52

I went back to listening to my original custom at two loops and libertine at one loop. What I noticed

  1. I felt the mental blocks of reconciliation just melt away i felt my whole body surge with energy I had put off tidying the appartments for nearly a week now I felt motivated to clean the appartment from top to bottom. The anger and frustration seemed to vanish.

  2. I could feel a surge of happiiness and positive energy kick in when Libertine kicked in nearly 30 mins later. As I walked into the coffee shop the barristers turned around as if they knew I was coming. I walked upto one of the barrister and told her how gorgeous she looked she giggled and her eyes light up she began chatting away to me.

  3. A guy on the next table struck up a conversation with me i thought he might be gay however it turned out he was married and being super friendly with me.

  4. As a girl walked past me down the street i shouted “excuse me yes you with the long dark hair where can I find an ice cream shop”. She smiled and pointed down the street. Then I followed up “you actually dont look like an ice cream girl perhaps a…”

She giggled and asked me where I was from we chatted for nearly 15 minutes her friend came up to meet her. She said she had to go so I asked for her number her friend smiled and said give him your numbers hes cute. I got her number.

As I sat sipping my coffee another girl walked past I shouted “excuse me i am sure i saw your jogging down the street this morning”.

She smiled and said ohh not that wasn’t me we began chatting away and she was really friendly. Towards the end of the chat i tried to get her number but I sensed she was not fully warmed up to me as she was in a rush yet she stopped for 10 mins to chat. So wished her a nice day and she moved on.

What I am experiencing MIGHT BE THE BLOOM EFFECT so I will continue testing over the next couple of days narrow down what modules were updated in my newest custom and compare it with my original custom. That way I will remove whatever modue MIGHT be blocking or nullifying the actions of Libertine and the aura modules.


Glad to see you are much more positive my friend :slight_smile: Have fun and enjoy life :slight_smile:


@blackadder so you went back to your original Custom, the one with Ascension on Terminus strength depicted in the first post of this Thread?

I’m trying to understand your situation here, so that all of us may gain more insight to help both ourselves as current, future members.

Not sure how many times you change your Custom, seems like extensive reconciliation started to develop when you switched to a Terminus Squared Custom. Did that one also contain Emperor?

When a persons Aura is exuded, the strength of it is always equal to ones emotional frequency at that time. This has many reasons, I will not get into in this Thread, anyhow be aware of your emotional state and see how it effects the way other people react to your presence.

So with that said, you can assume when reconciliation hits your emotionally, it is impossible for Aura components to pronounce themselves.

If you’re interested in the relation between Aura quality and emotional state, just let me know and I’ll explain the science behind it.

Best of luck!


@Hermit there is definitely a correlation between the aura, the sexiness modules and ones emotional frequency well at least from my experience. My most recent custom had 21 licensed modules which included the emperor core. I suspect that things started going downhill and hit an all time low when i added Pragya, Sexiness Unbound. Don’t take what I say as the gospel it may well have been another module which caused the extreme reconciliation. Its just what I suspect upto now.

The first version of my custom had 13 modules i think (will have to got back through my mails to confirm).

So far the results have been impressive will report back later on today.


So maybe “less is more” in this case?


Will you post what the first version with 13 modules that your running now is when you find it?