Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


So it’s not this one here?


Day 53

Feeling extremely positive today and in the flow state.

Results continue to be impressive with libertine with my original custom.

As I walked into the coffee shop it was like my presence was being felt. Two girls turned their heads to glance at me then turn back to resume their conversations.

I sat near a girl who was reading a book by herself and asked her “do you know which tram goes to the beach from here”. She smiled and immediately turned her entier body towards me and started talking about the local beach till her friend turned up. Her friend was equally as friendly.


@Hermit i am very keen to hear your insights on the Aura quality and the emotional state please share your infinite wisdom with all of us.

I am also planning to cut down the number of auras in my new custom to the following

Auric Overdriver
Energetic Development
Aura of Craving
Sphaera Magnetica

There is no need for me to have so many auras if your asking why I added so many in the first place, well my thought process was the more auras the better a bit stupid to be honest.


As someone that has all the Aura modules except AuraQ in a custom, and been listening to it for about a month now, reading this makes me lose A LOT of meaning in life…


Well, everyone’s bio-energetic make up is different… So I guess it’s hard to compare. Perhaps you can handle more aura modules and that’s good for you too.


I certainly hope so. Unlike @blackadder I havent had the opportunity to go socialize a ton and see what’s happening, which makes it all the more suspenseful. Like is this working or not? I have a good feeling, but it wouldnt mean anything if my ultimate goals arent manifested (yet).


I don’t feel it’s stupid. We’re all kinda in uncharted territory and learning as we go, so I understand the frustration. With the variables of number of loops, rest days, number of modules, types of modules, build strengths, and the fact that everybody is different. There’s probably going to be some trial and error for a bit until we get some data on what does what. So…I appreciate the info you’re sharing. It’s very helpful to all of us.


Were all guinea pigs in the experiment of our lives and human potential
The more we learn from each other the more effective we can be.


Lol. Perhaps we are living in a simulation run by aliens.


I make it a conscious point to not believe such things lol


@d1gz its the one with over 20 modules in standard terminus will copy and paste them for you.


Day 54

Continue to have a positive mindset no anger bursts no nothing.

I was able to feel the energy of one of the barristers today across the room it felt like she was angry and frustrated inside. She approached me with a smile but I knew it was a mask. I asked her whats wrong your vibe is totally off today. She said most people never noticed this and she was putting on a pretend front. She had a very bad evening.


@Sirchiropractixalot if you want to test your aura go to the local grocery store, coffee shop ask the sales assistants, customers open ended questions and see where it goes.

“Excuse me what do you suggest for a healthy breakfast cereal”
“What do you suggest other then the cafe lattaes”

If you get a logical standard response the aura modules are probably not working. If you get a smile, her gazing into your eyes and giving you a response with a higher energy then normal it may indicate that the aura modules are doing their magic.

When the aura modules are executing and you walk into a coffee shop watch out for slight changes in body language, head quick short glances. If you get giggles from girls when you ask questions these can be indicators of sexual tension generated by the aura modules.

Some people become super friendly around you. Also you will feel a shift in your mood and people will match your mood.

You do not need to go to social gatherings or bars just simple interactions will give you a good idea as to whether they are executing.


I have submitted an order for a new custom revision that has been butchered slightly and had a couple of new modules added.


In short, the culmination of your seven main chakra’s create your overal Aura, the energy flow through your chakra column in a spiraling fashion, creating a continuous Torus like flow around the body. Your heart the middle chakra of the 7, is the one that creates an actual Torus shaped field, an electromagnetic field able to be sensed be other living entities.

Now there are many reasons which are bound to each other why low-frequency or vibration equals a compact or discharged Aura. One of them being that low-frequency also equals low energy, obviously your Aura won’t be as charged to begin with. But the cause that effects this low-frequency when going through reconciliation is very often a chakra imbalance generated by a thought, which will continue effect a specific lower chakra until that thought is resolved.

Chakra energy flow through your spine, when one of the chakra’s is blocked, same is for you other chakra’s creating a domino effect because the energy is unable to stream through. Affecting your energy and as a result your behavior, making Aura components unable to act in a way they would like causing even more reconciliation, on top of that decreasing your energy through a lowered frequency or vibration and as a result decreasing your Aura size due to lack of energy, life-force, light however you’d like to name that.

Makes sense?


So the real question is: what is the process of unblocking/opening all of our chakras and all of our nidras? Is there a subliminal for this at sub club? There are more than 7 chakras.


Alchemist Stage 1 seems to be the most suitable for this. For modules in the Q store, I’d think Energetic Development XI and The Architect.


@Sirchiropractixalot lets becareful here so not lead people down the wrong path. Where exactly does it say that Alchemist opens up blocked chakras ?


Finally, the Pathfinder is a powerful spiritual purificator, designed to purge your energetic structure from everything holding you back. You will also see improvements in your daily life and not just in your spiritual practices, since cleaning your energetic channels will also purify your negative thoughts and beliefs.

No where does it exactly say that Alchemist opens up blocked chakras, hence why I used the term “most suitable” instead of something more definite.

If you read the description of Alchemist Stage 1 (above), the terms I bolded would suggest that they address the chakras in some way.


I can see why you arrived to that conclusion thanks for sharing.