Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"


I would like more clarification. It is not as clear. I would like more details. There are differences between all the planes.


Well its not an easy thing to develop a “one size that fits all aura module” a competitor claimed to have developed a similar product however it does not work and its been over 5 years in development. Perhaps Libertine and the aura modules need further refining and development so they work for everyone.


I will repeat this again. I mean all, not just the 7.


Once i get my new custom will do some further testing and post my findings hopefully this information can be of some help to others who want the best from their sexual dating aura modules.


@khan i am not expert at this perhaps leave a question for Saint or Fire in the main section sure they may offer something to help.


Day 56

The last few days been listening to my original custom together with 2 loops of Libertine. The effects seem to work one day then the next day nothing seems to happen. Had a few old women staring at me so I shared my kindness and greeted them had some small talk with them then wished them a nice day and left.

I approached two really hot women who I fancied at the gym they were polite but i didnt feel any kind of sexual subcommunication from them.

What I noticed is when i reach the second loop of Libertine I feel i feel angry and have to go out and get some air which i do.


@blackadder Thank you for posting and sharing.


It’s pretty interesting that you had problems with Libertine unless you switched to a sub that wasn’t as Aura heavy. How many aura modules does the working sub have? I wasn’t able to determine which sub you were using with Libertine that got results. I am thinking about this in the light that there may be an Aura limit that Saint/Fire hasn’t figured out yet, yet would still be important to know for when designing future customs.


It also could just be his specific response, or a specific response of reconciliation at that time rather than reflective of an ‘absolute’ limit.

I think this will be a case by case basis and what matters is the @blackadder is starting to discover and see a pattern of what is most effective for him, at this time.

I am curious to know which custom module blackadder’s been running that has been effective with Libertine though.


SubClub has hinted at there potentially being such a thing as too many auras in one custom, and earlier in this thread the discussion seemed to focus on that so I was really wondering. I suppose it could also be clashing auras.


My new custom has fewer aura modules I am currently testing it will update you with my results in a week.


I am currently testing running just one loop then taking a day off next day running libertine.

After my day off will test libertine again and not run the custom.

Then after that will run 3 loops of the custom for the next week without libertine then take another day off.


Good Luck! I truly hope you you find the right mix.


@blackadder will you be trying out the “surprise” coming for Libertine owners on the day it hits? That will ceratinly interfere with the experiment.


@SubliminalUser no idea what the surprise is for Libertine there was some talk of upgrading it or tweaking it I cannot remember off the top of my head mate. Keep me informed i will publish my findings end of next week in regards to my testing.


@Hermit to be honest this chakra nonsense is nothing more then fairy tale pseudoscience. You do not need to clean your chakra’s if that was the case then everyone would be doing it. You just got to keep talking to women until you find one that is into you.


I am still listening to my subliminal but i do not care about the aura or physical change modules anymore. My priority is to take action on my goals rather then moaning.


Sounds awesome
What is the subliminal you are currently listening too?


Well, yes and no.

Whilst there is some evidence that auras are real and can be photographed and measured etc, there isn’t with… err…seperate areas of the body and chanting etc.

However, that is not to say that… err…that sort of thing doesn’t work.

It is a form of meditation, and clearly meditation causes brain structure connections to change.

This does not mean you are going to get laid, become rich and famous. It could simply mean that the brain will disregard your previous wants and actually reject them as not being important.

This in and of itself will make you happier.

It also means you might be happy to settle for a 3 instead of getting a 7.


I get this. I am considering not adding aura modules in my next planned custom because of the passivity it seems to breed as well as the abstract nature of it. That and the fact that ultimas have the auras most important.