Black Adder Custom Sub Journal


Lol, name embedded subs are so powerful that he experienced every common form of reconciliation in a matter of hours :wink:


OOOO this is so exciting


It’s funny I just made a post regarding this… I feel the same bro. Keep us updated on how reconciliation hits you! :open_mouth:


A friend came to visit which was nice so it gave me a excuse to go out and experience the night life. I began opening groups of women who were all receptive. Got a number of a cute blonde who would not stop giggling. There must have been alot of sexual tension in the air.


Day 3 - 2 loops

I got back late early morning from my night out and only managed to get 2 loops in. The reconciliation had vanished I was back to my normal self. Found myself looking in the mirror to see if the face morphing had done its magic. Which was rather silly because its only been 3 days.

Off on a date with the girl I met a few days back.


@WhiteTiger the recon lasted half a day then it just seem to fade away the more I went out to socialize and flirt with both men and women.


flirt with men? :astonished:


I mean sarcastic banter with guys perhaps I am using the incorrect word :slight_smile:


Lol got it.


Day 4 - 8 loops

Vivid dreams of my father and my brother these have been the themes of my dreams over the last 4 days so there is definitely some kind of healing going on.

The date with the blonde i met at the social went well yesterday. We were flirting back and forth, conversation was effortless. However the second time I saw her I just didnt see to feel any physical chemistry.

Learning new IT technology on the online course has been effortless too. I find myself immersed in learning for hours and not realizing time has gone so quickly.

Again checked my face in the mirror this morning hopeing that the facial morphing had done its job. I have to stop this and give it time.

Got a message from the girl I met on the street she is obviously interested in me but seems hesitant to meet. Dropped her message to hang out if she doesnt come back to me will drop her and move on.


Day 5 - 8 loops

Dreams last night whilst listening overnight

In the dream I was a James Bond character driving around the city in a porsche 911 boxster rescuing damsels in distress.

Then the dream ended and the next dream was of me running away from my parents and hearing my father complaining about about me. Obviously the healing modules were working their magic and bringing old memories to the surface.

Will go out later today after work to socialize.


Interesting – on your part, her part or both?


@SaintSovereign on my part. I didnt feel any kind of physical attraction towards her.


Day 6 - 6 loops

I hit 6 loops overnight and then took 2 hours just to relax.

On the subject of dreams. I found myself the first day of work at a client site. The dream revolved around me being thrown into the deep end and people asking me to do things i had no idea how to do.

This morning felt alot more calm and relaxed then i was on Stark T. Almost like a zen like calmness like everything is going to be ok. So long as i have the appropriate action plan.


How do you decide how many loops to run each day?


@Sirchiropractixalot i go with my gut feeling mate.


I believe the reason that you’re able to push so many loops on Terminus is because you really have a focused and goal-oriented subliminal. Furthermore you have an action-plan for the day and you really go at it.

If anyone else we’re to do this sitting in there chair, they would literally paralyze. lol!

I tried 6 loops or more on Terminus when it came out, also with an action-plan and it was fine. Now I can barely listen to 3 loops (terminus).


There’s something really odd about these Q-ified subliminal’s. I seem to notice additional benefits that aren’t even the subliminal itself, I’ve been setting on muscles like a baws and I’m not running Emperor Fitness or anything like that. Besides, whenever I scroll through the Q-store it really opens up my unconscious and somehow creates a link between the conscious mind and the subconscious scripting.

Many times I had the experience of invoking a certain Q-store module and having the benefits without running it. Very strange, yet nothing is impossible with these scripts – Omnidimensional at work?


Interesting, I wanted to report the same


Got another date setup for tomorrow evening with a girl I met months ago. She has reappeared out of nowhere and got in contact with me.