Black Adder Custom Sub Journal


It’s a bit intuitive selfhypnosis, no?

Some descriptions and pictures in the q shop are very catchy metaphors, ideal to take root in the subconscious.

While trying to figure out which modules will go emotionally together for me I have very similar impressions.


Day 7 - 6 loops overnight

Well nothing remarkable to report today. Apart from that I am developing ability to home in on conversations with people and pickup the intent behind the words much more quickly.

For example I was in the coffee shop today chatting to the girl who runs it with her husband. As I was having a flirty chat with her, I noticed the comments from the husband were wreaking with jealousy. His attempts to patronize me slid off me like water off a ducks back. It did not effect me.

Had a couple of scary dreams but I cannot remember the details.

Did find myself gazing in the mirror to check whether there were changes in my face but could not see any obvious changes.


Lol. Which module(s) do you think is helping you in this regard?


I am guessing its the Ascension Q Core with the IQ booster. Of course I might be wrong it could be another module.


The date with the girl went well we met at the bar had a few drinks then after chatting for nearly an hour. I bounced her to a bar which was near my appartment again we had drinks and chatted. After which I invited her back to my place and she said she cannot so I called it a night.

The second time I saw her she looked more beautiful then the first time we met. However what annoyed me were her smoking habits.


Happened to me aswell. This is a byproduct of energetic development. Ihad this effect before I got my custom.
It might also be a psychological phenomenon


Are you talking about having effects of a program before running it or even purchasing it but just by thinking about running it in the near future?

If so, on another forum they talked about this a lot and many users experienced it. They called it TID, I don’t remember exactly what the acryonyms are but it was “Temporal something something”. Myself and others experienced it on several occasions when we were taking a break for switching to a different program.

Edit: Oops. Hijacked @blackadder journal a bit. Sorry man.


I thought this was mind’s eye but I’ve experienced something similar.
It’s like I can tune into the effect of the module or how they’ll work together.
That’s how I’m finalizing my custom. Do you know what else is omnidimensional in?

They need Secrets of Akash-subliminals
or Sublminalicon -and then we can just tune in to whatever’s needed. lol


I’m not sure whether or not it is due to Omnidimensional, I was only guessing.

Or if your question is which subliminal’s Omnidimensional is in? Well I’m not sure either, but it seems obvious for it to be in every single Subliminal, same goes for Deus. Those are really Stacking Modules that’ll aid any subliminal program in my opinion.

@ExploringAstronaut and yeah right, this a very odd phenomena, I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. The experience is especially pronounced after doing my charging rituals, which tells me that it has to do with Energetic Signaturing.

It also seemed to occur mostly to the Spiritual people here on the forum, which makes it even more obvious. From what it seems it could also be related to any of the Energetic scripting in combination with Raikov and Omnidimensional. But since @robin_hut is saying that it happened on other subliminal forums as well then, it might as well be a natural, energetic phenomena, which isn’t due to the scripting.

Who knows? One thing I’m pretty sure of and that is by reading through the modules my conscious mind made a link to the unconscious scripts that I used in the past and activated them even more, this had a very ‘profound subliminal surge effect on me’, where each of the scripts where momentarily activated within me. Yet I also had a taste for the modules that I didn’t ever use, which is another phenomena altogether.


@Hermit @ExploringAstronaut may i ask both you gentlemen to discuss this topic in the main Q thead or a new thread.

Thanks in advance both of you for your understanding.


Did you tell her you have something better for her to put in her mouth? :smirk::smirk::smirk:



Sorry about that @blackadder. Will move it somewhere else if they want to discuss it any further.


Day 8 - 8 loops

Received a text from last night of the girl thanking me for a wonderful evening. She is off back to her own country to visit her parents and will be back in a month to see me.

Found myself analyzing my face this morning to see if the facial morphing had done its magic couldn’t see anything obvious. I am really trying to stop doing this as I remember the instructions the morphing could take weeks, months.

Then I found myself asking questions like why arn’t the following working

Earthshaker - Sexuality
approachability aura
Focused Arousal
Instant Spark
Intensity Aura

I believe these questions are coming from a point of reconciliation. Part of me is saying the modules are not working the rational part of me is saying keeping on going its only been 8 days. So I went with the latter my sensible rational part :wink:.

A girl that i do not particularly fancy in terms of physical chemistry asked if I wanted to meet her for drinks tonight. Decided to meet up with her as Fire and Saint have said that the more you get yourself out there the greater the chance of manifestations happening.


Easier said than done, but relax and ASSUME your face has already changed and you’ll check back in a few weeks/months to see what a good job this custom sub has done.


My dear friend, very soon you will be using Ultima MK, which promises results in a day.


Whilst chilling in my appartment, i decided to go with my gut feeling and run additional loops of my custom to offset the feelings of reconciliation. Began listening whilst doing some reading by the time I had hit three loops I was feeling much better with myself.

In total 11 loops feeling good I am now off outside :slight_smile:


Opened two girls on the street whilst on the way to meet a girl who wanted to buy me a drink. Both girls were polite but made their excuses and left.

The girl who i met up with bought me drinks I was just not into her but she kept telling me how she liked my company and enjoyed talking to me. I told her I was seeing other girls but she still insisted that she wanted to keep me as a friend.


Ah yes I can see testing is open for Ultimate unfortunately I want to stick to my custom and not miss a day. Perhaps will upgrade my stack to ultimate when it goes public.


There is an interesting article here on ways to enhance your aura

I plan to make these regular rituals to enhance my aura.


Any sense of what Alpha of Alpha is doing?