Black Adder Custom Sub Journal


Lovely. I will add this to my daily routine eventually.


@Azriel I think alpha of alpha is beginning to work its magic. Had a few experiences where I have been challenged by men especially ones who have girlfriends. I am learning to interpret their moves when they challenge me and how to deal with them. If I fail to deal with the situation, I backward rationalize later on how best I should deal with the situation should I get a repeat encounter.


Can you elaborate please…
When I face those situations I get angry and aggressive…


@pacman I will share a few examples the coffee shop I go is owned by a young girl and her husband. Each time I go in there to buy a coffee, I flirt with the girl. I have no intention of seducing her, its just a natural part of who i am. The husband gets jealous I can see it written all over his face.

I made a mistake when using the payment machine. He used this as an excuse to make a sarcastic joke and it was the same joke he had used the day before and the day before that. That a joke was funny once, perhaps twice but its not funny the third time. So i politely told him so, he went quiet and his wife was alittle embarrased as she could read between the lines and knew what was going on.

Another guy with his girlfriend I greeted them with a good morning however it was already past midday I did not realize that. The guy immediately said “whats wrong with you its gone midday” . He said it in a way to patronize me I replied with a smile “well somewhere in the world it is still morning” they both burst into laughter.


So u remain calm and give them a nice response with out screaming or Beng aggressive…


Yes that is correct


It seems you will never need Iron Frame. Good job on that trait.


Day 9 - 10 loops overnight

Back to feeling calm and centered the reconciliation seems to have vanished for now.


Thank you for the info. Dealing with other Alpha men at an effective level both for masculine instinct/ competition and collaboration is a profoundly useful capacity. I’ll give this one some serious thought for my second custom.


Why do I feel like these can make it to the memes thread?


@robin_hut not heard of iron frame i must have missed that one. I may well include it in my future upgrade.

I am going to upgrade to terminus squared as I am curious to know just how potent it is.


But I think you don’t need it…

If you end up with several other modules you might want to use but want to keep using this custom as well have you considered running both?


@robin_hut i was perhaps thinking of upgrading my existing custom to terminus squared and add in a couple of new modules.


you are my hero. go for it. you handle reconciliation very good and know your way around. Even if its too much you can return to this one for a week or so and then go back.


Yup put in an order to upgrade to terminus square :slight_smile:


Was very curious whether the seducers gaze, Instant Spark, Approachability Aura had been written into my “firmware” yet after 9 days of listening to my custom. So I went out and cold approached 8 women. All 7 women were polite and chatted then they made their excuses and moved on. I gazed into their eyes however did not feel any sparkle or any evidence the auras were working their magic.

Then I went to one of the large indoor shopping centres and began striking up random conversions with sales staff again they were polite but there was no sparkle or any evidence of the auras working.

To be fair its only been 9 days so will spend time out each day repeating this exercise to see if I get the results that the modules are designed to do.

I have placed an order to upgrade my existing custom to terminus squared and requested the addition of further modules.

Obviously cold approaching is a tough one and can be challenging at times. The gyms are opening in a week so I also begin making moves on women at the gym too.

Other then that I am breezing through my online course and the IQ booster is doing something to help motivate me to learn the technology.

What was interesting is I saw remarkable results with in a week of using emperor and starkT however the custom is taking much longer.


I nominate this for worst post of the day (just kidding… actually not)


Well you made me crack a smile mate :slight_smile:


Looking forward to your T^2 custom :+1:


Day 10 - 8 loops overnight

Nothing remarkable to report the weather has been very poor heavy rains etc. I continue with my online learning course.

As mentioned yesterday I have ordered a custom upgrade that will contain existing modules and with the addition of the following,

Since I am so use to using terminus I have decided if I can increase the power of the build and make things happen more quickly then why not.

|ron Frame
Invincible Presence
Sphaera Magnetica|

Since I will be giving presentations at the client site in the future. I feel the first 3 modules will serve to help me.

Sphaera Magnetica| which might also enhance my aura when it comes to meeting women