Black Adder Custom Sub Journal


Day 12 - 6 loops overnight

Decided to slowly drop back to perhaps 4 loops to give my grey matter the opportunity to process the information from the subs. Will report throughout the day if I observe anything remarkable.


I see you stopped looking in the mirror to check if facial morphing has already worked, right?


Have indeed my friend :slight_smile: now that you have reminded me ahaha. Might go and check in the mirror.

I am contemplating starkT with my custom as I felt super human on starkt so i am wondering if i stack them both ? what do you think/


No, dont!!!

I wouldn’t, at least not at this point in time. Let the subconscious focus on the custom sub and once you experience concrete results, you can do it at a later time. It’s possible you feel super human on your custom too in a few days/hours(!).


When you achieve the superhuman powers, you are welcome to feature yourself on my superhuman thread.


@King :rofl:


Very possible my good friend Sirchiropractixalot :wink:


I’m pretty sure you meant good:smile:


Was out and about today chatting to girls being social talking to sales assistants in shops, hitting on girls in coffee shops. Nothing remarkable to report on the dating front.

Was able to spend hours focused on online I.T course, whilst working. I think the IQ booster is working very well for me. The moment Sirchiropractixalot asked if I had examined my face in the mirror I immediately went to have alook but could not see any evidence of morphing yet :frowning: i guess time will tell :slight_smile:

As someone has already mentioned you can reduce recon by working on your goals alongside listening. I plan to run 10 loops of my custom tonight.




You actually won’t notice this checking day by day. Perhaps it’ll be better to have a clear picture from your face now and check again within a month or so. It could be that your face is morphing little by little and seeing the changes day by day won’t exactly show the differentiation.


I’ve heard of some people in other sub communities being advised to not look at themselves in the mirror often when doing these kinds of subs.


Day 13 - 9 loops

Prior to going to bed last night I decided to run a program which is comprised of binaural beats beats that allegedly induces a delta brainwave frequency range (0.5 to 4 Hz). Whilst listening to this program which I stacked before my custom I fell asleep within 30 mins.

What happened next was terrifying i had this vivid dream of me standing in front of a woman with her pit bull. She screamed attack him the dog growled then leaped at me. I began wrestling with the dog with my bare hands and eventually killed it by breaking its jaw.

Then the dream faded and another dog appeared this time it was a german shepherd very docile it walked up and began licking my face i gave it a cuddle.

I woke up suddenly and was still on my third loop of my custom. Has anyone had these experiences before using binaural beats ? @Hermit @WhiteTiger @subliminalguy @Malkuth . It was very scary to be honest.



I would freak the f out too!


Sounds very intense. So far, I’ve never had such experiences or terrifying dreams, but it could in time.

I looked at your sub composition, and you’re doing Terminus 2. When I was using Stark Terminus, I was pushed in a lot of new ways for me, yet I still didn’t have nightmares. I’d think your custom is breaking through an old comfort/safety zone for you, and the attacking dog was a metaphor for you. Like the attacking part is you being terrified, and the german shepherd was you comforting yourself. To me it shows you’re facing something you’re afraid of, but are also caring for yourself in the moment. Something good is happening there.


Yes I agree with @subliminalguy. Terminus gave me nightmares one it’s own including similar ones to the dream you had. With Terminus Squared this is probably even taken up a whole other level. Also, listening to delta waves beforehand probably made you far more suggestible for the scripting which would explain the intensity of the dream.

Notice how you feel tomorrow, if something changed or if you feel lighter. Are there any memories that are popping up when you recall the dream? Just observe yourself closely in the next hours (though beware you are probably right now in a slight shock from the dream which is normal)


Bro, check post #49:


You probably induced a deep sleep through the binaural beats while some parts of the brain were still active, hence why it was lucid.

In combination with the subliminal you we’re probably far more suggestible, like @friday is saying.


Seeing your stack, I think those dreams are bound to happen from time to time. Even with bineural beats, I never remember my dreams, hard to tell about my own experience.

But it seems the subs might hit something differently when you are using bineural beats or maybe it was just time for you to express something :wink:


Thank you my friends for your detailed responses to my question :slight_smile:

I received my T2 version of my custom now with the following additions…

Iron Frame
Invincible Presence
Sphaera Magnetica
Serum X
Masculine Enhancement