Blue’s Subliminal Journey


I’ve been using Sex and Seducation since relese at day and Ascended Mogul during sleep. This journal will be for both of them and their respective progress…

Notable changes: I’ve been waking up hard every morning since starting S&S… my social skills have vastly improved… Im speaking 2x more than usual. Im easily expressing myself…

Regarding women… general disintrest… so far… I really don’t feel like giving anyone any attention… I have zero% desire to even try. I haven’t seen a big difference with my interactions with women… however i am reading social ques a bit better now. But i dont know where to proceed. Like one of my sudents ( female/ married ) looks intrested. I see it in her eyes. But i dont feel like rolling with it.

Persuing women is no fun. Unless im having sex with someone i don’t see why i should give them any special treatment or attention. They might as well be a dude. This does not mean i hate women or that i am trying to ignore them. I just don’t see them the same way i did. I feel picky and i dont care what they think one bit.

I am fully expressing myself to the world. Taking on challenges. But with women, only the ones who see my value and truly want me are worth my time. If no one cares, i dont care either. So be it. sooner or later… i will become someone gets to have the best pick… from a sea of endless fish.


I believe S&S is causing everyone serious reconciliation. Not just me.

It hasn’t been like this since my last weeks in Emperor… S&S which is more advanced than Emperor have the same ultra buff effects… which does not come for free

For now, however, i am enjoying womens company mostly focusing on talking to them as human beings. I am not, however, gaming everyone in sight. I don’t feel like chasing anymore than i should.

I could, theoretically, game a girl in my class which is showing mild intrest. Chasing her the way things are going will take time and energy.

However had i been on point with whatever im gong through right now. It shouldn’t be 90% me 10% her… but closer to 50/50.


Had a nice 3 day break off subliminals. Resuming tonight


Why are you taking a 3 Day break ?


Last week i’ve been in this zombie state working, working then sleeing. I felt like i lost my soul. Everything was auto pilot.

I wanted a fresh start of some sort.


Ocrober & November felt alot like the early days of using sub club subliminals and my first journey with Ascended Mogul. Finding self worth again. After talking to a close friend it finally hit me.

He told me that i was basically fighting for my life everyday for a very long time and now after achiving some of my basic goals. I was unable to deal with this relaxed situation.

I will resume posting. For now it’s giving all i got and enjoy the process. School, work, gym and audio books.


Something clicked. The mountain is finally out of the way. Those last few days i have reached a conclusion after a long reconcilliasion process. Its been way too long. I’ve reached a new level of self acceptance.

Words can not describe the level of peace i feel within myself. Its like my entire being has had enough self hurt and torture. No more.

I now have a new profund focus on what matters and what needs to be done. Ascended Mogul have done it again. I could never go backwards while uding it. No matter what i always end winning. What did i win? Its being in the position where i could finally and fully eliminate pain.


Yesterday before going to sleep. I used S&S for the first time in a very long time. I wasn’t in a bery good position back then but now i am. There is this one thing thats bothering me.

Minutes after playing S&S i started thinking about my ex. I even had a convoluted dream about an extreme scenario that forces us to meet again. Before using S&S i had allready stopped thinking about her. This happened the first time i used S&S.

So i have a question: Is S&S trying to heal/clear something? Or is it pushing me to be with her?
Why do i dream about her when i use S&S when i almost never do.


Ok… S&S is definitly shaking things up. Im starting to overthink my texts with women. Overthink and get worried for no apparent reason.

I dont like how uncomfortable this feels. But i sure hope its a step twoards the right direction.

I re installed tinder and plan on going all out.


CSo everything went from 0 - 100 real quick… like Real quick… S&S is hitting full force…

4 tinder matches a day. I used to get 4 a week
Got a solid girls snapchat… and its going super well
Flirted with an ENTJ co worker… the way her eyes looked at mine…
Center of the attention… super flowing convos…

With that being said. If you are using S&S… keep going. Who knows whats next


Im passing female shit tests with A+ grades. I pulled her in my frame and made her qualify herself like its a job interview. Her investment went from 30% to 80%.


This is actually getting more and more intreating. Tinder matches are blowing. 50% wont even reapond tho… but again i never get so many matches

People are trying to strike up conversation with me. And its very smooth. Women are staring at me and smiling. This is happening more and more. I almost thought i knew a couple of them, the way the looked at me.

One of my studens was sneak looking at me all the time. She was acting very girlish…


How long did you use SS for to notice significant results like these, rather than subtle ones?


Im running it 10+ hours a day now. Before i could not tolerate the feedback


So i have been witholding updates about S&S because whenever i speak about something it never happens. Since V2 is coming soon whatever someone needs to do it

  • Massive increse in Tinder matches but most go to nowhere

  • The one solid match i have is with a solid 8/10 blond with sexy looks and personality. Her issue is that she keeps wasting time, is intrested but not in moving it forward. She lives about 100km away. She dont want me over but she doesnt seem to be intrested in coming over to my place. She is very open in texting and we vibe pretty well but she is all over the place

  • Im handling her far better than i would have imagined. Trying to babystep her to bed.

  • S&S is making me hyper sexual. My mood is all over the place. Im extremly aggressive and not in control.

  • Even as im typing this at 1:40 am on my time. My eyes are very heavy yet im restless.

  • Out of whim i texted my ex again then blocked her for good.

  • Same with Emperor. Something is just missing. Im just restless and im unfocused.

Edit: My attitude twoards the entire thing is just wrong. The only true right attitude is demonstrading Intent and being free from outcome at the same time.

For me its either full apathy idgaf mode or reckless intent.


Those last 10 day i have been feeling absolutly nothing. For the most part anger and i do actually enjoy being angry. Because it feels like something.

Im no longer self ctitisizing myself or overthinking. I just cant find joy in much of what i do. Im condsidering doing a 1 month run of only Ascension and limitless.

Ascension for the mindset and Limitless for making that progress faster.


Starting tonight i will be running A&S V2 and Expermental Ascension

I want to further test V2 while having Ascension keeping my #### toghether :slight_smile:


Lots of tinder matches on S&S v2, modt of them go no where. Seeing more looks from strangers and i’ve stuck a conversation with a few of them. Didnt go anywhere either.

  • Last night i had a hard time falling a sleep, i put on Empeoror for the Rich Deep Sleep module. As before, i woke up feeling bitter and bored all day long. No matter what i did, how many stuff i took care of i kept feeling like that.

I truly wonder if everyone on Emperor feel like this 24/7. How could anyone achieve anything feeling like this. Does it take time for a breakthrough?


After doing ASC and S&S for a while i realized i was both getting somewhere and not at the same time. All post Emperor subs have been very strong yet for me i always feel not in control.

I will go back to Ascended Mogul and maybe some Sex mastery x on the side. I seem to be functioning best with his setup.

Ascended Mogul has by far been the sub i’ve used the most and have had most impact with.

Everything else digs deep making me unable to function as i would like to.


@Saiyan4Blue I thought you’re single and not having sex. Why would Sex Mastery X then be more useful to you than something like SSv2.1 or Primal?