Blue’s Subliminal Journey


The very first day i used Emperor V2 my insecurities became crystal clear. And if this isn’t a testamony for Emperors effectiveness, then nothing is. Today felt pointless, like the feeling you get after finishing an epic game or movie, and got agressive over small things.

I started thinking about my life. How being the way i am is not good. That im too good for people. That they don’t appreciate me. That everyone takes life for granted and nobody seems to get where im coming from. That my ex could still be in love with me if i was a dick to her. That maybe she would still be with me if i wasn’t as honest and caring as i was. It wasn’t about her, it was about what if this will always happen if stay true to myself. I got hurt so much i would never do that to anyone in any way.

That i will never belong in this world. That i could never strong enough to make the world react to me, instead of me obeying it’s laws.

I wish it was as trivial as looks or money. Still im very happy to be reminded of how much of a monster Emperor is. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

No dawn comes without darkness


Oh im killing that dragon allright. As soon as i find that damn blade i will be chopping its head, leveling up from the exp, and become an Emperor :sunglasses:


The others are right. How to deal with weakness and insecurities that come up are very individualized.

But here’s something to consider trying…

  1. Write them down – with specifics
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how accurate is that feeling
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you to FIX or GET RID of that feeling?
  4. For the top 2 or 3 items on the priority list, sift through your memory for things that might have caused you to feel that way.
  5. Rewrite those memories with slight changes that would cause you to feel the opposite, more desirable feelings.
  6. Search your memories for things that support the opposite feeling (IOW, if you’re dealing with fear, search for memories where you were brave).
  7. Write those memories down. Rewrite them to be even stronger but still holding to the essence of the memory.
  8. Reread and relive all those memories at least daily and fully associate with the positive feelings they produce. End each session with, “See? I AM brave!” or “Look at all that evidence showing how confident I am in every situation!”


Did just that. Thanks for the advice. I wrote down all key moments that i makes me feel down and my interprentation of them. I also reframed those memories to my favor. Which honestly speaking there were, i was just doing the opposite and shifting the blame.

Emperor will be my primary sub until 2019. 2018 has allready been a great year despite how painful it was. Within 10 years i want to be in a position where i dont even need to work unless i want to.


Good for you. Keep doing that exercise every time you notice those dis-empowering feelings.


The initial shakeness with Emperor has lessned alot, and i feel terrible hunger. Not for food but for life. Im brimming with energy and im excuding stregnth, authority and self trust in my voice and body language.
People are flinching ever so slightly around me. So far so good.


Emperor keeps finding those crack in my armor and forcing me to confront them. One more thing i found about myself is how much im actually worth. Someone told me that someone i barly know got sad becaue i nodded at him while walking past him. He expected me to talk to him for a while.

Yes its at a point where if i dont talk to someone or forget about them they get sad. Im that important now apparently.


Ok this will be very very personal. It’s something few running Emperor could relate to but im 100% certain now. Emperor is a teacher, the most extreme and most cruel teacher in existance that laughs at my weaknesses and attachments. It gives zero fucks about anything but excellence. Oh im feeling bad about something, lets fuck up everything in your face. Oh you are getting a little needy with one girl you are texting? Lets have them all ignore you and treat you like the bitch you are. Oh you were hoping for something good? Lets fuck it up the best way possible.

But the flip side is equally true. I let go and all the girls hit me up at the same time. I do what i must do and i feel like a king. I push through the tiredness and suddenly i get all the energy in the world.

Emperor is merciless teacher that punishes every little mistake and makes sure i know my leason. And im not talking about making a mistake like spilling coffe or forgeting to turn the lights of. The mistakes im talking about are everything that stands in my way to greatness.

Emperor is a teacher and its hellbent or reforging me into the greatest man alive. I know for a fact that running Emperor for one year will make me stand with the top 1%.

Emperor is the only mentor that matches my drive. If you are running Emperor and you dont feel like you are being fucked with then you are not ready for it.


Ill be honest its kind of suprising how well people are handling Emperor. I always post what i feel and think in order to give the best feedback i got. I can only see 3 possible options:

1: I am overreacting
2: I have far more obsticles in my way compared to the majority of Emperor users
3: We all have it as bad, im just the only one voicing it.

With that being said. My emotions are all over the place and my mind is clouded. Yet everything else is on point. Im being pushed to the edge of my mental limits.

Im still at that stage where i want something good to happen so i can be happy. My life has been a long running track. I run and run and endure and the happiness i get is the random resting points i get to stop at.

I realise that i subconciously make everything so damn hard. Emperor is kicking all the bs and toxins out of me.

What i have learned about myself within my first week on Emperor V2:

  • I care too much for the people i love, i suck at placing boundaries.

  • I unintentionally make everything hard.

  • I am not giving myself the love i desurve and should have repeatedly earned.

  • Im too damn impatient.

  • I am not giving those who choose me the love and attention they desurve.


This is the type of deep, intense, critical self-evaluation one needs to partake in if they want to truly succeed in life. It also helps significantly with subliminal use. Keep it up.


Trying to integrate my dark side in a healthy way that works for my benefit. It could take years until im completly healed and honestly i don’t want to live in a world where im too good for everyone.

As long as it aligns with my goals and what Emperor is trying to accomplish. Im set.

This will also step my game up to a whole new level. The type of women im attracted to the most, xNFx’s are compelled to find toxic men and try to fix them. So ill let them do the healing while i do my thing. Win-Win


Honestly im at a level i dont know what i want to do with this new power. I want to feel depressed, i usually do that when lots of shit blow up in my face. I get depressed, i get angry and tell myself ill become someone better.

Now i cant be sad. My old dumb system that i actually miss is non-functional. Now its just confusing. Its like i miss a phantom limb


Here’s a particular anecdote that I was reluctant to share, but is very relevant to your situation. I’ve been using subs for a long time now, mental alchemy for even longer. I had a lot of blockages and faulty beliefs to get through, and now it seems that my custom Emperor has FINALLY made some serious progress. Not to brag, but I have an amazing, high paying day job, SubliminalClub isn’t just “doing well,” it’s thriving (our profits are increased steadily month over month). I have other eCommerce sites that are doing insanely well – to the point that I can probably quit my day job within the next year. I’m at that point where I can simply put all my bills on autopay and never have to even check my bank account, even after large purchases.

Guess what’s happening now? Suddenly, I’ve been fixated on the idea of death and dying. There have been times throughout the day that I have gone into near panic attacks over the possibility that our consciousness simply ceases to exist when we die. It led to a few days when I didn’t do much outside of playing video games. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening and simply attributed it to the fact that I’m hitting that age where I have to consider my mortality.

Then, it dawned on me. This success literally all occurred within the last 3 months. It happened so fast that my subconscious hasn’t quite caught up with my new reality, and believes that I’m in dangerous territory. Hence, the constant dwelling on death. Not surprisingly, I didn’t have those feelings the day I sat back and played Monster Hunter for six hours after work. ONLY when I began to work on my businesses.

Being aware of this issue, however, lets me know what steps I need to take. Today, I pushed through the feeling and worked on SubClub for almost 16 hours straight. Tomorrow, I’ll work on my other sites. The fear is already subsiding. I’m already feeling “better.”

You have a gift – the ability to actually interpret what your subconscious is doing. Some people can’t do that. Now that you know what it’s up to, take steps to resolve the issue.


I agree with saint on this I often times am controlled by my subconscious and don’t even know why it’s just there just because, u r extremely lucky that u know exactly what is happening so u can just tackle it as it comes up


@SaintSovereign I used to have on and off panic attacks all the way untill 2019. Thoughts on death and dying triggred it. My breathing kept getting more and more irregular thinking that my heart would stop at any second.

Now that i think about it. It was not because i thought about death. It was just a terrible mood.

  • Emperor has me thinking about success barriers. Yeaterday i had the choise to get sad and emo but i could not do it. That part of me enjoyed being the vengful victim who thinks he is cursed. It was so ridiculus thinking that i identifyed as that person for so long.

Nobody is cursed. No one is different and no one is that special. There are however universal laws that will never change. The rich gets richer, you become what you think about, life is yin and yang ( light and dark ) and nobody is actually that happy. Its the journey and the process that is worth it. It’s paradise and its hell, what ever we choose it is :slight_smile:


Got so much more respect for you by sharing that.
I finally feel that i can relate. (specially by that monster hunter example)

I put you and Fire on the pedestal by thinking you guys ‘‘made it all’’
But at the end of the day, the two of you are human beings with their own journey and obstacles, just like all of us, and i can only respect that.

Thank you for your input.


I just love the Rich Deep Sleep Module in Emperor. Its so easy to sleep


Its been a while since i last posted. Emperor is doing its usual thing, shoving me head first into my fears and everything that stands in my way to become an Emperor only for me to get back on top. The biggest development however is in the romance department.

I have 3 girls that im texting regularly and are unable to meet so far duo to our crouded schedules. One of them is very intrested, its almost like she is the one seducing me. Alot is happening in such a short time.


Today marks the ending on an old cycle. Today im free from the mental prison i’ve sentenced my self to for years. Wanting to be king out of fear, wanting love out of lonliness, wanting to live out of fearing being left out, wanting confidence out of fear of losing control. Emperor toghether with my tenacity have broken through the hardest shell.

I feel nothing but power surging through my very being. At this time i have close to no money and im barly able to pay my bills and eat yet i’ve never felt more alive.

If i could verbalize how i feel it would sound exactly like this

I see now why i couldn’t handle Emperor the first time i ran it. Some may run it and quit, some may run it and tip their toes in its frozen waters but the best way is to jump in snd trust that you will come out an Emperor.

” No tree, it is said can grow to heavin unless it’s roots reach down to hell ”


Something intresting happened today while i was at the gym. Almost 70% of the femals there were 9s and 10s. Anybody not living in Sweden have no idea what in talking about.

I felt something new. Why im i settling for 7s and 8s and could barly make time to see them instead of being chased by the 9s and 10s? Why im i not living a life where im the center of this action?

So i asked myself. Do i really want that? Is this just the usual over entitlement or im i going to do something about it. I know that as a man i have all the power to make them quiver at my very precense.

What do i want? Im i satasfied with what i have? Being somewhat successful in life and with women. What kind of person do i have to become and most importantly… why?

What does it truly take live the life of a king living among the top 1%

Edit: Instead of all these questions i will do something about it. I will run Emperor for at least 12+ everyday. We will see where this goes