Blue’s Subliminal Journey


Tons of new oppertunities are knocking at my door. One is a project that i started, then there is my side hustle… teaching. Then one of my mentors wants to meet me to give me a work oppertunity. Lastly i got call from an old job where they apologized for firing me and are saying they need me bad… 1,5 years later…

Man i got my work cut out for me :smiley:

  • My energy level on Emperor is very intresting. I could go on few hours sleep like its nothing. I dont need coffee anymore though i drink occasionsly. In the gym i can pretty much do 4 different excesizes with 4 sets and 12 reps in each before i get tired.

Its not like i have more energy now, its the stamina regen… in a way of saying it.

Edit: One more thing. My libido is almost that on Sex Mastery X. Its getting out of control


Emperor is litterarly decimating whatever that stands in my way to become the best man i could possibly be, while staying true to myself. Everyday thee is this 1% improvement that keeps on stacking.

I will be adding Spartan for the testing:

Emperor 6 - 8 hours a day.
Spartan: 4+ a day / 7 days on 2 days off


Is this recommended 2 days off spartan ?



This is an expermental cycle for Spartain. Saint was curious if some people could participate and post about their results.

For normal Spartan: 7 days on 2 off
For Spartan New Dawn: 5 Days on 2 off

As mentioned, this is only an expermental cycle. There are no reccomended usage cycle as far as i know. Feel free to try your own Cycle with or without stacking :smile:


Day 2 on Spartan: Woke up with 5 hours sleep while playing Spartan all night. I kept waking up and sleeping all night long. After work i headed to the gym. The most immediate change was endurance. I was shredding sets after sets with minimal recovery time. I was grunting. Alot. Thats not something i normally do…

More like i never push myself beyond the point where i needed to squeeze in every last drop of energy into my sets.

I simply do this. 4 sets, 1st of the 2 i use an appropriate weight where i feel numb after reaching 10 to 12 reps. The last 2 sets i increse the weight so i max put around 7 or 8 reps.

I do that with multiple excersizes within an hour. I often do super sets because i like the extra pressure.

Today i was maxing at 14 and 10s with lower recovery time. I also feel less tired mentally after sets.


For the record, are you using Spartan or Spartan New Dawn


Normal Spartan


Day 6 on Spartan: The effects are getting more noticable. Unfortunatly i cant afford to eat that well at the moment. What i can afford is just enough to keep me going, and nothing else. So im on a platue…

On the othet hand. Emperor and Spartan are not mixing too well for me. At times i feel overwhelmed.


@Saiyan4Blue Perhaps drop Emperor to 4 loops ?. I a running Apex at 4 loops and Emperor at 4 loops its bearable so far.


Yes i will try Apex after finishing the second week on standard Spartan. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:



Day 2 of spartan, did one week and took 2 days off. Spartan is very effective and direct just like with Sexual Mastery X. Sometimes i get as low as 2 loops a day of Spartan and i can still preform 2x as good as my normal in the gym.

Yesterday i went on a run on my favorate road. I used to run that road years ago, it takes about 20 min to reach the end point and about 30 to get back. I used to run that road in the middle of the forest almost daily. Whenever i stop running for weeks or months i still do it without a single break.

Its very very exhausting and that road is my very personal therapist. Whenever lifes becomes to much to handle id put my shoes on and take a run.

This time around, 2 days ago, i went to run after months of not running. It was just as hard as i remeber physically. Mentally i never consided quitting. With Spartan i ran with a rush of excitment and it was more fun than an obligation. No doubt the next time i run it will be far easier.


This is where the rubber meets the road. As mentioned on old posts, i have managed to aquire 2 mentors/partners that im activly working with. I’ve decided to persue wealth and wisdom outside of the traditonal 9/5 work life system. I could do that if i want but this is an invesment. Its with those 2 mentors i can actually build something far greater.

With the first, my employer, she is trusting me with more and more crucial tasks we are starting a big project toghether. Soon my position will change from teaching, to being responcible for 100s of people. It’s not a joke.

As with my second mentor, a buissness man and a true hustler, We will start a company and a digital PC hard & Softwere shop.

Ascended Mogul lifted me off the ground to meet these people. Yet i was only there, just a potential… Emperor, as harsh as it can be, flourished that potential. That is the difference.

I have no doubt it will prove a challenge, but there is no way i can’t win. Buissness and life-wise… i have the right attitude and everything it takes.


Two weeks on the 7 days on 2 days off with standard Spartan. Not much to say except it worked wonderfully. Im twice as able in the gym. I could work out for 2 hours if i feel like it. I went on a run again and this time the road was very short. It used to be so hard it seemed like forever, now its almost like the road has shrinked.

Not only is Spartan a must in my playlist. I’ve also started taking much better care with my well being. I bought a posture belt that forces me to walk like Vince McMahon in his intros. My back is thanking me for it.

I will start expermenting with my own loops now with Spartan.

Emperor: the work is going steady towards my goals. I realised how ridiculus they sounded when i first mentioned them but its a long time from now. My focus is improving steadily, im becoming more effective at what i do and i feel better about my self. Those 0.01% improvments are adding up nicely


Ok this week has been unbelievable. My focus on work and getting shit done is on an entire different level. Like every single day it gets more and more intense, im doing far more in a day than i would normally do in a week. I feel like im in the zone 24/7, i can speak forever, my energy level is inhuman at this point. And the girls are fighting over me.

One of my students who i have lightly flirted with is seducing me heavily. Almost to the point of annoyance, she even admitted that she loves me after i kissed her. I told her to calm down and take it slow, and that i promise nothing. All she does is chase me. Scratch that! It was actually her who kissed me, and said: Im only doing this because i dont want you to be with other girls.

Another student is actually texting both me and her, she is butthurt about the way we look at each other, she says in her texts. I know who she is but she doesnt know.

One co worker, 32 years old and hot as hell, has been heavily touching me whenever she gets a chance. She even asked if we should do coffee ” meeting ”.

With work im crushing it. Im doing 50% of my boss’s work. And she is the type that pays back 5x more. She trusts me since she believes im no threat to her.

Hell even my ex has started texting me. To any man who have ever had their guts ripped out by a woman they loved or wanted. Put your self first, be selfish. Love and appreciate yourself. No one could ever give you what you allready have.

They will love, appreciate and respect you for it.

I will be applying for another part time job since i could be making way more money. And my other project is going slowly but steadily.

At this point im walking around like the world is my kingdom. I dont even need to do anything anymore to attract women. Anything i do works since im coming from a frame of power.

This is the other side. It all started with slowly developing the right mindset. The mind is truly a wonderful thing. Im extremly grateful for Subclub and to my hardest yet most rewarding mentor. Emperor


I’ve actually started expermenting with my own stack a while ago which may be the reason behind those awsome changes.

My current stack:
Regeneration x1
Limitless x1
Spartan Apex Warrior x1
Sex Mastery X x1
Emperor x3


I used Primal Seduction yesterday all night and woke up feeling scared and insecure. I woke up from a dream within a dream within a dream. It was so bad my boss called 30 min before work and i got there 15 min late. Primal Seduction is extremly powerful. Just like Emperor, it can be too much to handle especially at night. Theough the day, however, it wasn’t in any way difficult.

More on that, i met the girl who is in love with me. We have made out before but she was extremly resistant to anything else. I didnt push it and i had other things to do. I treat her as a friend and nothing else. Today i broke through all her barriers. We went from kissing, me touching her chest ( in the library, she didnt want to come to my place ) to her seducing me and giving me a hand job. She did all that on her own. I had zero intention but i was motivated.

Now she keeps talking about how everything is her first, and how im changing her so fast. All i do is chill back and play the victim. Still she did pretty much all the work just to make me happy. I dont care much, she is very smart and i enjoy her company. Its nice being targeted for a change.

Primal Seduction will definitly go into my stack.
Regeneration x1
Limitless x1
Spartan Apex Warrior x1
Sex Mastery X x1
Emperor x3

Primal Seduction ( used outside of the playlist. One loop a day )

Powerful stuff right here, but id start slow if i were you :slight_smile:


The “I’m the one being seduced” is such a strong frame. Turns all the girls crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Being in that frame earns more respect and value than anything else.


While reading @Alexander ’s journal i noticed how he talked about the more he gains in attactivness the more hate from men he gets. My first thought was, nobody hates me yet i have been making progress. Then i realized something. The way i act is somewhat filtred.

I see myself doing this unconciously. I can see the small social nuances and know when im being brash and assertive. What i do, unconciously, is i defuse the the tension. I am supressing the new frame. So as an experment, i will be as unfiltred as i could get.

In other words. Im going In Raw


@Saiyan4Blue you mentioned Primal Seduction is powerful at one loop. Can you really feel the effects one a single loop ?.


Well yes and no. When i saw how good it worked i had 7+ hours using it, first day while sleeping. The effect, i saw later but before that i woke up from a dreadful sleep.

So at 1 loop, im not botherd by any way except for minor mood changes. Nothing crazy either. When it comes to attraction i was doing pretty well using my own stack. Before Primal Seduction. What it did, is get the girl im seeing to go bananas on me.