Blue’s Subliminal Journey


At work i see many people, & talk and help many people. I also do alot of tasks my boss trusts nobody but me, and im being paid handsomly for it.

Today i tried to act as natural as i could. Not gonna lie i was cold and imposing. When someone annoyed me, the saw it and stopped. Many could not look me in the eye. My usual nice guy act is more profitable in my work.

I did however get intense stares from females. Even my boss was acting nervious around me. Almost like she didnt want to say something stupid.

The girl im seeing is doing her best to be around me as much as humanly possible but im extremly busy. The more progress i make, the easier this game seems. The game of life, finances, love and power.

Its almost like nobody is even trying. Is so bad they are not even pretending to try. I see now just how important leverage is. Few have to try as hard as i do.

But im not better than them, my goal is to be in an enviorment where i feel the least important. If im the best, then im in the wrong place.


The girl im seeing is starting to get in my nervs. While ambitious, fierce, loyal, beautifl and overall a good person she has fears and extreme self worth issues that kept appearing more and more everyday. So i cut her off without hesitation.

I have no problem setting boundaries now and they are tough as hell. The only people who get let in are those i believe are worthy and positive.

Morever, i am no longer bound by a single person. Being the way i am right now, i could just as easily get anyone else. Today i talked to the hot cashier at my local store and got her number. All i did was small talk and it worked. Because i offer value now… i am a man who radiates value and positivity.

Courage and persistance are invaluable in order to acheive happiness and greatness.

Knowing when to say NO and having strong boundaries. Is just as important


After doing Primal Seduction for a while now, one loop a day, i want to try a full night sleep with it. I dont care if i get a nightmare or not… I dont hide from fears or difficulties anymore.

With that being said. Having a loop a day fot a while now i have

  • Incresed self confidence
  • I feel less inhibited everyday especially around women
  • I care less and less about others opinion and the more i do, the more i find my core stregnth which is stable and self nourishing.

What i learned is. I couldn’t really not care about what others think, on a very deep level that is, unless i cared more about my own opinions. This in turn means: The more i find power from the inside, the less bound i am to the outside.

Power, True happiness, wealth, romance yeah we got it all. With subclub i dare say life is a downhill ride…


I woke up from after looping Primal Seduction all night. I woke up feeling weird just like last time. It wasn’t scary though it was like meh. Definitly weird tho

I had a full power morning wood, just like with Sex Mastery. Power and emBIGgerment lmao

I had a weird dream too. I had a child with a woman, also had a gf and i was trying to have both not meet or see me in the same place. Cant remeber much more.


Primal Seduction is no longer scary. It just felt really alien for a while just like Emperor but in a different way.

Its starting to get put of hand with the attraction. I can, with a simle look, intuitivly know if a woman likes me or not and i have zero fears acting on what i want. I desire them while needing a absolutly nothing from them.

Everything i need is within, this is true confidence. Im so happy im becoming more and more self reliant.

Primal Seduction have stepped the game up. I have anput 6 women i could persue at any given moment. Nothing grand like them chasing me or anything, just a simple gesture saying ” Door is open, if you want to come in ”


Still going with this Playlist:
Regeneration x1
Limitless x1
Spartan Apex Warrior x1
Sex Mastery X x1
Emperor x3

And Primal Seduction att odd times.

  • Primal Seduction is under control now. Just like Emperor, in the very begining, it was hitting hard but its no longer uncomfortable.

I do feel different though. Im becoming more in tune with my emotions and body. Its like my Inferior Se is on roids. I dont know what it yet its helping me become better at communicating and my social battery is far more durable.


Primal Seduction seems to be taking the spotlight in my progress and the focal point in my dreams. Makes sense since its been relesed very recently.

I woke up from a crazy dream yet again. In the dream i had sex twice, with two different women from my past, in the same day. More like hours after the other.

The theme seems to be ” Pull the trigger ” and
” they all want you, go for it ”


Those day im waking up heavy eyed, as if no sleep is ever enough. Woke up from yet another crazy sex dream.

I was making out with a girl at the entrance of a party, everyone was inside and i was idgaf and pulled her pants down right there.

We do get cought, people start gathering and staring. In a weird movie like senario i was getting shaming looks. I was half i dont care, half i was stupid.

I then waking feeling so weird as if woke up from the real world… back to… this


Primal Seduction’s healing is most impressive. Yesterday i had a dream about a girl from my past. She was beautiful and we were both 16 or 17. I crushed on her obsessivly for months, and my most cring and humiliating moment was when i confessed to her. It was so bad i can’t even bring myself to remeber it.

She was very sweet and understanding when she rejected me, whats worse is that even while i was in pain and without knowing why i made it as pitiful as it could just to make her feel sorry for me. And the absolut worst part was seeing a fat friend of mine my showing off her nudes that she sent him and bragging about how bad she wants him.

• In the dream we meet again. She has a short hair, but just as beautiful. We talk, she is impressed by the new me. She keeps staring and we hug and and lie down toghether. Hold hands in a human way. There was attraction, but it was mostly two humans bonding while being vaulnrable.

I wasnt trying to hit on her. I was only happy in her presense. I apologized for that moment. For making her feel sorry and thanked her for her kindness. And ofcurse she didnt care about what i was saying, she was only attracted.

So the dream ends and i make peace with the past.


Damn ur lucky, I have something similar happened to me that I’m pretty sure still affects me


While you may or may not make peace with a certain past even on Primal Seduction. I can only tell you that you are not alone. Men who were not told whats its like to be a man, embarras themselves and are cringly.

Just embrace that fact. Sit down and revisit your worst memories. Reframe them into something positive, for me. I told myself that i had the balls to confess. As horrible as it went. I did it.

Use that knowlwdge to your advantage. Imagine a woman who wants you so much she will be just as cringy. Ans you will find it hilarious.

Its not just you. Its everyone :smile:


So i made a side stack that i will use for a while next to the main stack.

-Ascended Mogul

Both on repeat.

When i started yesterday and moments before going to sleep i felt a strong turbulence in my mind. It was close to what i felt the first few weeks on Emperor. The main goal is Ascended Mogul is to gain some fast money.

  • Dream: Me and many of my family, the ones i grew up with were all living in the same place. And everytime i went to sleep ( in my dream ) it was a horror movie senario gig.

First dream ( within the actual dream ): A buss comes crashing through a building and it hits some sort of metal that litterarly dismembers several people.

Second dream ( also within the actual dream ): I was in a buss that was driving up a mountain and there was many people. The buss stopped at the designated spot the something happened and everyone was looking at a certain direction. The buss driver goes mental and he starts driving through people to see whats going on. Many people try to stop him but they do so a little too late.

I woke up confused but unafraid. It was all just odd and all i thought was ” what the hell ”.


My last update was way too fucked up. Thankful i no longer have any horrible dreams. But i do sleep alot and its very hard to wake up. I could sleep 10 hours and 2 more if i wanted to. All thanks to a leg day at the gym 3 days ago. I went so hard it still hurts to walk.


  • With Ascended Mogul in the mix. It’s way easier to get money and find myself in situations i can make more money.

  • With Primal Seduction… its going balls to the walls. I got a new student, 8/10 goth looking babe with green eyes swooning in my presens. Meanwhile the other girl im seeing On and Off, who has failed multiple times to put a label on us, is extremly jealious. I do what i what i want.

The power to be outcome indifferent is so strong it makes my looks, height, muscles, clothes and position seem inconsequential. Primal Seduction is the best attraction subliminal bar none.

  • Regeneration… Its allowing all this change to happen, meanwhile recharging me and warding off mental and physical strains that would have held me down.

The only annoying part is that i feel empty from time to time. But at least its coming from a position of power.


Last few weeks i have been slowing down and losing moumentum. Not sure if this is how its is or just what it feels like. This is a challenge of its own.


I think you should go on… strange thing about psyche that its shows shutdown just before the breakthru, when nothing seems happens - huge internal change is taking place. I don’t know how it is works.


You are right. It is a universal sign that it will get better. This have happened more times than i can count. Whats annoying is the way emotions play tricks.


I don’t support the cultural meme about “MOAR MOAR MOAR” and “The more pain the more gain”.

It’s unhealthy. Humans are made to push themselves for a while, then rest and recover.

It’s okay to take a break and relax. I took a full month’s break in March from even talking to women. And on April 1st, I was out there, fully recharged and ready.

Even now, I took yesterday and today off because my body feels DOMS from walking and approaching girls. As long as you don’t quit, you’re building momentum.

Chasing momentum without recovery is a recipe for a burnout.


In a way. I dont think it thought of it as taking a break or slowing down. Everyday used to be a sink or swim day in the past its hard to tell myselg to let go sometimes.

Its not like im a very productive person to be honest. Its more about the part in my head that keeps thinking More More More.

It always finds a way to sneak in. Before it was from a place of insecurity, now its from a place of hyper Te.

  • Big ass update -

Today i completly ended it with the girl i was sort of seeing who was in love with me. She truly loved me but it was suffocating and it always felt like her happiness depended on me staying.

Honestly, as much as i like her, i dont love her. Which is strange since she litterarly represents what a perfect relationship would look like.

Thing is i just dont feel it. It doesnt truly matter. Yes im happy when i see her but i dont need her or anyone. Its a point i have strived for and wanted for as long as i remeber. To be my own anchor of happiness and power.

Last week she acted very childishly in class asking personal questions infront of my other students meanwhile we were supposed to be a secret. She even told them about personal details about my life. I felt the need to cut her out completly. She is unable to control herself.

Yet i feel hollow somehow. I coulf have given her a stern warning, i could have given her a chance. Instead i just cut her out.

The way she loves me is exactly the way i used to love, and i wished i was loved the same way. Now i dont need that anymore. Im perfectly happy on my own, and i now view traditional love as the comprimising of happiness.

What is love anymore. The way i view it right now is:

  • Its just love, except never crossing a line where it becomes neediness.


The Emperor/Ascended Mogul exchange.

By choosing Emperor over Ascended Mogul i constantly find myself being driven into corners mentally and physically. Feeling not in control. It feels like going through a dark tunnel with one glance of dim light in the end. Ill i need to do is go down the road. Emperor is a very long term sub.
On A.M i always find anway out. I always make more money, getting raises and ranking up faster.

As of now. Im starting to deeply question myself. Who i am as a person. What do i stand for. And for success what is better for me. Emperor or A.M?

To be more specific my question is. Im i more of a short term goal oriented. As in…

Ascended Mogul: Its vastly more comfortable than Emperor. Im almost never short of money. I always end up making more. The con is that i dont get driven into the same corners like i do with Emperor.

Emperor: I feel being challenged by life 24/7. I dont know if im on the right path or not. Everyday is a new learning experiance. The con is that im not as effective short term-wise compared to A.M.

  • The more i experiance though and the more i see. The more i realise how fragile humans can be. By seeing how desperate some people can get and how easily they give up. How fragile humans can be. I see that in people but most of all in myself. The difference is i have the determination. Its not like i NEED the right subliminal. Or that nobody can ever be successful without subliminals. They are, and forever will be an enhancment. Just like how running Emperor or A.M will not make you happy and rich by defult. The choice will always be yours.