Breakdown with Stark Q


Day 5.2

A small self analysis for the record
Date: 05/04/2020

When was the last time I made a bold decision, for personal growth? Does my decision to invest in SUBCLUB count? Other than that 1 I can’t remember.

How do I face a situation where i have to do something uncomfortable?
Previously I would completly avoid. But now I 2push myself forward

I 1Rarely trust my intuition. I barely get any business or social intuition at all

People 4Usually think i am different

I 1Always find change challenging. I will make excuses to take action towards change

I 2OCcasionally favor my family members

During problems i am 3Occasionally Calm

I 4Always let others lead, if they are better than me

I don’t truly belive I have everything I need to fully take care of myself, without external help; I have just recently started believing that I am always responsible for everything that happens in my life, even if something isn’t my fault. 1

I 2ocassionaly change stuff on social media

I am not doing everything I can do to lead the life I want: 1

1 I have problems with openen ended plans

3 I ocasionally do what i do because i see no alternatives

1 I’m not involved in any sports

1 I have goals and I know I will acheive them. But a of yet, I don’t know how

1 I can’t start new projects

1 I have fear and anxiety that prevents me from doing things

1 Idon’t like to be around indesicive people. I many cases I myself am an indecisive person.

1 I don’t like new places. I am comfortable being in a place where i am used to.

1 I feel uncomfortable in umfamiliar situations

3 I ocassionally play sports for fun

3 I ocassionally confront issues now. Before i would not confront at all. Maybe the strong fear of confrontation was expressed as laziness. That fear is still there but to a lewsser extent.

1 When i don’t know the answer i keep quiet

1 I won’t do things that make me look like a fool


Day 5.3

I like to stay in my comfort zone, and I don’t like to step out of it. I am very risk averse and fearful of making mistakes and taking chances. I am resistant to change. I tend
to be a more cautious, anxious person when it comes to pushing boundaries and I
would rather play safe and content than risk anything greater. I tend to
settle more easily for things.

I have been waiting for the right opportunity and this is it!


I’d say that it looks like Quantum Limitless is f***ing working. Your analysis is looking agile and comprehensive. Guess your intuition was correct about working with this program. Keep it up!


@Malkuth These are not fully my ideas. I’m just reflecting various stuff to my situation, as I am reading and listening to subs.
But yea! I’m focusing on breakdown now, trying to expose as many limits I can, instead of just hoping to become high status by listening to the sub.


Day 6

Khan St1 Day6
QL St1 Day 66

I plan to stick to Ql St1 until Day 75

“I am not afraid of the unknown. I am afraid of what i think the unknown is like”

There are only two “real” fears that I have actually been born with: fear of
falling and fear of loud noises.
Everything else I fear is a story that I have somehow created
and that we hold on to in our minds.

Fear is only the story I tell myself. It is backed up by false evidence


Day 7

Khan St1 Day 7
Ql St1 Day 67

My re realisation of limitations.

The fear of unknown / Fear of Failure/ Laziness because of fear/ too much used to my comfort zone


Day 7.1

I’ve been feeling pretty shit.

Didn’t feel anything close to this feeling during my last run of Stage 1 back in October. To think about it, I didn’t feel like such shit during my entire run of Khan last time.

TB is working


Day 7.2

I have recently been practicing on the following

“Your mind does what you tell it to”

Although none of my actions taken involved stepping out, but it involved doing uncomfortable stuff from home.

When it time came for me to do those, I repeatedly told myself that i want to do them. I did so in incremental steps. and I actually did end up doing the thing.

Let’s see if i can carry on this principle to bigger things!

On other news, my shitty feeling subsided after i started QL St1 for studying purposes.


Have you played with trance before?

This will make the affirmation 10x more powerful


i know trance in terms of hypnosis tracks taking you into trance… are you talking about the same?


Day 7.3

Our mind guides us to survival, and it avoids what it thinks causes pain to us.
When we give our mind any instruction to move away from a cartain thing once, the mind keeps on repeating that desicion over and over again.
The mind wants to move us away from pain, and the only way it can determine what pain is today, is by the language we tell it.

Every time i have doubts in my head!
I will change the wordings into “I can” and “I will”!

First I make my beliefs and then my beliefs make me.
First I make my habits and then my habits make me.


Day 8

Distracting myself from what is going on around!
I know can get through this!

Take a deep breath!

and start working on self transformation.

Khan St1 Day 8
Ql St1 Day 67

I woke up from some erotic dreams today.


Day 8.1

For every experience faced by me, I am creating my own reality through my lens.

First step to beautify my experience is to let go of my ego.

Because the way I am judging others is actually a projection of how i am judging myself Internally.

I will be consciously aware of my judgement

First and foremost, I will apply this prevention of judgement to my mother


Day 8.2

The category of life that i want to excel in most and the limitng beliefs-

How do I know it’s true?

How do I know it’s really true?

Wha’ts the impact of the belief on me right now?

Could the opposite be true?

It does not which one is true. All that matters is which one we believe to be true! It will drive our brain towards tat direction


Yes - I have been starting lately to guide myself into trance using NLP and then integrating affirmations deep into my inner mind by repeating them consciously in a certain way. I took the script from one of the best NLP and hypnosis instructors and recorded it myself and name-embedded the affirmations as I felt like this could even double the result. It is the conscious version of a subliminal so to say.

I did it in conjunction with and for my own sexual practices to become multiorgasmic, but as a side effect, I feel like this is tripling my subliminal results.

If you are interested, I can share with you the whole script especially as you are somebody who is truly giving a lot to the community with the daily teachings you are sharing.


Wow!! that would be amazing!! thank you!!


Day 9

Khan St1: Day 9
QL St1: Day 68

I am building up a great quality of character supplemented by a zero bullshit filter.

I am developing the mindset of helping people as much as possible, I am even going out of my way to help people. However, I have a zero bullshit filter as well. This filter helps me gaurd my boundaries.

On deep reflection of my previous few days work, I have realised that i’ve been a people pleaser all my life. This is the first time I am admitting this to myself.


Day 9.1

I think I caught a common cold from the really cold weather and my lack of warm clothes.

I will switch to listening to aegis for the remainder of the day.


Done :wink: As a top secret bonus, I like to listen to the masked version of a subliminal while I am in this trance repeating supercharging affirmations consciously. This is extremely fucking powerful.

Hope you get well soon!


Day 11
Day 10 was rest day

Khan St1: Day 11
Ql ST1: Day 70