Breakdown with Stark Q


Day 11.1

I’m trying to travel back home from my stranded situation.

I realise all the risk involved while travelling.

So, i will stop my Current stack and Switch to only Aegis from now, until i reach home.


Day 11.2

There is no flights for 2 weeks.

So, I am back to my stack


Day 11.3

The only things that determine how i feel about situations are the pictures i see in my mind and the words I say to myself.

I can control both of the variables.

My fear is actually the fear of not having control

The mind can’t tell the difference between Excitement and Fear.

Everytime I feel fear, i will say to my self that I am excited.

  • I will lie to myself that I am excited
  • I will Cheat fear
  • I will steal Confidence

Oh man I couldn’t control myself and I purchased StarkQ for my inventory.
I might have to travel back home anyday. When i will be traveling,
My stack will be

I am responsible for my life because i can choose words and pictures!


@SaintSovereign I need some advice.

I purchased starkQ today, but I still don’t plant to use it.

I’m am gonna breakdown for sometime. ( K1, Ql1)

After k1, do u recommend I go through K2 first.

Or is It advisable to move to starkq right after breakdown skipping total p to ( SQ, Ql)?


DAY 12

There was an arrangement going in to take stranded people of my country home by charter flight. So I switched to Aegis yesterday.

But after everything was arranged (I did Not arrange anything, I was just sitting around ),
Most people backed out due to the high price and the arrangement got cancelled.

So I’m stuck here, I don’t know for how long.

Oh well, let’s not panic and just focus on breakdown.


Day 13

K st1 all night.

Had a Dream:
I was in a park communicating with a lot of charisma with brown ppl. One of my friends was there ( he’s an Alpha). He was communicating with white ppl.

Then after a few moments, he turned to me and shouted
“Asaan look I found Australians” - in my dream I felt like this was a taunt.

In my dream I did not know how to properly communicate with them, and so I was very awkward, and they did not even respond to me.

An existing limiting belief that still exists can be uncovered from this dream

I am not good enough for them


Day 14

K St1 14
QLSt2 1


That is a tough question to answer for us, as you should follow your gut feeling and decide which subs better fits your goals after the breakdown. I for my part never run ST2 before (except the part that is in St4). After K1 I started running EQ and now StarkQ.

Yet, I easily achieved my goal of getting rid of my fear of hot woman. The pure confidence boost I got from EQ was amazingly helpful, and Stark seems no different in that instance.

Maybe this post could also be helpful for you:


@friday Wow! thank you for this!! makes alot of sense!!

Do you mind sharing what action you took during Total BreakDown?


Day 15
K St1 Day 14
QL St2 Day 2


  • I don’t know if it is true, i only think it is because i have never tried getting out of my comfort zone. I am only afraid f what i think is in the unkown. I have never srepped into the unknown because I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of failure because i am afraid of how people will judge me if I fail.


  • I’ve gotten rid of Laziness and Procrastination in this Area


  • I’m still not 100% comfortable with myself. I am afraid of reveling my truself to people


Day 15.1

Thoughts Control Feelings

Feelings Control Actions

Actions control Events

I can control the end result my controling my thoughts.

The more positive i make the pictures and words, the more extraordinary my perception of life becomes.


Cleaning my room (which is surprisingly relaxing) and revisiting the past by going through memories.

Khan St1 did pop up past memories constantly in me on its own and I then journaled about the realisations I made. Also if you have a specific fear you want to resolve, just push yourself to do it.


Day 15.2

I will reflect on the following Questions Soon

  1. Where is my comfort zone with money, in my relationships, and with myself? (Think about the things you know you should do, but don’t).
  2. What beliefs about myself keep me “safe”?
  3. What was I told I “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” do as a kid?
  4. What am I subconsciously committed to being right about?
  5. What beliefs do I share with the majority of my family and friends?
  6. In what ways are my beliefs different than those of my family and friends?
  7. In what areas of life am I afraid to be wrong?
  8. What are some things about myself I’ve always thought to be true?
  9. In what ways can I detect outside ideas influencing my daily decisions?
  10. What would I do if I knew I absolutely could not fail?


Day 15.3

events that gave rise to limiting beliefs.

  • Everytime any situation came where I would have to do something uncomfortable, My mom would excliam things along the line of “He can’t do that” “How can he do that”. She still does this

For example- Travelling Alone, Carrying a Heavy Suit Case etc.

  • Everytime i would express my self with something that would be seemingly dangergous to her, she would exclaim “you will get hurt”, and I would immediately stop.

For Example- Hopping Around, Trying to balance myself on a heap of boxes etc.

I realise that this might have given rise to some of my limiting beleifs.

But i also understand that, she would say this and still says this over concerns of my safety. as a mother, she was and is only trying to be the best mother she can be given her capabilities. She does not do that with the intentions of limiting me, but with the intention of protecting me.


Day 15.4

A belief is only a thought I think over and over again.

Whenever I find negative thoughts, I will Replace it with a better thought.

I feel stuck in Life

There is always a starting place. Nothing has gone wrong. There are people who have momentum now, who were once were I am now.


Overprotective? Or trying to stub your growth deliberately?


@Michel Over protective.

I have had multiple near fatal Experiences / Accidents in Life.
Which probably reinforced her justification for trying to protect me over an extended age.

She does everything and anything for me and she would never want to deliberately Stub my growth.

I believe this all spurred from natural motherly instincts.


@friday What’s your thoughts on moving to EOG St1 right after Kst1?


I’m gonna move away for some time. Good Bye SubClub Family.


@mecharc Eh? What? What’s up?