Breakdown with Stark Q


Wtf what is going on?


@Michel @friday

I am going through some severe personal problems in life.


Damn, and given what you’ve already shared, that’s something. Good luck and we’ll be here.


Im taking a no more mr nice guy course and glover mentioned how our mothers unintentionally try to protect us and keep us in the comfort zone. He said how often times our parents are part of the reason why we never reach our potential. They have good intentions though they think what they are doing is best for us.
Amoung the redpill community as well they say moms love to beta up there sons. You have to detach from them in your head and have them not control your life. Its easier for some, for me its still difficult since i live at home


This is interesting interesting point.

There are religions such as Catholicism which elevate motherhood and treat the Virgin Mary as the perfect mother who will protect her children and keep her children away safe from “sin”. Sin is this way is almost anything that takes a man away from God and that includes much secular interests.

Of course, there are also many cultures like Asian cultures where mothers are overprotective of their children till adulthood.


Yes some cultures have more of a overbearing mother then others one like you mentioned is the asian culture.
Robert glover talked about this in a video as well.


Good luck @mecharc All the best to you! I am looking forward to see you come back as a changed man with all the traumas left behind.


If only there was a subliminal club product that dealt with Nice Guy Syndrome directly

Yes, Ascension does that but a more comprehensive product would be great


??? But you yourself have had amazing progress with Nice Guy Syndrome using Khan, Michel.

All of the alpha programs do that.

Ascension, Emperor, Khan, etc.


@malkuth yes I have made a lot of progress, especially with Khan and StarkQ.

I just wished there was something specific at the start of this journey that directly dealt with Nice Guy Syndrome as a base foundation subliminal


Oh, I see.

Pardon my misunderstanding. I wasn’t trying to invalidate your statement, I just didn’t properly understand.


That’s alright.

Thinking about the Ascension Lite program that was withdrawn, something similar as a taster, with childhood healing and foundation alpha male - as a base for the big hitters would be a great starting point for new SubClub recruits.


@mecharc hope all is well whenever you come back your gonna be coming back to a nice surprise


Best surprise man!!

There are things going on back home out of my control.
I had been so restless Because i am stuck in Australia and I don’t know when i can go back and start taking care of things.
My mom is actually the hero back home now, I wish i was there to support her.

A few days of Khan Q stage 1, i guess has helped breakdown some of the restlessness.

So I am back updating again.

Being all aone here, Subclub family helps me feel better.

I love you all


Now i can only gind time to lsiten to subs from night to early morning.

Yesterday i swapped Khan stage 1 with Stark Q.

Stack: Stark Q, Ql Q stage 2.

@SaintSovereign requesting for your view on this ( 4th request on the same)

I was doing khan only for the purpose of Breakdown of limitation.

Can i expect breakdown of limitation and healing from Stark Q?


Last night I Probably had 1 loop of stark and 2 loops of QLQ st2.

Today i signed up toa freelance website.

this website was in my reach for the last two years. But i never took the effort to look it up.
Well, today I did!

Previously, Always a feeling of fear would be there whenever i would think of going to the site, entering my details and signing up. This would cause me to procastinante on it and not do anything at all. But not today!

Now lets see how much can start rolling in from this!


The particular site is actually to good to work. :frowning:

Oh well! atelast i cut through the fear!


This is a hard question to answer with no confirmation.

I was running Khan St1 for like 4 months in total and a big thing I noticed on a daily basis is that random moments and memories were popping up in my mind. Often sad or in general emotionally charged events. The same happened with EQ and is happing now with StarkQ (stronger than on EQ but less than on Khan St1). So I would conclude New Beginnings is in Stark.

Good to see you back by the way :wink:


Thank you bro! Both for the clarification and the welcome.

I’ve been chasing @Fire and @SaintSovereign for the past week to get a confirmation on the breakdown and healing on Stark Q but to no avail.

I assume they are really busy with work on the Q shop and it’s understandable. I hope they are not intentionally avoiding my numerous messages and tags on this.


I been doing the same thing with other questions… but i think it is like you said they have been and still are super busy with everything.